“Night Journey Rewind with Vocalist Dori Rubbicco” a Review by James Graves

“Night Journey Rewind with Vocalist Dori Rubbicco” a Review by James Graves

PictureEmotional, magical, and unmistakably original. As a singer-songwriter Dori Rubbicco inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell—which makes perfect sense given her penchant for ambitious musical searching—as well as vocal stylists like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, Dori understands the power of both style and substance and her performance conveys that power to the audience. Her set list is full of unique interpretations and elegantly imagined covers, revealing an artist able to both compose and interpret with equally successful results.


Rubbicco has worked as a solo singer-songwriter and with groups, including the Miami Jazz Ensemble, the Gerald Wiggins Trio, and the Blues Train Band. Her new CD “STAGE DOOR LIVE!” was recorded at New Bedford’s intimate Zeiterion Theater www.dorirubbicco.com

Eric Wyatt/WCS

Eric Wyatt/WCS

The Joy of Jazz

Grammy-winning jazz artist Samara Joy does a “star turn” on

Eric Wyatt’s A Song of Hope

Eric Wyatt’s 2021 record A Song for Hope on the Whaling City Sound label is an adventurous, colorful, unpredictable, and wide-ranging session, a tour de force of immense creativity and incredible vision. It’s also something of a departure from his last effort, The Golden Rule: For Sonny, also on WCS, which featured the saxophonist in a more straight-ahead jazz setting.

A Song for Hope is also, as it turns out, a star turn for one of Wyatt’s guest performers, none other than Samara Joy, the young jazz vocalist that, quite unexpectedly, happened to win not one but two Grammy Awards last week, one for Best New Artist, and another for Best Jazz Vocal for Linger Awhile. Samara Joy now records for Verve.

Wyatt invited Samara Joy to sing two songs on A Song for Hope, and both are marvelous, in a way, a foreshadowing of the singer’s incredible talent. The first track, “Say Her Name,” is a luminous tribute to Breonna Taylor. “I was looking for her to convey the pain of that event,” says Wyatt, and she did. “When I listen back to it, I remember the hope we all felt in making these songs, and Samara Joy was an excellent part of that.”

Samara Joy is also featured on Wyatt’s soulful take on Sting’s “Fragile.” The singer delivers an ethereal, magical performance, accompanied by Wyatt on soprano sax. Listening to these tracks, it’s no wonder that Samara Joy got the attention she did, both from Wyatt, who invited her to sing with him, and more recently, by the Academy, who awarded her such a distinguished prize.

That said, no one was more surprised by the win than the vocalist herself. “I can’t even believe—I’ve been watching y’all on TV for so long!” she said, in an attempt at an acceptance speech. “All of you inspire me because of who you are. You express exactly who you are authentically. So, to be here by just being myself, I’m just so thankful.”

As it turns out, Wyatt’s recording was a big step in Samara Joy’s career journey so far. In fact, she parlayed several important steps into a recording contract with Verve.

Wyatt sensed he wanted an impressive singer to guest on his recording and he knew that Samara Joy had won the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition back in 2019 at the age of 21. She had been referred to the session by one of his musicians, bass player Mike Boone, a relative of Samara Joy.

Wyatt has always had an eye for talent. A Song of Hope features drummer Jeff “Tain” Watts, bassist Eric Wheeler, and pianist Donald Vega along with an all-star horn section and a few additional guests.

“Samara became a blessing in disguise,” says Wyatt. He had originally thought he’d produce an instrumental version of “Fragile.” “When I heard her sing, I knew she could convey the feeling of both of those songs. And she did.”



