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Hard to believe it’s 30 years now I’ve enjoyed getting my clients connected with the right people. As a PR pro, taking my clients’ careers to the next level is my job, plain and simple, and I take that responsibility seriously. Making you look good is what it’s all about. From musicians, to movies, to charity events, I will help you achieve your goals.

Your relationship with Mixed Media will start with a contract that will be tailored towards your needs and the media outlets you wish to target.

During your contract with Mixed Media:

  • A carefully thought out campaign will be designed, including a press kit that will be sent out to the appropriate media outlets, whether they be national, local, or regional.
  • For musicians, there is tour support, backed by press promotion weeks in advance

Our always updated extensive database makes it possible for you to saturate the media that will gain you the best possible exposure for your mission. Our database consists of thousands of newspapers, radio/television stations, and online media both national and local to help us promote our clients.

Building strong relationships with our clients and the media is an important belief we have. Constant follow ups with the media helps build a positive professional relationship to help our clients now and in the future.

And as any smart PR professional knows, evaluation of our progress is so important. That is why we provide monthly progress reports for our clients, making it easier to keep track of progress and budget.

So let’s discuss your new project and explore the ways you can enjoy wider exposure for your talent and a louder message for your project!


Mixed Media issues a contract upon your approval of this proposal. Then media campaigns begin immediately. These campaigns can be geared towards any segment of the media you feel it’s critical to reach: national, regional, and local. There are also segments geared towards social media and online press. We make your presence felt wherever you think it’s necessary.


Our campaigns are conceived to suit your needs. For example, a new music release and a high-level national publicity campaign with a mailing quantity of 100 is about $3000. This media blitz includes a press release, postage, supplies, and follow up within a 6-8 week time frame. As we work this campaign together, I would encourage you to send me your Top 10 media outlets/targets. That way we can go after those aggressively.

Tour/Gig Support

For tour support, per show rates are negotiated. For example, CD release gigs in major markets might go for $1000 or so. For smaller shows in smaller markets, that price might be $500. Tours are negotiated.

In order to better project the cost of a show or a tour, we need complete gig info six weeks ahead of time, including: date, time, # of sets/length, opener, cover charge, street address with zip code, contact name and phone number. We like to kick start press promotion four weeks in advance of each show date, to be sure to get the word out. Our objective is to intensely penetrate each local market along the tour routing and to keep select national publications, trades, and directories informed.

Our database is super current, and when we hit up these media outlets, we draw from a list of thousands of newspapers, periodicals, and reputable freelancers. We keep regular contact with most print and online entertainment and music review editors, and we have solid contacts in TV, radio, social networking and blogs.

We provide effective tour-oriented/grass roots radio promotion, which includes arranging airplay, on-air interviews, and concert ticket giveaways with local stations along the tour route.

Here are some other things that can happen. Your ideas and suggestions are also welcome.

  • Radio:We can set up an Interview with local stations in the towns where you play
  • Press: We can submit a Press Release for newspapers and radio stations to pick-up
  • Promo/Follow up: Those that express an interest, we follow up with product, press releases, jpg photos, and phone calls.
  • Sponsorship/endorsements: Together, we arrive at a target list to solicit sponsorships, endorsements, recording contracts or other business agreements.
  • Charitable Solicitations: If you’d like to incorporate a charitable cause into the campaign, we can do that as well.


To raise general awareness, Mixed Media dispatches an initial mailing to national mags, specialty mags, general interest pubs, prestige national newspapers like “USA Today” and “The New York Times,” and more regional papers. Our goal is to secure critical reviews, mentions, and feature articles in as high profile media outlets as possible and maximizing photo and graphic reprinting of artist’s materials.


We can also help connect you with prominent national radio promotion to help track airplay. We handle national/tour-oriented promotion that includes arranging airplay, on-air interviews, and ticket giveaways with local stations along the tour route.

Web & Social Media, SEO saturation

We can help you connect online with Social Media Network analysis, network authoring, strategy consulting, redesign, execution/maintenance, custom page design, commenting campaigns, Facebook fan page creation/maintenance, ad buys, custom fan page tabs, Twitter Custom Page creation/use strategy. More information and rates available upon request.

The Music Industry

We are also able to assist in matching our clients with appropriate music industry contacts, including film/TV music supervisors, management, booking agents, music festivals, and endorsers.


Please call for a quote.


As part of its service, Mixed Media provides detailed monthly progress reports. These reports enable Mixed Media and its clients to keep an eye on cost as well as assess progress/budgets.

I’m really looking forward to spending some time with you discussing your new project! The only way you’ll enjoy wider exposure for your music or a louder message for your project is to let a professional publicist handle it. If you feel like that’s what you need, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to explore the possibilities with you!

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