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“Miles illustrates his depth as a musician, collaborator and composer” O’s Place reviews Miles Donahue’s The Bug

By: D. Oscar Gomez
O’s Notes: The Bug is mostly a modern jazz session featuring the compositions of producer Miles Donahue who plays alto sax, flugelhorn and trumpet on this outing. The title track is a little bit more contemporary with a really cool swag to it courtesy of drummer Larry Finn and guitarist Mike Stern. They bring that same jazz-fusion groove to “Hawthorne Highway” and “Swamp House”. Ralph Peterson handles drumming duty of all other selections along with pianist Tim Ray and bassist Tamil Shmerling. Guest Jerry Bergonzi adds tenor and soprano sax on four selections notably on “Clifford” paralleling Donahue’s strong work on flugelhorn. Miles illustrates his depth as a musician, collaborator and composer on this set. There’s a lot here!
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O’s Place: Alma Micic characterized as “a first rate jazz singer”

ALMA MICIC/That Old Feeling:  A first rate jazz singer that deserves to be known west of New York, she knows how to wrap herself around the oldies in fine form.  A tasty set that is a hallmark for anyone that’s swirled martinis in a clip joint where a thrush holds court will know just what this all about and what treasures lie beyond the bytes.  Tasty throughout.
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Veteren guitarist Reggie Young Steps Into the forefront

Forever young 3/3
D. Oscar Groomes- Veteran guitarist Reggie Young has spent most of his life in supporting roles to stars like Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley. On Forever Young he steps into the forefront as a leader performing seven classics with a decidedly contemporary, pop vibe. There’s a smoky blues groove on “Memphis Grease” and a laid back relaxed feel on “It’s About Time” and “Exit 209”. The latter two illustrate the dominant theme on a late but respectable debut.Image result for reggie young forever young
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O’s Place Praises Terry Gibbs in Latest Review

“Terry Gibbs   –   92 Years Young: Jammin’ At The Gibb’s House   4/3

O’s Notes: We have much respect for a 93-year-old musician who can still cut it! In the case of vibraphonist Terry Gibbs, we have much love and admiration for a man who remains in rare form performing with a swinging quartet coaxed by his son, drummer Gerry Gibbs, pianist John Campbell and Mike Gurrola on bass. Yes, Gerry suggested the jam session in dad’s living room and we are now blessed with a wonderful recording of fourteen classics. There’s no showboating, but a heckofa lot of good music that will satisfy a large audience in almost any setting! Hats off to Terry!”
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O’s Place Reviews Gerry Gibbs’ ‘Weather or Not’

“Gerry Gibbs   –   Weather Or Not        4/3

O’s Notes: We truly enjoyed Gibb’s last effort Thrasher Dream Trio. He changes direction for his latest effort Weather or Not, a dedication to the jazz-fusion movement from Weather Report. Pianist Alex Collins, bassist Hans Glawischnig and drummer Gerry Gibbs form an acoustic trio (aside from touch of organ and Rhodes). The package includes two discs, the first dedicated to the music of Weather Report but in more of a straight-ahead swing style and the second containing Gibbs originals. Rather than showing up in the studio and relying on pure spontaneity for cohesion, Thrasher People actually practiced as a band for four months prior to entering the studio! The practice paid off. Disc 1: a little slow getting started but fully up to speed on “Sightseeing”, “Birdland” and “Elegant People”. Forget about that legendary Fusion groove, this is truly a new take on Weather Report’s music. Disc 2: These sixteen songs were composed by Gibbs from 1981-2016 and capture many snippets of Gerry’s life during the period. Some tunes are frolicking and some are peaceful; all are palatable.”
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