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Eric Wyatt A Song Of Hope
O’s Notes: Tenor saxophonist Eric Wyatt leads the charge with an excellent band that sizzles and pops throughout the session. We enjoyed their cover of “Fragile” featuring vocalist Samara Joy, the funky “Fur Live”, “Contemplation” and Watts’ rousing drum solo on “Of Things To Come ime”, a duet with Wyatt. We also enjoyed “One For Hakim” featuring the entire band, a strong showing for trumpeter Theo Croker, Wyatt and the fierce rhythm section: Donald Vega (p), Eric Wheeler (b) and Jeff Watts (d).
D. Oscar  Groomes
O’s Place Jazz Magazine

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On A Song of Hope, his second album for Whaling City Sound, saxophonist Eric Wyatt offers more than hope; he offers assurance that contemporary jazz is alive and well in and around his home base of Brooklyn, NY. Wyatt, the godson of another rather well-known saxophonist, Sonny Rollins, performs in groups of various sizes, from quartet to octet, with vocals by Samara Joy on two numbers, “Fragile” and Wyatt’s “Say Her Name.” The almost-constants are pianist Donald Vega, bassist Eric Wheeler and drummer Jeff Watts, who are on board for eight numbers but step aside for a pair of Wyatt-Watts duets and are replaced by bassist Mike Boone and his talented fourteen-year-old son, drummer Mekhi Boone, on John Coltrane‘s “Central Park West” and McCoy Tyner‘s “Contemplation.”


Watch Jeff “Tain” Watts and Delbert Felix meet after over 25 years!



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Whaling City Sound, whalingcitysound.com Chris Lowery (tr.), Theo Croker (tr., flic.), Clifton Anderson (trne), Eric Wyatt (sop., ten., voc), Donald Vega (p.), Eric Wheeler, Mike Boone (cb.), Jeff Tain Watts, Mekhi Boone (batt., voc.), Kahlil Qwame Bell (perc.), Samara Joy (voc.).
New York, ottobre 2020.

This record is the bomb. We announced it last October on the occasion of an article who took stock of the situation of jazz musicians in New York during the full-blown period of the pandemic. In reality, its publication was scheduled for last May / June, while it came out in September. But it was worth the wait. Here we discover – and with pleasure – a greater versatility of the Brooklyn tenorist, with an attention to that spirituality which is now overwhelmingly current and present in certain tributes that he has decided to dedicate to some of the prominent personalities of modern music (Coltrane’s “Central Park West,” McCoy Tyner’s “Contemplation,” Sting’s “Fragile). But there is not only this: the Latin-tinged “Sunset Park Bonita”, the funkish gait of “Fur Live” (a composition by the young and emerging trumpeter Chris Lowery), the bop of “Blues For RH” (dedicated to Roy Hargrove), the metropolitan emotionality of the title-track, ultimately the whole album is pervaded by a contagious energy that accounts for an in-depth and visceral knowledge of the jazz language. With a phrasing poised between Rollins and Coltrane, Eric Wyatt has always loved to surround himself with solid (Jeff Watts, Clifton Anderson, Donal Vega) and new ones (Theo Croker, Chris Lowery, 15-year-old Mekhi Boone on drums) brilliant personalities of American jazz. Once again he hit the mark.

“The Golden Rule: for Sonny”

Whaling City Sound Website

Eric Wyatt Website


Soundcloud “What The World Needs Now”

Photo: BackCover, With Sax

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Video- The Making of The Golden Rule (For Sonny Rollins) – Eric Wyatt Album Studio Session


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Photo by Salvatore Corso

This is the second time I review a CD album by Eric Wyatt on Musica Jazz, and we are even more impressed by the robust and brilliant phrasing of the saxophonist who pays tribute to the great tenorists of the past, in this countless beautiful concentrate of music (which since the title itself wants to remind us of the great Sonny Rollins), making use of a few top and on the rise names of contemporary jazz.
Among them we mention Giveton Gelin, now more than a promise, and the already established pianist Fortner, to confirm the healthy state of American Jazz. It seems to us that the strength of Mr Wyatt, besides his inventively, technique, sense of swing, and lyricism, is beyond any doubt his natural ability to put together bands of absolute level, thanks to his vision and instinct, which allow him to attract music personalities who are brilliant and of great interest.
The personnel in this album are all stellar both on an instrumental and expressive level, bot mostly they are able to put aside their own individualities to the benefit of music. That same music that comes out in all its swinging grandiloquence in each of the twelve tracks of this work.
Then, how not to let ourselves swing along with the rhythm, how not to feel the emotions from the solos and the voicings of Anthony Wonsey? How not to appreciate the ‘cavata’ of Tyler Mitchell? The round and robust sound of Eric Wheeler? How not to be impressed by Willie Jones III drumming, or Charles Gold’s and Chris Beck’s?
We won’t address here Mr Wyatt’s ability to communicate and his languid delicacy in ballads, of which we have spoken in other occasions (he works on percussions in all tracks). Just listen to his cover of Burt Bacharach’s What The World Needs Now to find out.
Eric Wyatt is among those voices who demonstrate that jazz still has a lot to express. Eric Wyatt is a name AND a guarantee.



