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O’s Place Reviews Rodriguez’s Modern Jazz album “Your Sound”

O’s Place Jazz Notes: New York-based Colombian composer and reed man Jay Rodriguez has played everything from Hip Hop to Latin and Straight ahead jazz. He leans towards modern jazz with a Latin twist on Your Sound, his latest release. It was recorded live at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola in New York to an appreciative audience. Billy Harper (tenor sax), Larry Willis (p), Eric Wheeler (b), J.T. Lewis (d) and Billy Martin (perc) join him to perform ten high-energy new compositions.
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Fred Farell’s Distant Song Reviewed by O’s Place Jazz Magazine

Fred Farrell  – Distant Song  3/3
O’s Notes: Vocalist Fred Farell took several years away from the jazz scene to enhance his spiritual and emotional health. He continued writing during the hiatus and emerges with an experienced trio that includes pianist Richie Beirach and highly lauded saxophonist Dave Liebman. The mood of the program is dark blue, solemn and well matched to Fred’s baritone and the accompanying Instrumentation. The music was composed by. Liebman and Beirach with Farell writing all lyrics. The integration works well culminating with “Distant Song”.
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John Stein’s ‘Color Tones’ reviewed by O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

O’s Notes: Guitarist John Stein returns to the studio to produce Color Tones a bright canvas of ten originals and one freshly arranged classic. The liner call him “a musicians musician… a leader who can follow…” Both are accurate descriptors for a man who leads for the good of all and especially the listener! Phil Grenadier (t), John Lockwood (b) and Fernando Brandão (fl) and Zé Eduardo Nazario (d) are his accomplices and they all shine on their moments in the spotlight. We enjoyed “Neck Road”, the relaxed “Labor of Love” featuring Grenadier and the subtle funkiness on “The Commons” and “Angel Eyes”.
D. Oscar  Groomes
O’s Place Jazz Newsletter
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