5.19.19: Greg Lato is coming to Garden City!

5.19.19: Greg Lato is coming to Garden City!

Cranston Rotary’s Touch-A-Truck event this year will take place at the Cranston Garden City Center Gazebo! Greg Lato, author and songwriter, will be reading and performing his newest children’s book release “Try”. This story, in conjunction with the song, emphasizes the concept of having the courage and will to tackle obstacles that come your way. When faced with a new challenge take that first initial step and simply TRY! An effective and motivating lesson to give our community’s young children. Join in on the fun as there will be face painting, crafts, balloons as well as complimentary Newport Creamery Ice-cream and Legal Sea Bar Chowder!! A $10 donation is appreciated and is well worth the experience you will encounter!! Don’t miss out. Start off the beautiful day with family and your children. Click the image below for more information.

5.2.19: WhatsUp with Greg Lato?

5.2.19: WhatsUp with Greg Lato?

This past Thursday, award-winning musician Greg Lato was interviewed by WhatsUpRhodeIsland. Lato has transitioned from writing tunes for movies and television shows to creating children’s music and stories. According to him, this change has allowed him to feel more inspired and creative, all while having fun doing it. Greg Lato shares with us his plans to release an entire album of children’s songs this upcoming summer! He is overwhelmed with ideas, primarily due to his two young daughters acting as a huge influence and motivator. This past weekend he hosted two book readings and performances at Barrington Books in Cranston and Barrington Public Library in Barrington RI. Stay in tune to see what Greg Lato has in store for you and your children!

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Greg Lato in the News This Week!

Greg Lato in the News This Week!

Wednesday, May 1st, Greg Lato was featured on NBC10’s “coffee break” where he performed and spoke to Frank Coletta about his book and the inspiration behind it. As Rhode Island singer- songwriter takes a shift into the children’s interest. His first book “Try” in conjunction with the tunes that go along with it, “encourage children to tackle fear or discouragement when chasing dreams”.

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Earlier this week, Greg Lato was featured on GoLocal Providence where he spoke to news editor, Kate Nagle. During his appearance, he shared information regarding his inspiration. As a father, he attempts to instill the concept of trying in his daughters. Whether it be a new sport or activity, making a new friend, or overcoming a challenge- the most primitive and effective solution is to try. You never know what doors it could open up or what experiences await. Lato’s children book entitled “Try” is revolved around this concept and includes a musical tune intended to go along with it. This tune can be found here, on Spotify.

Greg Lato has got a busy week ahead of him beginning:

This upcoming Friday, 5/3, where Lato will be featured on WPRI 12 The Rhode Show & this weekend, he will host two book signings and performances:

5/4 Barrington Books, Garden City Cranston 1pm – Storytime, Performance and Book Signing

5/5 Barrington Public Library for Children’s Book week, 2pm. Storytime, performance and book signing

Join Greg Lato’s journey of spreading inspiration and wisdom to our community’s children

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Greg Lato

Greg Lato


Greg Lato

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Greg Lato attended the Warwick Public Library on March 30th for a book signing and expo regarding his first children’s book “Try”.
Successful songwriter and author Greg Lato has released his first children’s book, Try, an endearing paean to making an effort, in all its shapes and forms. Try is meant to be an interactive book; not only in song, but in visuals. It encourages grown ups to ask their little reader to describe the conflict on each page on the left and how the characters used their will to try to create the solution on the right. It’s heartwarming and effective. The intention of the author is to make this activity a springboard for solving other issues little ones may encounter, for example, bullying, exclusion, home life, illness, feelings of helplessness or simply chasing dreams. The premise is simple but powerful.
The original song Try, with its uplifting, tropical vibe, provides a perfect accompaniment to the endeavor. Lato, primarily a songwriter who composes for film, tv, and other artists—most recently co-writing with The Voice runner-up, Billy Gilman—has a musical approach to this book, and its language is sweet and rhythmic. The song has recently been on the iTunes Bestseller list and featured on their Children’s Music home page. After one listen, just TRY and get it out of your head!
Upcoming Events:
5/4 Barrington Books Garden City Cranston 1pm – Storytime , Performance and Book Signing. Click here for more information.