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“Look To The Sky”

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Soundcloud “Afro Blue”

Photo: BackCover, With Sax

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Video: featured on Sonny Rollins The Bridge 

Radio:  BTRtoday Interview 


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Brooklyn-born and bred Eric Wyatt owns a solid berth along the saxophone continuum originally laid out by guys like Parker, Coltrane and Rollins. Throughout his career, his playing has been edgy and inventive, heartfelt and poignant. In fact, his father was good friends with Rollins and after Wyatt’s dad passed away, Sonny Rollins became involved in Eric’s music. “After my dad passed in 1989, Sonny became very present in my music and offered his help. I was given the opportunity to record my first CD, Godson, on the Japanese label King Records. Sonny suggested the title Godson because it explained his and my dad’s Hope. The Godson CD featured Al Foster, Rufus Reid and Mark Soskin, all members of Sonny’s bands.

Look to the Sky, Wyatt’s debut for Whaling City Sound and his sixth recording overall, is magnificently realized, both instrumentally and emotionally. There are musical nods to his father (“Jolley Charlie”) and mother (“Psalm for Phennie”), to Coltrane (“My Favorite Things”) and a few other intimate touch points, some original, a few written by his accompanist, Benito Gonzalez. Indeed, Wyatt is joined here by excellent progressive musicians, including the resounding pianist Gonzalez, drummers Shinnosuke Takahashi and Kyle Poole, Eric Wheeler on bass and Keyon Harrold on trumpet. Together, their music is filled with hope and dedication, reciprocity and passion. With every recording, Wyatt flourishes, in terms of artistry and intensity, power and finesse. Look to the Sky is the man’s—and his band’s— finest and fullest record yet.

“Pete Fallico has been programming jazz radio in the Bay Area as well as producing his own podcast (Doodlin’ Lounge) for over 42 years.

He continues to promo jazz performances; produce recording sessions and write for notable jazz artists around the world. 

He can be found at www.doodlinlounge.com”

6/10 Gerry Gibbs and Thrasher People at New Bedford Jazz Festival

6/10 Gerry Gibbs and Thrasher People at New Bedford Jazz Festival

Gerry Gibbs & Thrasher People
Performing music from JazzWeek’s #1 newly released CD
“Weather or Not”
Saturday, June 10, 2017 5p
The 6th annual New Bedford JazzFest for the benefit of Your Theatre 2-7p
New Bedford Pier 3
New Bedford, MA
$20 – General Admission
The Joys of Jazz on the Waterfront

Great performers and tasty food highlight an epic experience at a nice price in New Bedford, at the 6th Annual New Bedford JazzFest.

New Bedford is again on the cusp of summer—thank heavens!— and its waterfront will again be the site for, not fishing, as it has for centuries, but jazz!

On June 10, Whaling City Sound, along with various other local sponsors, present the 6th Annual New Bedford JazzFest, featuring national and local jazz talent. Headlining this highly anticipated event will be Gerry Gibbs and Thrasher People, an exhilarating and supremely talented New York-based trio and one of Whaling City Sound’s marquee artists. Gibbs’ last four recordings have climbed to the top spot on national jazz radio charts, including his latest release, Weather or Not, in part an ear-tingling tribute to jazz greats Weather Report.

Neal Weiss, the chief proprietor at Whaling City Sound, runs the fast-growing label, which is credited with many chart-topping jazz titles. WCS has been responsible for releasing much of Gibbs’ most recent work. “Gerry is a dynamic performer, who brings tremendous energy and excitement to the stage, and inspires his band-mates.”

