Internship Program Information

Public Relations Assistant

Mixed Media is a national publicity company committed to promoting New Bedford’s Whaling City Sound, Innovative Music of Impeccable Quality, among other clients including Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in the Berkshires in August, Lagniappe Productions’ Annual Labor Day Rhythm & Roots Festival in Charlestown, RI among others.

We are looking for an intern to help assist in developing engaging content across client brands on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Mixed Media’s well-established internship program provides top-caliber students an exceptional opportunity to explore and learn all aspects of publicity in a business. Interns gain valuable knowledge and insight into the music industry, and importantly, make contacts in the media in this competitive field.

Responsibilities include:

  • Asset creative team in conceptualizing to executing creative for all brands
  • Have a desire to be part of a fast-paced team working on multiple projects
  • Deep understanding of social platforms
  • Video editing skills, premiere or after-effects a plus
  • Photography skills a plus

Interns can be assigned to various clients, working closely with the owner Ginny Shea to assist in daily PR work including:

Media Relations
Creating electronic press kits and digital downloads via Dropbox for client feature story/review/airplay
Proofreading news releases/newsletters
Coordinating promotional bulk mailings to targeted mailing lists for traditional press, TV, and radio
Setting up digital downloads on SoundCloud
Research/data scraping for industry/media contacts
Email marketing blasts to individuals and organizations unfamiliar with client/company
Video uploads to YouTube
Develop media pitches to top-tier, mid-tier, and small print, digital, cable, network, and podcast outlets
Arrange interviews if any journalists express interest in learning more about clients
Mixing social and traditional media (press, radio, TV, internet) promotion campaigns
Follow up calls, social media messages, faxes, emails, postcard mailings for all packages mailed, campaigns average 6 weeks
Arrange interviews for artists with newspaper journalists, radio show hosts
Compile guest lists, arrange on-air CD/ticket giveaways, radio station ID’s/”drops”
Manage company’s online database, website, posting/blogging, client newsletters via MailChimp

Distributor Relations

Monthly upload of new release details (album, track, audio data and assets-art, booklet, sales sheet) to online distribution portal for online DSPs (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora submissions)

Requirements For Applicants


Work schedule is 12 hours per week minimum commitment. Interns are assigned a fixed regular schedule based on their available hours. A set schedule allows interns to become familiar with projects/their responsibilities each week.


We look for star interns, students with a bright, positive attitude, intelligence, and potential. Other key qualities appreciated in our best interns are commitment, motivation, organization, responsibility, and professionalism. In addition, they are hardworking, personable, outgoing, fun, energetic and friendly, and therefore make a good fit and contribute to the great work atmosphere of our office. Candidates should be entering their junior or senior year of college. Excellent writing skills a must.

We offer the opportunity to observe, learn, ask questions, and be integrally involved in the business. Many former interns who demonstrated talent, interest, desire, and ability to contribute to the success of Mixed Media have been hired for part-time staff positions. If you excel, and we have no current openings at the time of your graduation, we will be pleased to do whatever we can to help you find your first job in the industry.

The goal of the program is to expose students to small business and all aspects of promotion so they can determine their own abilities and interests, and pursue their first career position having acquired knowledge, understanding, and confidence here.

College Credit or Volunteer for Experience

Credit is at college discretion (for example we’ve had students work 12 hours per week and earn 3 credits.) 

Must be enrolled in a degree program, graduates are not eligible

An ideal candidate would have either public relations, communications, marketing, art direction/graphic design, copywriting, photography or video editing/production background.


  • Free Music
  • Admission to client concerts

Application Procedure

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

For consideration, please email a cover letter along with your resume to:

Thank you very much for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with accommodations for out-of-town students.

Students allergic to cats please take note

“This internship offers the ability to gain insight and experience from an array of different companies and clientele. But more than that, Ginny allows you the space to use your creativity and judgment in any task that you’re given. The trust she has in her interns is rare and gave me a lot of confidence. I’ve had many great experiences come out of this summer internship, such as designing content for musicians and record labels, and even having the chance to work at a music festival. She always goes out of her way to teach you what she knows, and I’m grateful for the opportunities she’s given me.”Julianna Soscia, URI’24

“I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity, I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better internship and BOSS!! You truly made this a great summer and I will never forget this. Thank you so much for everything.” Noah Mincone, Endicott’25

