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Artist Statement

YouTube: Providence Art Club Short Documentary, Drawing Demo

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Publicity: Middletown Transcript, Rare Disease Report,  CBS News Sunday Morning, Find Your Cool, NBC10, Cranston Herald/Warwick Beacon

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Oct 30, 2014 – Jan 8, 2015

Members’ Annual Seasonal Exhibit, “The 10 x 10 x 10” Show”





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November 16 – December 23, 2014

All Galleries: The 110th Annual Little Pictures Show & Sale

Opening Reception: Sunday, November 16, 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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Man in Yellow Jacket

Vincent Castaldi – Artist’s Statement

Born and raised in Rhode Island, there has never been a time when Vincent Castaldi was not an artist, following the muse; studying fine art, drawing, pottery.  In junior high school he attended Rhode Island School of Design Jr. School Program and later returned to RISD to study fine art, illustration, caricature, children’s illustration and editorial art. In between he worked as a teacher’s assistant and youth art instructor.  After graduating, as a participant in the RISD European Honors Program he traveled to Rome where he studied culture and language while continuing to study and practice drawing and painting.  As his artistic vision grew and refined, he added layered elements of collage, using his notes, scribbles and sketches as the base element, allowing them to peek out from underneath his pastels like glimpses into his psyche; the heart and inspiration of his art.


From Rome to Boston, and back to Rhode Island, Vincent’s work has developed and elaborated on these techniques with layered figures, and thematic layering as well; whimsy, introspection, longing, liberation, and always striving after beauty.


In this exhibition there are examples of various collected works.


The small still life works:  “Still Life with Apples and Pitcher” and “Still Life with Wine Jug” are part of a series created for the Providence Art Club’s 2012 annual Small Picture Show.


“Landscape with Windmill”  (16″ x 20″) is a landscape study in oil pastel with touches of oil paint; part of a series created for his one-man show at the Rossoni Gallery in 2013.


Other pieces shown here are the first in a series that Vincent is currently developing.  While watching a play at The Gamm Theatre one evening, Vincent found himself completely distracted by the visual beauty of the sets and decided to create a series of paintings inspired by those images.  Using the theatre photo archives, he is currently working on a  new group of paintings.  Featured here are works based on “Macbeth,” “Top Girls,” and “Elephant Man.” The entire series will be shown in the Spring of 2015 in Vincent’s upcoming one-man exhibition at the Providence Art Club.

Congratulations to Vinny Castaldi!! Vinny’s work has been selected for exhibition in the Providence Art Club Nationwide All Media Open Juried Exhibition. From the almost,200 submissions received, only 53 artists were chosen by exhibition juror Claudia Seymour.

This exhibition runs from April 21 through May 9, 2014. The exhibition juror will assign cash prizes on Saturday, April 20 after viewing the works in person. Artists selected to receive these cash awards will be announced at the opening reception on Sunday, April 27th.

Providence Art Club Short Documentary



Holiday Gift for The Apple of Your Eye

Vincent Castaldi’s art is for sale at The 109th Annual Little Pictures Show & Sale: Providence Art Club until December 23, 2013 @ Maxwell Mays & Dodge House Galleries for  a steal of a deal–$200 each!


Vincent Castaldi at Providence Art Club: Nov. 17th-December 23rd

For artist interview

Opening November 17th, 2013


Show runs through December 23, 2013

Providence Art Club

11 Thomas Street

Providence RI 02903



For artist interview reply:

Opening September 20, 2013
show runs through October 20th
Rossoni Gallery
558 Mineral Spring Ave. Studio BF112 Mail Stop 26

Pawtucket, RI 02860


9/20 Sole Evolution show

by Cranston artist Vincent Castaldi

kicks off new

Rossoni Gallery


Please join us on Friday, September 20 from 5-9:00 pm when the Rossoni Gallery in association with Mixed Media Publicity | Promotions, will host an exhibit of the most recent works of art by Rhode Island resident and RISD graduate Vincent Castaldi.