In addition to Gibbs’ Thrasher People, the lineup at Jazzfest also features another Whaling City Sound artist, Dino Govoni and his quartet, which in turn stars the sublime vocals of Boston’s acclaimed Cassandre McKinley. By turns powerful and soulful, bluesy and jazzy, McKinley will surely be a highlight of the festival, as she fronts the impressive work of Govoni and his sax-led quartet.

To help keep the energy high, Matthew Hartnett and the Gumbo All-Stars bring a NOLA twist to New Bedford. Hartnett’s zesty creole jazz will certainly transport festival-goers to the French Quarter, where boogie and funky trombones reign.

The day kicks off early with the SouthCoast Jazz Orchestra, a thrilling 17-piece big band appearing at the festival for its sixth year. You’ll revel in their booming big band sound, led by Symphony Music Shop owner Bob Williamson.

The music kicks off around 2:15. But come early to take advantage of the food trucks and an “Artists Colony” curated by the New Bedford Art Museum.

The fun doesn’t stop after the festival. Bring your ticket stub to JazzFest partner the Greasy Lucky Brewery, where you’ll witness a funky jazz jam session with a house band and special guests.

Advance tickets are a steal at $20 at NewBedfordJazzFest.com, by calling the Your Theatre box office at 508-993-0772, or in person at Bridgewater Credit Union (Fairhaven branch), Greasy Luck Brewery and Symphony Music Shop. After June 5, tickets will go for $25. Children 15 and under are free when accompanied by an adult. There’s parking at the Elm Street Garage. The event is under a tent, so it’s on rain or shine.

JazzFest is produced by and for the benefit of Your Theatre, Inc. (YTI), New Bedford’s 70-year old community theater group. YTI has partnered with Waterfront Historic League (WHALE) to purchase, restore and convert 149 William St. (First Baptist Church) into a theatre for YTI. Proceeds from this event will assist in this partnership to preserve vital historic architecture and provide a lasting home for New Bedford’s longest running community theatre. www.yourtheatre.org


Danny Bacher/WCS

Danny Bacher/WCS

Danny Bacher

“Still Happy”

Whaling City Sound Website

Danny Bacher Website





Photo: #1

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Broadway World and Theatre Credits

SoundcloudHooray for Hollywood

Still Happy Press Release

Publicity: Broadway World, Catalyst, The Weekly Challenger, Patch, Broadway World, Playbill, TAPinto East Hanover/Florham Park, Herald-Tribune, Boca NewspaperCNSJazzTimesBroadway WorldNew York Jazz RecordO’s Place JazzThe Island NowThe JW VibeGlide Magazine, Syncopated Times,  JazzWeeklyJAZZIZ MagazineO’s Place Jazz Newsletter,, Jazz Quad (Russia), JazzFlits (Netherlands), Midwest Record Daily Record NJ.com Summer Jazz

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Message From Danny,

“Hi All!

Its been a “behind the scenes” kind of summer for me, been working on my next album and writing my book and prepping for some new forthcoming shows, but i wanted to let you know i haven’t forgotten about you! Here’s a little update on things happening this month.

First, I’m thrilled to announce that my Terry Gibbs Songbook album has made it to #28 on the charts and is doing quite well through the country and in Europe. Incase you haven’t gotten your copy yet, get yours here:

Purchase your copy Today!

Im also very excited about an upcoming concert I’ll be doing later this month at Bellworks in Holmdel, NJ. On August 27th at 7pm, Ill be joined by jazz vocalist Charenee Wade and the Grammy nominated Nicole Zuraitis for a salute to the great women of the song! It’s going to be a fabulous show and certainly not one to be missed! So….. don’t miss it!!

Get your tickets here

Stay tuned for more exciting news, but in the meantime, stay happy and keep on Swingin’!



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Hello everybody,

As normalcy approaches, I’m starting to get really busy again, and I’m grateful for that, indeed. Not just doing virtual shows, but actually performing in front of real live people – what a concept!


I do have one more virtual show coming up on Friday, May 7th at 7pm at one of my very favorite “venues,” Metropolitan Zoom. No need to schlep into the city and pay for parking just yet – I’ll be performing right in your living rooms!

