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Midwest Record reviews DANNY BACHER/Swing that Music!

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DANNY BACHER/Swing that Music:  If you never heard Chris Daniels tribute to the three Louie’s, check it out.  Bacher gives that tribute another go with a different bunch of songs and a crew that would have been at home making this set for Concord or Arbors a few years ago but Bacher’s youth probably circumvented that from happening.  Bacher admires these gents and their work more through a Sinatra/Vegas prism than in a jazz tradition baggage kind of way.  A sprightly swinger that could single handedly ignite a whole new lounge craze, this is fun stuff for people that want a party record that more than just a collection of beats.  A delightfully smoking set delivered by a boatload of pros that understand what a good time is all about.

Thank you, Chris Spector/Midwest Record

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