How are you drawn to a work of art? Do you gravitate toward bright colors or soft tones? Will the size or structure of a piece command your attention ? Sometimes, like magic a piece captures your imagination–such are the works of Vincent Castaldi.

Vincent will be exhibiting some of his modestly sized earlier works, oil pastel on paper, matted and framed and some of his new works which are oil pastels painted on larger stretched canvases.

The subject matter of his earlier work is figurative and illustrative often depicting fantastical dreamlike characters that seem to invite you into their story. The newer works are figurative as well but lean toward abstraction with an evolving theme — a metamorphosis of one’s soul.

I invite you to come see for yourself on the 20th. If you cannot make it, please visit another day — show will run until October 20.



“The boy and the little girl”
by Vincent Castaldi

Of Three Minds Reception!

Photographer Fred Engle, Vincent Castaldi, Don Fowler of the Cranston Herald

Vincent’s Puppetry Series Featuring at the Dodge House Gallery!

The series will feature as part of The 108th Annual Little Pictures Show and Sale at the Dodge House Gallery from Nov. 18th through Dec. 23rd.

The 108th Annual Little Pictures Show & Sale
The Providence Art Club continues its long-standing tradition of offering original artwork for affordable prices at this year’s 108th Annual Little Pictures Show & Sale. For more than a century, the Art Club has hosted this popular holiday exhibition, offering gallery goers the opportunity to purchase a variety of diverse multi-media pieces, all for $250 or less. More than 100 artists, including new artist members of the Club, will showcase six original works each in a variety of media in the Maxwell Mays and Dodge House galleries. The exhibition will change daily, as artists replace sold works with new pieces. Classic landscapes and still lifes will be featured along with unique assemblages, intricate glasswork and jewelry. The variety of styles and media are sure to please every art aficionado. The exhibition is cash and carry so purchases may be picked up immediately. The Little Pictures Show & Sale offers the perfect opportunity to give the gift of art to someone special this holiday season!

For more information visit

Check out the video by Carol Scavotto from Cabot House. Cool how we sped up his work. Thanks Fred!

The story begins:
Book Three. America’s favorite new odd couple, Mags ‘n’ Rags are making headlines and the entertainment is unstoppable! Captivating a wide audience, the surprise ending in Mags ‘n’ Rags, Saturday has children and adults alike wondering…is this a rumor, fact, or speculation? Blending two extreme lifestyles turns hysterical when Mags, a kind hearted girl, opens her home to a stranded doll.  Mags tries her best to make the tiny doll comfortable, yet the doll is not impressed by her cozy surroundings. The bossy, conceited doll, parading around like a runway model, has her chubby new keeper feeling a bit intimidated. Mags’ heart is broken when she realizes there isn’t anything in Rhode Island that could ever replace the doll’s previous lifestyle. Now traveling with Saturday’s secret, Mags ‘n’ Rags are delivering you the full package; promising to reveal their…Ultimate Surprise! Leading you into a brand new day, the story continues with Mags ‘n’ Rags, Sunday and Mags ‘n’ Rags, Monday.
See Vincent’s work


Please come help us launch this year’s Gallery Season

Throughout the year on select Saturdays we will be featuring individual Artist creating works of Art within the Gallery.

Please join us Saturday on our outdoor patio for a demonstration from several Artists.

Cabot House Art Gallery

Represented Artist:
Jason Andrade, Vincent Castaldi, David Lee Black, Beth Claverie, Ricky Gagnon, Janice Ricker, Ann Rozhon, Carol Scavotto, Anthony Tomaselli

NOW available on Etsy
Eggplant Figure
Mixed Media
Us the Powerless
Mixed Media 11×14 unframed
Prophet Ezequiel
Mixed Media 16×20 unframed
mixed media 11×14 unframed
Woman under the Angel
mixed media 16×20 unframed
5 Standing Figures
mixed media 18×24

Helmet Boy in Red 16×20

Helmet Girl with Circles

Prophet 1 Amos

Standing Figures (mixed media)