The details:

DANNY BACHER ~ Siete de Mayo
with the legendary Allan Farnham on piano
Friday, May 7th 
Get your tickets here: https://metropolitanzoom.ticketleap.com/danny-bacher-050721/dates/May-07-2021_at_0700PM

Hope to see your smiling faces soon! And in the meanwhile, stay safe, happy and keep on swingin’,




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On Saturday, August 29 at 7 pm, you can join Danny Bacher, an award-winning singer/saxophonist and entertainer extraordinaire, as he holds court at the Mansion with Jason Teborek on piano and brings to you an unforgettable night of swingin’ jazz, American popular song, storytelling and laughs with his signature style and wit! Danny Bacher is an award-winning entertainer who is a master of the demanding soprano sax and who combines his virtuosity on the instrument with a talent for comedy and narrative storytelling. He’s a smooth and cool individual who makes hot jazz and pop, cut from the cloth of the great Louis Prima and Mel Torme.

All performances will happen rain or shine under the large wrap-around covered porch. Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center is located at 240 Belleville Avenue, Bloomfield, NJ. Visit NiCoriStudios.com for tickets and more information.

Singer and saxophonist Danny Bacher will perform “Get Happy” as part of Lynn University’s Mabel Mabel Mercer Foundation’s Cabaret at Lincoln Center Comes to Live at Lynn on Feb. 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center. Bacher honors the three Louis—Armstrong, Jordan and Prima. Tickets cost $40.

“The way I like to connect to my audience is through humor and lightness,” says saxophonist, vocalist, and feel-good entertainer Danny Bacher. “l like to convey a positive message.”

Delivered without irony, these sentiments serve as the baseline philosophy behind Still Happy, the follow-up to Danny’s debut recording of 2016, Swing That Music. Whether conveyed through words or deeds, they reflect Danny’s North Star mandate: He aims to please.

He is a pure soul, a humanist at heart, whose creativity aligns perfectly with a desire to spread joy. This record is the latest installment in Danny’s vision of a sing-along, bouncing-ball world. It is a simple reminder: In the hands of a master storyteller, music is magic.

Still Happy features an artful marriage of tunes and performance – Danny leads us through a musical amusement park for grown-ups, replete with razzle, dazzle and hold-your-breath meditations. There’s great humanity here – a coupling of warmth and Wow! – elevating our mood like a fireworks show at the Jersey shore.

And much to speak about: Allen Farnham’s nifty arrangements, crafted to energize Danny’s indefatigable spirit; a rhythm section plus horns plus percussion galvanized tight by purpose and desire (beautifully acknowledged in the artist’s special thank-you’s); Danny’s own “In Spite of All This, I’m Still Happy,” and “Joie de Vivre,” each complementing perfectly the project’s theme and variations; signature moments of song, style and wit, proving that Danny is a triple threat capable of killing (or, at least, injuring) a dedicated audience; and a wry yet reverential send-up of

“Hooray For Holiday,” a peek behind the dream factory curtain, replete with Danny’s original, happy-making lyrics (You’ll be splurgin’ to see a surgeon/He’ll make your tuchas look good…).

“Hollywood” proves to be a touchstone, a contrast to the album’s final track, “Cloudy/Nuages.” Together they reveal the yin and yang of Danny’s personality. The former is exuberant, bracing, filled with vivacity; the latter, ruminative, introspective, private.

One imagines that Danny reached back to the methods of ancient Greek actors, deploying the masks of comedy and tragedy to communicate emotion. These performances, however, are less binary than they appear. Nuance prevails. Danny aims for the heart (and feet) by endowing these tracks – and all others – with sophisticated subtlety.

One hears traces of calypso (“Get Happy”), and doo-wop (“Shaking The Blues Away”), and pure Billie Holiday (“Getting Some Fun Out of Life”).
Together, they – and all other tunes – constitute a clear affirmation of both concept and execution.

So, while Danny makes clear that he is still happy, repeated spins of this record reveal there’s a band and a producer who feel exactly the same way. Fans to follow. Guaranteed.