“I had a lot of fun during my internship and Mixed Media, and I learned a lot about myself both personally and as a professional. As a Communications major, it is important for us to get in touch with a lot of people, and to reach out to as many people as possible, which I feel like I did during my time here. Working with Ginny has been a lot of fun and you will learn a lot about the music business and everything that goes in behind the scenes and you do get to know everyone well. Ginny loves it when you ask questions because it shows her that you are learning, and she does a very good job of keeping you on task because you will always be busy. I learned more here in my first three weeks at Mixed Media than I did for all of my college career. I learned so much about how to promote an artist, and what goes into it, and I also learned how to use various programs. This was a very fun internship and if you are looking for a relaxing and fun internship, this is the one for you! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a relaxing and fun internship and you will meet a lot of great people! Ginny is a wonderful person who will help you out every step of the way and she is one of the nicest people that I have ever met!” Darren Ellinwood Jr. University of Rhode Island ’19

“During my internship with Mixed Media, I learned many vital skills that will surely help in my career search following college.  As a Public Relations and Communications student at URI, the internship with Mixed Media taught me many valuable traits that are necessary to succeed in any PR job. I want to work in music PR and promotion and this internship has surely given me a leg up in that field; but no matter what your career interests are, you will learn how to navigate through various web platforms such as WordPress, Hootsuite, Dropbox, and Canva. All of which are very useful in any PR career. You will also learn how to properly prioritize your responsibilities and immaculate time management abilities.  This is a great internship in which you are expected to follow the guidelines set out as well as use your creative thought process in problem-solving. I was working on the Rhythm and Roots Festival in Charlestown and I had a great time doing the work for this event and contacted/met with some very cool people! Your abilities of multitasking and prioritizing will be worked on every time you are in the office and every day there is something new to focus on! This is a great internship for anyone looking for a career in PR and I highly recommend working with the wonderful Ginny Shea!” Collin Green, University of Rhode Island ’19

“My internship at Mixed Media provided me with a very hands-on and interactive experience. This was my first internship, and I am grateful for the amount that I learned while here. Ginny allows interns to be responsible for numerous tasks and is there for assistance if need be. I learned the ins and outs of different platforms used in public relations, and continue to apply the skills I learned from Ginny as I continue to pursue my career in marketing and PR.  I enjoyed the independence Ginny allowed me to undertake because it gave me the chance to test my abilities and creative thinking without constantly asking “What do I do next”. Holly Blackstead, Bryant University

“Working with Ginny has been a pleasurable experience. She always makes sure you’re on top of things and she loves it when you ask her questions because it shows that you are willing to learn things that may seem unclear to you about mixed media. I remember when I was looking for an internship and she reached out for an interview, at first I was nervous but she was able to make the process easy for me. Ginny welcomed me to her business with open arms and from there we became close! Ginny is indeed a hard worker and a firm believer in her organization, Mixed Media. She has allowed me to be a part of a wonderful team where I met some of the other interns at the time who were welcoming and friendly. I was able to gain experience in the public relations field and now I can take that experience wherever I go. I truly thank her for allowing me to learn hands-on in the public relations/ communications field.” Jarrett V. Manchard, Johnson & Wales University ’18

“Lots of my time at Mixed Media was spent on the computer promoting artists through social media, which involved tweeting upcoming shows and uploading fun videos to our clients’ YouTube pages. The best part of my job was meeting clients face to face and discussing their desires and expectations for their online presence.  I always felt comfortable and motivated in this environment and had so much fun with my bubbly boss, Ginny Shea, who has years of experience with every part of the media spectrum since the ’80s.” – Layla Helmy, URI, ’17

“Working with Ginny Shea was my third internship and by far one of the best experiences of my college career. I was able to work with Ginny in promoting various concert festivals and musicians in a variety of ways. Ginny creates an environment for her interns that allows them to feel comfortable working directly with clients while completing necessary and exciting tasks. I can confidently say that working with Ginny provides valuable work that leaves interns well-equipped for their futures. Thanks, Ginny for everything, love ya!!!” – Simone Verria, Endicott College, Summer 2017

“My internship with Mixed Media Promotions was an invaluable part of my college career. As an international business major, I had the opportunity to take reviews from around the globe and add them to the client’s profile. Ginny was amazing and was always happy to give guidance, but also gave me chances to take the initiative and be creative with my problem-solving. I had the opportunity to speak with some of Ginny’s wonderful clients and started listening to artists I otherwise would not have known about. This internship made me feel much more confident about entering the workforce and I am so thankful I had the opportunity. I also had a lot of fun and got to be creative with how I tackled problems, every day I would have different objectives. My internship withed Mixed Media Promotions has advanced my skillset for the professional world. and I had a lot of fun on the way!”  – Conner Marshall, Roger Williams University, Fall 2017

