Cienniwa and Bandy provide “alert and stylist” performances on Telemann recording

Telemann: Violin Sonatas

Dorian Komanoff Bandy; Paul Cienniwa, hpsi

Whaling City Sound 108—80 minutes


This is the second recording I have encountered of Telemann’s unusual 1715 publication of sonatas for violin and harpsichord.  The first was made by Valerio Losito and Federico Del Sordo and released by Brilliant (S/O 2017).

These are stylistically interesting works, marked by Telemann’s immersion in French styles.  The performances here are alert and stylist, just a bit broader than the processors.  For all that, this new recording makes space to add to the 1715 set a sonata that survives only in manuscript, marked by some stylistic foibles.

Romanoff Bandy uses a vibratoless technique that has its piercing moments, but his playing is certainly expert.  It is also favored over the harpsichord in the balances.

The booklet notes by Bandy comment extensively on the styles and compositional techniques in these sonatas.

Both recordings have their merits, but I prefer this new one.


John W. Barker


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Happy International Jazz Day from WCS!

Happy International Jazz Day!

April 30 is International Jazz Day!  Whaling City Sound is proud to keep jazz alive in the New England area by having some the greatest jazz musicians on our label.  Since the beginning of 2019 we have released “Bright Idea” by Greg Murphy (January 2019) and “Stories Told” (April 2019) by Dave Zinno Unisphere both of which have charted on the JazzWeek charts!


Reached #1 on the JazzWeek charts!

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Currently #26 on the JazzWeek charts!

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Look for these releases coming later in 2019…

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