Jeff Levenson
June 2018

Still Happy

Produced by Jeff Levenson
Executive Producers: Joel M. Bacher, Danny Bacher

Recorded at Teaneck Sound Studio,
October 17th – 18th, 2018

Recording Engineer Dave Kowalski
Mixing Engineer: Jon D’uva
Mastered by Greg Calbi, Sterling Sound

Danny Bacher – Vocals, Soprano Saxophone
Allen Farnham – Piano
Dean Johnson – Bass
Alvester Garnett – Drums
Harry Allen – Tenor Saxophone
Charles Caranicas -Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Rolando Morales-Matos – Percussion:

All arrangements by Allen Farnham
Co-arranged by Danny Bacher

Danny Bacher uses Silverstein Ligatures
Alvester Garnett plays D’Amico Drums
Harry Allen plays D’Addario Select Jazz Reeds
Rolando Morales-Matos plays Pearl Percussion

Artist Thank-You’s

To the following, I want to express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks for making this all possible.

First, to my beautiful and supportive wife Erin, for all of her love, understanding and inspiration; my parents, Jane and Joel, for helping me realize my dreams, for all their love and support, and for putting me on this planet; my brother Josh, sister-in-law Nadia, and little niece Millie, for their help and love, in life and on this project; my grandmother “MaMa” Jean, who helped shape who I am today, and whose valuable lessons in life I cherish always; and my grandmother Ann and grandfathers Harvey and Herb, whom I miss everyday and hold dear in my mind, spirit and heart.

To all of my loving family, loyal fans and, of course, “Bacher’s Backers,” who helped get me to a financial place much appreciated for this recording project. Special thanks to Dr. Daniel Suffin (“DS”); Yanni, Arlene, and li’l Eddie Kaloudis; John McLellan; Carol Scibelli; David Rousso; and Uncle Jon and Aunt Kathy Van Orden. And of course, much love and thanks to the machatunim, Toni, Chuck, and Mikey!

To all of my artistic friends that have given me such guidance and advice through this process, including: Steve Tyrell, Marilyn Maye, Roseanna Vitro, Nancy Marano, Barbara Maier, KT Sullivan, Bob Mover, Ed Joffe, Jason Teborek, Alexis Cole, Chris Byars, Dominic Chianese, Debbi Bush-Whiting, Marilyn Lester, Angelo Badalamenti, the late Lois Laurel Hawes, Richard Cramer, Bill Boggs, Steve Frumkin, Will Friedwald, and all my fellow Friars.

To my band: what an honor to have the support of such tremendous talents! Harry Allen, a true titan on the tenor; Charlie Caranicas, a marvel on trumpet and flugelhorn; Dean Johnson, a solid-rock time-keeper with a heart of gold; Alvester Garnett, the jovial spirit and heartbeat of the ensemble; Rolando Morales-Matos, for his mastery of percussion; and of course to my co-arranger and pianist, Allen Farnham, whose genius in arranging, abilities on the 88’s, and great attention to detail have been crucial to the success of this project.

I must also express gratitude to my producer, Jeff Levenson, whose artful mastery at the helm, both in and out of the studio, was exactly the right balance needed to take this album to heights that I couldn’t have foreseen.

Also, I must thank my family at Whaling City Sound, Neal Weiss and Ginny Shea, for believing in this project. And a special note of thanks to Ashley Perez; Andrea Valentini and Dave Kowalski at Teaneck Sound; Jon D’Uva, a master mixer; and Greg Calbi, the masterer in the mix!

In closing, making this record was a joy from start to finish, and I hope that after you have a listen, like myself, you’ll be “Still Happy!”