“My public relations internship at Mixed Media was my first ever internship and I am beyond grateful that this is where I started. As a communications major, I have always had an interest in public relations and this internship solidified my interest in pursuing a career in the field. I am so thankful for everything Ginny has taught me. Because this internship is at a smaller company it provides an experience that is extremely personal and allows for an environment with strong guidance, mutual respect, and understanding. There was guidance from Ginny but also a lot of responsibility to do tasks on my own, which helped me flourish and gain the ability to be much more independent in the workplace. I owe what I have learned about public relations to Ginny – she is both an amazing boss and an amazing mentor. I was able to learn so much and grow in the field in just one semester working at Mixed Media. When I did another internship in the summer at a PR agency in London I was able to impress the staff with my writing skills and knowledge about PR. Working at Mixed Media has been extremely valuable and I feel I now have a solid understanding of the ins and outs of working in public relations, which will certainly prepare me for my future career.” – Flora Goodman, Bryant University, Spring/Fall 2017

“The business side of music has always been an interest of mine, as a music performance major at the University of Rhode Island I felt like the experience I was looking for was lacking. Interning at mixed media has been a great learning experience, we are given plenty of responsibility and are constantly using skills useful in the world of business and marketing. Mixed Media has helped me learn more about a job that I am interested in the future, as well as keeping me musically involved. Ginny offers a great experience here at Mixed Media Promo.” – John Celentano, URI ’16

“Interning at Mixed Media has been both an educational and fun-filled experience. Under the supportive guidance of Ginny Shea, I managed social media posts for the firm as well as clients and reached out to radio and press companies.  I’ll never forget the day I pitched a jazz journalist in France to review one of our clients’ CDs. A few days later, the writer replied with a “yes” — a memorable moment because I never imagined I’d interact with a jazz journalist from another continent. Mixed Media was an eye-opening experience because I was able to learn the small business side of public relations. Of course, there are other bonuses when working for Ginny. Trust me on this…she makes the best-iced coffee. Overall, I’m glad I interned at Mixed Media because it has given me insight into the music industry, which is now a possible direction for my future.” – Jennifer Sanchez, Rhode Island College ’17

“I am a student at Berklee College of Music and I am studying music business. Being an intern for Mixed Media helped me learn the promotional side of the industry. At Ginny Shea’s office, I had to be time-efficient, organized, and maintain a sense of priority. Promotion and network work together very closely. A highlight of mine was using some of my connections to help promote the artists we worked with. I learned of several managerial/organizational websites I plan to use for my career. The hours of work I put in flew by. There was always a task to complete and plenty of iced coffee to keep you awake! Thank you Ginny for the wonderful experience.”- Helena Windmann, Rhode Island College/Berklee College of Music

“An internship at Mixed Media provides a unique experience to learn the public relations skills you would in a larger firm but in a smaller more personalized setting. I am now proficient in WordPress, managing a database, promotions through email/social media, and sending out client reports along with many other useful skills.  Ginny is a great mentor and I recommend this internship to anyone looking to gain real-world skills and experience.” – Michael Carlino, Bryant’15

“My internship at Mixed Media was a very enlightening experience. Ginny allowed me to pursue my passion for digital marketing and social media, and use these skills to promote her clients. The internship was a well-mixed hybrid of casual and professional, allowing students to remain productive and creative. In the end, I took away a lot of great memories and transferable skills I use in my current career ” – Jarred DiFazio, Bryant ’15

“When interning with Ginny Shea at Mixed Media I learned the ins and outs of managing, promoting, and marketing. As the Public Relations Intern, I was able to promote Mixed Media’s clients in an array of ways, from social media to e-mail blasting and follow-up phone calls to news reps and big-time writers and promoters for established companies and magazines. Ginny is extremely knowledgeable and personal which made this internship not only insightful but fun! When looking for an internship within the communications field, I never really thought of pursuing public relations, but through my opportunity to work with Ginny, I found myself enjoying the field and would be in hopes of finding a career doing PR. Thank you Ginny for letting me get my feet wet in this field, and I am looking forward to submerging myself into it as well.” – Molly Kazarian, RIC’14

“My internship at Mixed Media was one that I will not forget. It was a very unique experience that I can take with me throughout my career. Being the Public Relations intern I learned so many valuable skills that will be beneficial to me when I step into the real world. Mixed Media Promotions allowed me to use the skills that I already had, as well as learn new ones. Working with Ginny Shea one-on-one gave me such great insight into the world of Public Relations. She is an expert in the field and taught me what it takes to be successful. The amount of trust that Ginny confided in me was way more than I could have ever asked for, and it truly let me showcase my skills and abilities. I could not thank Ginny and Mixed Media enough for the knowledge and experience that I received. Thanks to Ginny, I can say that I would like to continue the path of Public Relations and see what else this field has to offer!” – Casey Hutton URI’14

