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5.22.19: Greb Abate Interviewed on Neon Jazz

Earlier this week, Greg Abate was featured on Neon Jazz for interview regarding his fourth recording with the Tim Ray Trio on the Whaling City Sound label with his CD Gratitude – State Door Live @ The Z. Abate shares with his listeners his continuous desire for improvement and critical thoughts he possesses about his performances that in turn, only aid in his ability to grow. Lately he has been trying to be more creative, creating different lines and verses for different lengths to switch things up. Contrary to the publics initial belief, this performer unlike many others, prefers a lack of rehearsal before recording or performing. He states “I like the in the moment type of playing…that unpredictable rehearse”. Greg Abate and the Tim Ray Trio’s newest album is described by Abate himself as “sincere with no gimmicks…with communication with the audience both verbally and musically”. It is truly a beautiful album. Check out the full interview to get to know the real Greg Abate!

When going live: “what you hear is what you get, there’s no forgiveness” -Abate

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Calm Waters, Rolling Swells & Rolling Seas : O’s Place Review

Various Artists Calm Waters, Rolling Swells & Rolling Seas

O’s Notes: Calm Waters, Rolling Swells & Roiling Seas is a collection of tunes by Whaling City artists. All of the music is produced by and for the musicians, as they want you to hear it! We enjoyed the calm waters of Terry Lewis’s “What’s New”, Reggie Young’s peaceful “Jennifer”, Greg Murphy’s “Sophisticated Lady” featuring vocals by Malou Beauvior, “The Faction of Cool”, and Gerry Gibbs’ Thrasher Dream Trio playing “Alfie” featuring Cassandra Wilson (vocals) and Roy Hargrove (t). There’s lots of variety with something for everyone. The CD is brought to you by Destination New Bedford, MA celebrating the variety of music along their shores.
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