Enjoy! -Danny Bacher



01. Getting Some Fun Out of Life (Burke/Leslie, BMG Gold Songs, Burke Music Co, ASCAP)

02. Laughing At Life (Briand/Saban, Cezame Metro Park, BMI)

03. In Spite of All This, I’m Still Happy  (Bacher, Danny Bacher Music, ASCAP)

04. Shakin’ The Blues Away (Chuck, Chappell Edzioni, WB Music, ASCAP)

05. Hooray For Hollywood (Whiting/Mercer, Warner Bros Inc, ASCAP) Additional lyrics by Danny Bacher

06. Lucky To Be Me (Bernstein/Comdon/Green, Leonard Bernstein Music,  Warner Bros, ASCAP)

07. Joie De Vivre  (Bacher, Danny Bacher Music, ASCAP)

08. This Happy Madness Jobim/De Moraes/Lees, Corcavado Music, VA, BMI)

09. Joy Spring (Brown/Hendricks, Cherio, Melody Lane, Second Floor, BMI) Additional lyrics by Danny Bacher

10. Lazy Afternoon (Moross/La Touche, Chappell, Sony ATV Tunes, ASCAP)

11. Get Happy (Arlen/Koehler, SA Music, Warner Bros, ASCAP)

12. Cloudy/Nuages (Biederbecke/Reinhardt, ASCAP


JazzFlits, volume 14, no. 257



Swing That Music

Whaling City Sound


Danny Bacher (vocals, soprano saxophone), Cyrille Aimée (vocals), Warren Vaché (cornet), Pete McGuinness (trombone), Dave Demsey, Houston Person (tenor saxophones), Jason Teborek (piano), Howard Alden (guitar), Ray Drummond (bass), Bill Goodwin (drums),

Danny’s Newsletter

Check out Danny’s newsletter! Learn more about “Swing That Music!”, watch videos and purchase his CD and tickets for his next show, June 27th, at the Bickford Theatre in NY!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.59.54 AM


Watch a video about the CD:



The swing and rhythm & blues, which developed alongside bebop in the 1940s, are still being used as a source of inspiration. British pop singer Joe Jackson already revived the festive jump & jive in a distant past. Over here, in the Netherlands, we have (had) several bands which did the same. The name Jump’n Jive from Zwolle comes to mind. And the Amsterdam Bob Color, although they moved onto rock ’n roll. At the time, that was also the direction this music took: swing – jump ’n jive/rhythm & blues – rock ’n roll. But all this aside.

Danny Bacher is a young American singer, who knows his business. You can hear a touch of Michael Bublé in him, but with plenty of drive and lots of swinging. Bacher has a lot of fun performing, and it shows. He draws from the work of Louis Jordan for  the jump and rhythm & blues. He gets ballads from Louis Armstrong, and polite rock ’n roll from Louis Prima, including the medley ‘Just a gigolo/I ain’t got nobody’. Upon first hearing, Bacher uses the possibilities which are given to him a bit politely, but equally lashes out considerably. He’s not only a singer, but also the soprano saxophonist. Bacher moves through the repertoire with ease, aided here and there by the French-American singer Cyrille Aimée. Of course she takes care of ‘La vie en rose’, sung in French. I suspect a lot of dancing goes on during his concerts. This music demands it.

Hessel Fluitman, translated from Dutch by Nico Cartenstadt


Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 2.23.14 PM

Danny Bacher is a bright new star on the jazz landscape with a distinctive voice and a gift for phrasing. Says The New York Times, “Swing That Music is effortless fun in a tribute to jazz forerunners. It is about making hot music but staying cool, about cutting up while maintaining effortless self-control revealing Bacher to be prodigiously talented.” With his unusually warm, soulful soprano sax sound and a swingin’ “A LIST” band of jazz royalty, you’ve got the next “new classic” album, Swing that Music! Bacher’s dynamic debut pays homage to three iconic fire-brand “Louis’:” Armstrong, Prima and Jordan, with rare gems from each of their original repertoires. Executive and post-produced by world class jazz Producer, Suzi Reynolds, with Grammy-nominated vocalist Roseanna Vitro as Producer, Bacher is set to launch straight onto the stages and into the hearts of music lovers around the world. Vitro confirms, “Danny is reminiscent of ‘triple talent’ icons like Louis Armstrong and Sammy Davis, Jr. He’s a serious jazz musician who holds his own improvising on sax or scatting with the best musicians on the scene…he has a natural flair for comedy and a voice full of soul.”

229_DANNY BACHER by John Abbott

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