“My time interning at Mixed Media was both a memorable and valuable experience. I came into the internship knowing little about the field of public relations and left with a clear understanding of what it takes to run a successful public relations business. Working one-on-one with owner Ginny Shea allowed me to receive a unique firsthand experience unavailable at other internships. Instead of busying her interns with mundane tasks, Ginny expects her interns to participate directly in client promotion. I regularly assisted with email pitches, contact research, and social media campaigns. As an English major, the internship allowed me to utilize my strengths as a writer, as well as allowing me to develop skills beyond what I learned in the classroom. I am grateful for the opportunities and guidance I received during my internship  and believe I am now prepared to take my newly required knowledge and successfully apply it to future endeavors.” – Kelly Johnson, Providence College, Fall 2012/Spring 2013

“Being an intern at Mixed Media was a great experience that I will be able to look back on forever.  I learned so much from Ginny and had a lot of fun in the process.  Being an intern at Mixed Media is very hands-on and there is always a challenge around the corner.  With Ginny’s expertise and determination, the challenges are always tackled and are great learning experiences.  The best part about being an intern at Mixed Media, besides the brownies and apple pie, is the responsibility level is higher than at other internships.  Having this responsibility is a great experience that most interns are unable to get.   I am grateful that I was able to intern at Mixed Media and I look forward to using what I learned here to succeed in my career.” – Benn Bellovin, Bryant University, Summer/Fall 2012

“When looking for an internship, no other stood out to me in the way Mixed Media did. I was intrigued by the clientele, website design, and featured photos of Ginny with some celebrities like Liza Minnelli. As an animal lover, the selling point was when I read ‘We have a Mixed Media mascot. Students allergic to dogs please take note’. Not only did this appeal to me for my love of animals, but for its evidence of personality. In this line of profession, personality is one of the most important qualities and I can think of no one better to demonstrate this than Ginny. She is a mentor and friend who will teach you crucial tricks in the PR world, all while she offers you brownies, pie, and other delicious treats because she also happens to be a wonderful mother of two beautiful girls. I was able to be a stylist and attend a photoshoot of one of her music clients, which was not only fun but educational. I also got the chance to help out at an art show, which had been a lifelong dream. As a singer, a Communications- PR major, and a Graphic Design and Visual Arts double minor, these experiences illustrate how many of my passions were fulfilled. Interning at Mixed Media was rewarding on many different levels and I will never forget how exciting it was when clients received press coverage. Ginny will help you network and offer you many more opportunities after your internship is complete, whether it is a job or a beautifully written recommendation. I did not want to leave on my last day, but Ginny was forever a friend.” – Kathryn “Kitty” McTeague, Roger Williams University, Fall 2011

“I learned a lot from you (Ms. Shea) and my time spent as an intern at Mixed Media Promo. The experience helped me grow my skills in the media industry and acquire beneficial hands-on knowledge.”  Angela Williams, URI, Fall 2011

“My experience as an intern at Mixed Media Promotions is one I’ll never forget. The internship provided me with a very in-depth look into the PR world and offered me the chance to work firsthand with many different clients on various projects.  It was more than just tedious office work to pass the time.  Ginny taught me the tools you need to be successful in promotion and was all too willing to listen to any insight I had to offer. I got to utilize everything I had learned from both college and the internship in my own assigned projects and see how successful they were.  It’s one thing to get any old internship over the summer, but to be able to work in a business like this is not something every college student has the chance to do.  Thank you so much Ginny!” – Caitlyn Darcy, 2011

“Working for Mixed Media was one of the most educational experiences I have ever had. I was able to see firsthand how a successful PR company is run and was able to apply what I learned in school in a real work setting. I enjoyed working with Ginny as she prepared me for what to expect in a professional work setting after college. Interning for Ginny has prepared me for a successful professional career in PR more than any class could have.” – Chris Goldsmith, Roger Williams University 2011

“I am so happy to have had the experience of interning at Mixed Media. I learned a lot about working at a PR company and now I feel better about heading into the “real world”. Ginny is a great mentor and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her. I was able to practice my people skills, social media endeavors, and website work. It was a valuable experience to take what I learned in college classes and apply it to the internship. Now, I can apply what I learned in the internship to the next chapter in my life. Overall, this internship gave me the ability to dabble in something I enjoy and for that I am thankful!” – Devery Tracey, Roger Williams University 2011

I interned for Ginny over the summer of 2010 and had a unique and educational experience. Ginny gives you tons of creative freedom to try out your ideas and offer your insight. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Ginny’s media database is extensive and she lets YOU contact the media personally. You also never know who you will meet, Peter Facinelli for example! If you want an internship where you won’t be making copies and getting coffee, Mixed Media is a perfect fit for you. Thanks!  “I have learned a lot working for Ginny. She handles a lot of different promotional ventures which keeps things exciting. I have been promoting everything from charity events, and musicians, to movies. I even met Peter Facinelli from “Twilight” and watched him film some scenes for the movie we have been promoting…”Brittany Onesti, Roger Williams University, 2010

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