Push Pop Entertainment

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cdbaby: “Help You Out”

Listen to and buy Greg Lato music on CD Baby. Download Merry Christmas Mood by Greg Lato on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/greglato4

Local authors expo planned March 30 at Warwick Library

More than 40 authors from the Association of Rhode Island Authors are expected to attend an author’s expo at the Warwick Public Library on Saturday, March 30 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Authors will be available to answer questions as well as sign their books that will be for sale.

Authors being featured include Andreas Algava, Julien Ayotte, Gary Benassi, Robert Bentley, Mary Jane Bohlen, Judith Boss, Paul F. Caranci, Christa Carmen, Lucie Cote Contente, April Cox, Deb Das, Denise Flagg, Dana Gambardella, Hannah R. Goodman, Sue Greco, Janet A. Hartman, Roberta Mudge Humble, Maria Kamoulakou, Alda Kaye, Jean Kelly, Elisabeth King, Steven R. Krasner, Gina Colvario Krupka, Mike Krupka, Greg Lato, Vanessa Paniccia, Dr. Karen Petit, Dawn Porter, Steven R. Porter, Brian Power, Richard Rook, Gregory Rubano, Diana Ruggiero, Angelina Singer, Mike Squatrito, Mary Kaye B. Stewart, Harle Tinney, Dana Vacca, Sylvia Weber, Mary Wheeler, Ray Wolf and Therese Zink.

For more information call 739-5440, x9758. The library is located at 600 Sandy Lane. This event is free and open to all.

‘Help You Out’ is the powerful and attitude-driven new single by pop singer/songwriter Greg Lato. Written by Greg and produced by Rich Mercurio/Lee Nadel, it boasts a brilliant arrangement mixing 80’s Nile Rodgers with Rob Thomas pop sensibilities. (cdbaby)

Local Pop Singer Greg Lato to Have Song Featured in Upcoming Movie

Rhode Island’s own Greg Lato announced Thursday that his song “Just Another Goodbye” will be featured in Adam Lipsius’s upcoming movie 16-Love. The teen romantic comedy will be coming out January 20, 2012, nationwide in theaters. The independent film will star Lindsey Shaw of Pretty Little Liars and Emmy nominee Chandler Massey of Days of Our Lives.

Lato began his musical journey in Rhode Island. Providence-born and raised, Lato went to North Providence High School and now lives in Narragansett, RI. Lato has been passionately involved in music his whole life.

“Since I was seven, I have been into music in some way,” says Lato. “I started writing melodies at ten years old.”

Inspired by pop, Lato writes songs about personal experiences and through observing others. Lato extends his musical abilities by working with other artists and also writing for Film/TV. His “Just Another Goodbye” music video has had over 112,000 views on YouTube.

“Greg is pop with a capital “P”,” says John Fuzek of Motif Magazine. “His (music) videos are full-fledged productions, including full group dance numbers, “angsty” storylines, unfolding drama, romance. Check out his videos, they are really very good. ”

Lato has worked with many influential artists for his record, including the musical director/guitarist for Avril Lavigne. He also has a new artist development company called Push Pop Entertainment.

“Greg Lato is a local guy, and extraordinarily talented,” explains Jim Vickers of Motif Magazine. “I mean, the guy knows what he’s doing and has the vocal chops for the American Idol crowd and then some. Hopefully, Greg will be the next great Rhode Island pop recording star. Check out Greg Lato, you won’t be disappointed.”

Be on the lookout for the release of Greg’s Maroon 5/Gavin DeGraw-style track, “Help You Out,” to be released in early 2012.


