Mixed Media Promo has been a critical part of our plan and our success since we began over 10 years ago. Their flexibility and willingness to work with others in executing an overall publicity and promotion strategy has enabled Whaling City Sound to become much more widely and well known, in jazz circles but also in the wider music scene, throughout North America and Eastern and Western Europe. Our artists are fortunate to have Mixed Media Promo working on their behalf.” ~Neal Weiss, president Whaling City Sound

…the Maine show had a good turn out, many of them never having seen me before which I think has to come from press. House and management say even biggish singer-songwriters do those numbers there, and on a slow summer stretch (that week being notoriously slow) and they were thrilled. Thanks for running it up the flagpole so fast and making my career happen!~Vance Gilbert, singer-songwriter

Fifteen years ago, Ginny Shea listened to my dreams, and believed they were moments that should, could, and would be realized. Listening with heart and mind, she was my “voice” and representative in the truest sense! Whether it involved endorsements, reviews, promotion, or a detail that was precise and individualized, I always felt the steps taken to actualize my vision were above and beyond… Mixed Media possesses the essential elements of success: tenacity, confident skill and communication that is heartfelt! THANK YOU, Mixed Media!!~Harry Skoler, Jazz Clarinetist, Associate Professor – Berklee College of Music

Ginny Shea at Mixed Media began spreading the word for us over 10 years ago. That one decision has made a huge difference in many ways. Ginny always goes the extra mile for her clients. If you have a new promo need of any kind she may know it before you do and have a solution for you. Ginny is passionate, thoughtful and artistic about her work and well connected to the world of media, just what we needed 10 years ago and today more than ever.~Anne Saunders, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

Ginny has done outstanding publicity and promotion work for Jukebox Jazz across many years and lots of different settings. She has helped us roll out our new CD titles, secured excellent reviews for them in coveted print publications like JazzTimes, and prodded critics to recommend our live shows by giving us “Best Bet” placements in newspapers from the L.A. Times to our local Daily Freeman. In addition, she has worked tirelessly in support of our annual “Healing Voices, Caring Hearts” concert fundraiser to benefit music therapy at Hospice, Inc. She has a genuinely good heart, is reliable, dependable, hard-working, and extremely creative. We are forever grateful to have her in our jazz corner!~Terry Blaine & Tom Desisto, Jukebox Jazz

Ginny Shea is a dynamic, thoughtful and talented public relations expert. She has been guiding and helping me to build my entertainment brand for several years and I consider her an excellent communicator, caring ear, and an “on the mark strategizer” when it comes to marketing my brand. Ginny has a unique talent, in that she concentrates on her client’s strong points and makes it a point to understand where they need to be by increasing their professional visibility in the industry. I highly recommend Ginny for your next project!~Laura Theodore, Award-Winning Jazz Vocalist and President, Jazzy Vegetarian, Inc.

Ginny Shea, President and Owner of Mixed Media, has a true passion for her work as a top notch publicist. Ginny is priced well in this competitive market, and you get personalized service and attention that is second to none. Beyond an endless database of resources she’s personally compiled over the years, Ginny communicates on a very high level, so her clients always know where they stand. Mixed Media is ultimately about results, and I’ve experienced that on many occasions, most recently for my fundraising event which got network attention on NBC due to her efforts. I highly recommend the publicity services of Ginny and Mixed Media: you won’t be disappointed!~Don Wilson, motivational speaker/Prospecting Intel, musician

Ginny Shea of Mixed Media is a pleasure to collaborate with. She has done a wonderful job promoting my recordings and she’s introduced me to many opportunities that are helping to enlarge my career.
~John Stein, Whaling City Sound/Berklee

Ginny & company are caring, creative, enthusiastic and assertive professionals!
~Dawn Arpin, Director of Development, spurwink|ri

Neal Weiss of Whaling City Sound referred me to Ginny Shea in 2008. Ginny is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the various aspects of the music business and although we’ve just begun the campaign she has already arranged my first interview with and our first press release has been posted on music blogs throughout the world. She’s constantly developing new avenues of exposure, suggesting radio stations and venues for me to contact, and marketing my music to a very diverse sector of the press. Ginny is dedicated, well connected and hard working. I’m looking forward to releasing the CD and our upcoming touring, knowing that Mixed Media has my best interests in mind. I would not hesitate to recommend Ginny Shea and Mixed Media to artists, labels and managers.~Charles Xavier, Producer/CEO, Happy Note Records

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