5.19.19: Greg Lato is coming to Garden City!

5.19.19: Greg Lato is coming to Garden City!

Cranston Rotary’s Touch-A-Truck event this year will take place at the Cranston Garden City Center Gazebo! Greg Lato, author and songwriter, will be reading and performing his newest children’s book release “Try”. This story, in conjunction with the song, emphasizes the concept of having the courage and will to tackle obstacles that come your way. When faced with a new challenge take that first initial step and simply TRY! An effective and motivating lesson to give our community’s young children. Join in on the fun as there will be face painting, crafts, balloons as well as complimentary Newport Creamery Ice-cream and Legal Sea Bar Chowder!! A $10 donation is appreciated and is well worth the experience you will encounter!! Don’t miss out. Start off the beautiful day with family and your children. Click the image below for more information.

5.2.19: WhatsUp with Greg Lato?

5.2.19: WhatsUp with Greg Lato?

This past Thursday, award-winning musician Greg Lato was interviewed by WhatsUpRhodeIsland. Lato has transitioned from writing tunes for movies and television shows to creating children’s music and stories. According to him, this change has allowed him to feel more inspired and creative, all while having fun doing it. Greg Lato shares with us his plans to release an entire album of children’s songs this upcoming summer! He is overwhelmed with ideas, primarily due to his two young daughters acting as a huge influence and motivator. This past weekend he hosted two book readings and performances at Barrington Books in Cranston and Barrington Public Library in Barrington RI. Stay in tune to see what Greg Lato has in store for you and your children!

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Greg Lato in the News This Week!

Greg Lato in the News This Week!

Wednesday, May 1st, Greg Lato was featured on NBC10’s “coffee break” where he performed and spoke to Frank Coletta about his book and the inspiration behind it. As Rhode Island singer- songwriter takes a shift into the children’s interest. His first book “Try” in conjunction with the tunes that go along with it, “encourage children to tackle fear or discouragement when chasing dreams”.

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Earlier this week, Greg Lato was featured on GoLocal Providence where he spoke to news editor, Kate Nagle. During his appearance, he shared information regarding his inspiration. As a father, he attempts to instill the concept of trying in his daughters. Whether it be a new sport or activity, making a new friend, or overcoming a challenge- the most primitive and effective solution is to try. You never know what doors it could open up or what experiences await. Lato’s children book entitled “Try” is revolved around this concept and includes a musical tune intended to go along with it. This tune can be found here, on Spotify.

Greg Lato has got a busy week ahead of him beginning:

This upcoming Friday, 5/3, where Lato will be featured on WPRI 12 The Rhode Show & this weekend, he will host two book signings and performances:

5/4 Barrington Books, Garden City Cranston 1pm – Storytime, Performance and Book Signing

5/5 Barrington Public Library for Children’s Book week, 2pm. Storytime, performance and book signing

Join Greg Lato’s journey of spreading inspiration and wisdom to our community’s children

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