Julian Arsenault stars in the first ever “Wrestling Opera” in Hamburg

Julian Arsenault stars in the first ever “Wrestling Opera” in Hamburg

Ring & Wrestling

Music from “Der Ring des Nibelungen” by Richard Wagner

Nietzsche, simultaneously the greatest Wagner fan and Wagner hater, proclaimed God to be dead. Including the gods of the Ring? Their story is always told to the point of the Götterdämmerung, the “twilight of the gods”, and then the audience goes off to swill a glass of champagne and never thinks about them again. We have asked ourselves what became of them? What do gods do when they become obsolete, when society, opera and its audience say to them: nice story, well told, we learned quite a bit from you, thanks and so long? We went looking for them, found them and convinced them to re-appear on stage! They still know their Wagner by heart, and they will have a little help from stars of Hamburg’s wrestling scene. