New Bedford Folk Festival



New Bedford Folk Festival, Zeiterion theater, with Peter Mulvey.

Newport Jazz Festival




Ginny and Friends

Music Expo, Warwick; John Phelps, M Rossoni

Southern New England Music Expo, Warwick R.I. with John Phelps and Mary Ann Rossoni

Narrows with Kenny Barron

Narrows with Kenny Barron

Narrows with Fred Taylor of ScullersNarrows with Fred Taylor of Scullers Mark Cutler at Bain School ReunionMark Cutler at Bain School Reunion '14 Grammy's

’15 Grammy’s

From Cranston Herald 8/31/11Red Carpet, Grammy's'15Red Carpet, Grammy’s 15 Pre-televised, Kodak show

Pre-televised, Kodak Show

with Naxos, Sean Hickey+Jeff Van DrielWith Naxos, Sean Hickey+Jeff Van DrielScot Finck, Hollywood RecordsScott Finck, Hollywood Records

JazzConnect'15 Neal Weiss, Dave BassJazzConnect’15 Neal Weiss, Dave Bass

Christmas Cheers, John Phelps

Christmas Cheers, John Phelps

Night of networking at Twin Oaks

Ginny Shea of Mixed Media Promotions has a cocktail while meeting other business professionals. Shea provides media services to many Cranston businesses as well as throughout the region.

Ginny Shea, Mario Hilario


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