Be on the lookout for Lato’s new original Christmas song “Merry Christmas Mood” for this holiday season.


Greg Lato was a finalist in The Rhode Show big break contest on FOX!

Exciting developments for Greg Lato in the New Year!
• a national video promoter is working “Just Another Goodbye” to key video outlets
• L.A booking agency interest
• indie label with national distribution has nibbled.
Stay tuned!

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for promo/interviews contact MIXED MEDIA/Ginny Shea
401 942 8025 or

Doing the Best With What He’s Got

One of Greg Lato’s ambitions for this new record, and for his pop career in general, is to be the kind of artist capable of indulging all of his creative influences, to change his colors with each project without losing his cache as a true indie pop artist. Well, with his latest EP and video, Lato just took a huge step in that direction. According to Motif magazine, Lato’s “Rhode Island’s next great pop recording artist.”

The new EP, aptly titled Do The Best With What I Got, recorded mostly in LA with co-writer/producer Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne, Weezer, Cher) and co-writer/producer Steve Catizone over a two-month period, is the sound of Lato indulging the entire spectrum of his creative senses, from dance grooves to silky smoothness to proud power pop with hooks the size of Hoboken.
Compared to his last recording, Monday Morning Breakdown, most of Lato’s latest EP has a more programmed approach, though mixed with real instrumentation for a punchier indie pop feel. “I was actually going for more of a 1982 pop sound mixed with modern touches,” says Lato. “Where the last album felt more like the moody ’70s, this one’s closer to the upbeat vibe of the ’80s.”

Songs like “Just Another Goodbye,” “Modern Howard Hughes,” and “2 People” combine the polished approach of Idol-era pop with just enough organic roughness around the edges to make it super-credible. “Celebrity,” a song was co-written with McGorman, features the same homemade pop magic. “Jim and I have a lot of the same influences, so we were on the same page the whole way,” says Lato, recounting the story of “Celebrity.” “We were gonna go with a ballad for one of the songs on the record, but at the last minute, I introduced a melody I had been working on for a while. He contributed some ideas on the spot to enhance it and the song was born. This was a magical moment during the sessions because we were really excited about what we had come up with. These spontaneous bursts of creativity are what I live for when making a record. It’s the reason why I love what I do.”

The video for “Just Another Goodbye” has also been gaining traction and accumulating views in big chunks on Youtube and Facebook, and is being aired on TV networks in USA and Canada (HD Net and the Cool TV). Like its predecessors “Beautiful Woman” and “Monday Morning Breakdown,” “Just Another Goodbye” boasts a brilliant arrangement-strings, vocal harmonies, modern tech flourishes-to go along with its elaborate videography, and one uber-sexy model.

Lato, born in Providence, grew up listening to the much older pop sounds of the ’70s and ’80s (Hall and Oates, Todd Rundgren, the Cars) and has been a lover of sweet-sounding pop all of his life. But with the new EP, the entertaining new video, and a handful of gigs coming up, it’s pretty clear that Lato has kicked his pop infatuation up a notch, ushering an irresistible, vintage sound into the modern era.

“Greg Lato is a local guy, and extraordinarily talented. I mean, the guy knows what he’s doing and has the vocal chops for the American Idol crowd and then some. Upbeat, heartthrob songs with titles like “Beautiful Woman” and “Last Girl” tell you all you need to know. Tales of love, heartache, and longing are the themes Lato chooses, and they fit his style and musicality like a velvet glove. Lato’s music has legs, and while the local scene doesn’t offer many openings for a pop star, he could make it onto a larger stage with a couple of industry breaks. True pop artists and Greg Lato is the genuine article, either garner air time, sell records and play joints like PPAC, or serve lattes at Starbucks. There ain’t much middle ground for that type of music, but hopefully, Greg will be the next great Rhode Island pop recording star. Check out Greg Lato, you won’t be disappointed.”
— Jim Vickers, Motif Magazine

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