Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio/Live in Studio/WCS

Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio

“Live in Studio”

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Photos Color photos from the CD taken by Paul LaRaia, B&W photo by Dave Arruda

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Live In Studio

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Publicity: The Patriot LedgerVOIR Montreal Review,  Midwest Book Review,The New York City Jazz Record, Hot House (December), DownBeat (December), JazzTimes (December), Ken Abramsall about jazz, Jersey Jazz (November issue), JazzWeek, Stereophile (pending), Modern Drummer feature (December issue) Midwest Record, Nestor media,

Radio Promotion: Neal Sapper and Matt Hughes, New World n Jazz

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It is possible that the name of this formation and its own leader does not tell you much but look at who are the other protagonists and guests involved. The pianist Kenny Barron and bassist Ron Carter completes the trio as you add Roy Hargrove in four songs and Cassandra Wilson in three. Without exaggeration is one of the most seductive records I’ve heard in recent years with a high-class repertoire ranging from topics of Burt Bacharach little frequented standards such as the beautiful “More” by Riz Ortolani, “Girl Talk” by Neil Hefti or ” Spartacus Love Theme “by Alex North.

The proponent of this training was in 2012 the drummer Gerry Gibbs (the son of Terry, the famous bandleader) and this is the third work after the debut of Thrasher Dream Trio and the chapter with other guests of We’re Back. The formula to choose an eclectic repertoire has been successful from the beginning. After the first forays into pop music and soul, the second album has turned decidedly on the repertoire of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack and Aretha Franklin making it all the more attractive.

In this new chapter we have a modern mainstream that unfolds with a relaxed inventive, rich in melodic and timbral influences, which you will never tire of listening for the fidelity of the live recording (it was recorded at Studio System Two Brooklyn, facing a small audience). The musical balance is superb both in cantabile passages in those swinging: everything unfolds with elegance and attention to detail, balancing impulses contagious and lyrical intensity.
It’s really hard to choose between the various tracks. Cassandra Wilson is stunning and the contrast between his alto tones and the sweetness with which he plays “Alfie” and “The Look of Love” is irresistible. Roy Hargrove is imposed in the fascinating “On a Clear Day” and “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life ?.” Kenny Barron and Ron Carter what can you say? The leader is a great drummer and integrates well with the two giants: their version of “More” is a rare example of what it means to swing. If you want to conquer a friend to jazz Give them this record if it does not do its effect it is unrecoverable.

Track Listing: Wives and Lovers; The Summer Knows; The Look of Love; Spartacus Love Theme; On a Clear Day; The Surrey with the Fringe on Top; Alfie; Watch What Happens (Instrumental); Theme from A Man and a Woman; Cast Your Fate to the Wind; What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life; More (From Mondo Cane); Watch What Happens (Vocal); Music to Watch the Girls Go By; Girl Talk; Charade.

Personnel: Kenny Barron: piano; Ron Carter: bass; Gerry Gibbs: Battery; Roy Hargrove: trumpet, flugelhorn; Cassandra Wilson: vocals.

Year Released: 2015 | Record Label: Whaling City Sound


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On THIRD Thrasher Dream Trio CD in a row

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Gerry Gibbs at #1 Two Weeks in a Row on JazzWeek!


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 At No. 1 on this week’s JazzWeek Jazz Chart and most reported (49 stations) is Gerry Gibbs and the Thrasher Dream Trio
Live In Studio (Whaling City Sound).


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Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio – Ron Carter, Kenny Barron, Cassandra Wilson, Roy Hargrove


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Live In Studio

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GERRY GIBBS THRASHER DREAM TRIO is indeed a dream group with Gibbs on drums, Kenny Barron on piano and Ron Carter on bass.  For Live in Studio (Whaling City Sound – 076) they have added Roy Hargrove on trumpet and flugelhorn for four tracks, and Cassandra Wilson on vocals for three selections.  There are 16 tracks, all familiar tunes, most of them pop songs from the 1960s like “Wives and Lovers,” “The Summer Knows,” “Cast Your Fate to the Wind,” “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life” and “Girl Talk.”  Barron is the dominant instrumental voice on most of the selections, Carter is always a strong presence whenever he is on the scene, and Gibbs is a driving force throughout.  Wilson nicely assays “The Look of Love,” “Alfie” and “Watch What Happens.”  Although the album is just shy of the 80-minute limit available on a disc, the music moves along so pleasingly that it seems to have just about started when you realize that it is finished.  (

by Joe Lang


“Live in Studio” is #7 on JazzWeek Chart!






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Chris Spector’s review of Live in Studio!

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Leonid Auskern’s review of Live in Studio! 