The Tulip and the Balloon mixed media

The Red Bottom Boat

The Woman with Three Red Flowers

The Boy in blue Slippers

Struggle in orange and green (oil pastel) 18×24

The Boy with Green Circles

Protected (mixed media) 18×24

Original Painting 8″ x 10″
 on sale now through Etsy!
Cabot House Gallery
555 Quaker Lane West Warwick, Rhode Island

Design Your Home: A Fresh Approach for Inspired Spaces

Ongoing Exhibit of Selected Works

11/20-12/23: The Galleries of the Providence Art Club
107th Little Picture Show and Sale
Reception Sunday, November 20, 12-4pm 11 Thomas St Providence RI 02903
Extended Gallery Hours M-Wed & Fri 12-5pm, Thurs 12-6, Weekends 12-4 (Closed Thanksgiving)
Hundreds of original works in all media (glass, paintings, prints, photographs, drawings, etc) all priced $250 or less. This beloved annual tradition provides the ideal opportunity to give the gift of art to someone special for the holidays! See you there!
My new piece by Vincent Castaldi looks amazing in my hallway!!
Girl from National Geographic/study

GREAT turn out at Cabot House last night, 555 Quaker Lane, in West Warwick!

Long time friends Lori Jaiswal & Paula Kriticos join at Cabot House with Kitty McTeague, Mixed Media RWU intern
Proud father Vincent and Linda
Carol Beck (Perfect Touch Interiors/House and Home Defined) & Paula Kriticos (Cafe Nuovo)
Later at CAV Pat Higgins and Mary Ann Rossoni

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A Starry Starry Night with Vincent

Showcased an Autumn Evening of Art by Vincent Castaldi

On Friday October 14th at

Villa 120

Congratulations to ‘Lady in the Purple Hat’-winner Christine Piacitelli!

ART SHOW PHOTOS!! (photos courtesy of Angela Williams)


For those in the Boston area: Visit Accidental Gallery above Channel Cafe on 4/26 from 5-8pm. Click here to “Like” The Accidental Gallery on Facebook.

Back by popular demand, Mixed Media artist, painter and illustrator Vincent Castaldi features new art work at The Cabot House. He will be there on Thursday, April 28th from 5-9pm. The Cabot House is located on 555 Quaker Lane, in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Also visit Facebook to “Like” the Cabot House Gallery.

Artist Vincent Castaldi was born in Providence and raised in Cranston, Rhode Island. Discovering his interest and ability in drawing as early as elementary school, he began to develop his artistic skills by participating in many art, drawing, and pottery classes. In junior high school, Vincent was accepted into the Rhode Island School of Design Junior School Program figure drawing classes.

In high school, Vincent completed many accelerated art classes. His artistic ambitions grew further in the form of teacher’s assistant and youth art instructor. Outside of school, Vincent also started his own part time business “Signs Unlimited” designing and painting signs for local organizations.

In Spring 1982, Vincent Castaldi was accepted into the freshman class of The Rhode Island School of Design. Majoring in illustration, he elected such courses as caricature, editorial and children’s illustration. In 1985, his senior year, he was accepted into the RISD European Honors Program in Rome, Italy. While studying the Italian culture and language, he continued to develop his art in the form of drawing and painting. Upon the advice of a visiting professor, Vincent introduced the element of collage into his artwork as a way of describing shapes of color and texture completing a series of collage portraits that were exhibited as his senior degree project. In June of 1986, upon his return from Italy, Vincent graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from The Rhode Island School of Design.

After graduation, Vincent presented his illustration portfolio to various newspapers and magazines in the Providence and Boston areas. While acquiring several freelance assignments, he found that his work did not always fit into the mainstream illustration mode. Around that same time, Vincent was offered to include his series of collage portraits in a group show in a Boston gallery (Gallery Fotene).

To date, Vincent continues to show and sell his paintings locally, nationally, and even internationally. He has received awards in several juried shows and has donated many pieces over the years to local charities, including two pieces per year to “Spurwink RI/The Gail Badessa Memorial Fund”.

Vincent Castaldi’s portfolio of artwork includes series of portraits, landscapes, still-lifes and abstract images.

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