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Greg Murphy: Album More than Just a “Bright Idea”

Greg Murphy

O’s Notes: Greg is a polished keyboardist, composer, producer, arranger and the glue in his trio for Bright Idea, his latest release. Bassist Eric Wheeler bursts into the forefront even when he’s anchoring the rhythm. He also takes charge playing the melodies on ballads like “For My Mom”. There are lots of fun tunes here like “Happy” and “Softly As A Morning Sunrise” with a captivating solo by drummer Jeff “Tain” Watts. Murphy composed 8 of the 13 tracks to keep the session fresh and engaging, more than just a bright idea.
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Dori Rubbicco – Stage Door Live!: O’s Place Preview

Dori Rubbicco      –      Stage Door Live!

O’s Notes: Jazz vocalist Dori Rubbicco evolved with her life starting as a child parked under the living room piano, in Boston then to LA, to Miami and returning to Boston where she lives and performs today. This live concert covers a variety of popular tunes with Dori backed by musical director/pianist John Harrison’s quintet + 1. The music flow is easy to engage in attentively or as pleasing background music. Highlights are “No Regrets”, “Throw It Away” and “That’s All”.
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Fred Farell’s Distant Song Reviewed by O’s Place Jazz Magazine

Fred Farrell  – Distant Song  3/3
O’s Notes: Vocalist Fred Farell took several years away from the jazz scene to enhance his spiritual and emotional health. He continued writing during the hiatus and emerges with an experienced trio that includes pianist Richie Beirach and highly lauded saxophonist Dave Liebman. The mood of the program is dark blue, solemn and well matched to Fred’s baritone and the accompanying Instrumentation. The music was composed by. Liebman and Beirach with Farell writing all lyrics. The integration works well culminating with “Distant Song”.
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Lewis Porter-Phil Scarff Group distinguished as “a sweet return to sixties flavored jazz” by O’s Place

LEWIS PORTER PHIL SCARFF GROUP/Three Minutes to Four:  A sweet return to sixties flavored jazz when jazzbos felt free to take international chances under the wave of Beatlemania that was washing over everything .  Loaded with the smoking side of the east meets west jazzbo vibe of the times, this set will either take you back or make you venture further.  Real pros kicking it out for the sake of good times.
Find out more about Lewis Porter Phil Scarff Group here.
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O’s Place reviews Stein’s ‘Wood and Strings’ as “fresh and enjoyable”

John SteinWood and Strings  5/4

O’s Notes: This is a duo between guitarist John Stein and bassist Dave Zinno. It’s a combination of Wood & Strings that comes together really, really nicely. Whether they are playing proven standards or originals, it is fresh and enjoyable. The pair work well together finishing off each other’s phrases almost like a seasoned couple. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s delightful!
Purchase the album here.
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