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Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.03.55 PMGerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio – Live in Studio

Gerry Gibbs
Ron Carter
Kenny Barron

with guests:
Roy Hargrove
Cassandra Wilson



1  Wives And Lovers  6:09
2  The Summer Knows  6:01
3  The Look Of Love  4:35
4  Spartacus Love Theme  3:38
5  On A Clear Day  6:45
6  Surry With The Fringe On Top  3:54
7  Alfie  6:28
8  Watch What Happens ( instrumental )  5:23
9  Theme From A Man And A Woman  3:34
10  Cast Your Fate To The Wind  3:24
11  What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?  5:46
12  More ( From Mondo Cane )  4:21
13  Watch What Happens ( vocal )  4:06
14  Music To Watch The Girls Go By  4:15
15  Girl Talk  4:44
16  Charade  4:28


Total running time: 77:38


Gerry Gibbs – drums
Ron Carter – acoustic bass
Kenny Barron – acoustic piano with guests…
Roy Hargrove – trumpet & flugelhorn (tracks 5, 7, 11, 16)
Cassandra Wilson – vocals (tracks 3, 7, 13)

Production Credits:

Recorded live at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn, NY on May 13 & 14, 2015
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Marciano.
Assistant engineers Joe Marciano and Max Ross
Produced by Gerry Gibbs for Thrasher Productions
Executive Producer: Neal Weiss
CD Design, front & back cover photos by David Arruda Jr.
All other photos – Paul LaRaia


Neal’s Notes:


Gerry’s Notes:



It was indeed a pleasure making this recording with Gerry. The songs he chose – the personnel – it was great working with Cassandra Wilson for the first time. She is the consummate professional and very gracious. It was also great to work with the very tasty Roy Hargrove. I think Gerry‚Äôs idea for this recording was to not be tied down by tricky arrangements with a bar of this, and a bar of that, and 9 bars of 11, and 11 bars of 9… He decided to just let the music be what it was going to be and for me, it worked. Thank you Gerry !!!!!!

Kenny Barron


What a wondrous day it was; returning home to Systems Two, ground zero for the M-Base Collective. Wine is the gift you bring on such an occasion. Joe and Nancy Marciano still set the table for the musical feast to come. As for Kenny Barron and Ron Carter, they can call me for a gig at the Blue Igloo in Antarctica. I’ll be there. Gerry Gibbs, I didn’t know who you were musically. But now I do. Thank you for the opportunity to share the space with you and my heroes. I am eternally grateful.

Cassandra Wilson


It’s been 40 years since we established Systems Two and this is one of the most memorable projects in that span of time. There was something extra special and exciting between Gerry, Kenny, Ron, Cassandra, Roy and the audience in this unique and intimate recording experience. Truly magical!

Nancy, Joe & Mike Marciano
June 2015



1 Wives And Lovers 6:09
(B.Bacharach-H.David) Sony ATV Harmony, ASCAP

2 The Summer Knows 6:01
(A.Bergman-M.Bergman-M.Legrand) Warner Olive Music LLC, ASCAP

3 The Look Of Love 4:35
(B.Bacharach-H.David) Colgems EMI Music, ASCAP

4 Spartacus Love Theme 3:38
(A.North) USI Music Publishing, SESAC
5 On A Clear Day 6:45
(A.Lerner-B.Lane) Chappell-Co Inc., ASCAP
6 The Surrey With The Fringe On Top 3:54
(Rogers-Hammerstein) Williamson Music Co., ASCAP
7 Alfie 6:28
(B.Bacharach-H.David) Sony ATV Harmony, ASCAP
8 Watch What Happens (instrumental) 5:23
(J.Demy-M.Legrand-N.Gimbel) Jonware Music Co., Universal-Songs of Polygram Int., Gimbel Music Group, Sarl
9 Theme From A Man And A Woman 3:34
(F.Lai-P.Barouh) SACEM, (J.Keller) ASCAP, Unversal Music Corp. obo Saravah Ed. Musicales Soc.
10 Cast Your Fate To The Wind 3:24
(V.Guaraldi) BMI
11 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? 5:46
(M.Legrand) EMI U Catalog, Inc., ASCAP
12 More (from Mondo Cane) 4:21
(R.Ortolani-N.Oliviero) SIAE
13 Watch What Happens (vocal) 4:06
(J.Demy-M.Legrand-N.Gimbel) Jonware Music Co., Universal-Songs of Polygram Int., Gimbel Music Group, Sarl
14 Music To Watch The Girls Go By 4:15
(S.Ramin) Sidray Ent. Ltd., ASCAP
15 Girl Talk 4:44
(N.Hefti-B.Troup) Sony ATV Harmony, Bobby Troup Music, ASCAP
16 Charade 4:28
(H.Mancini-J.Mercer) USI A Music Pub., Northridge Music Co., ASCAP




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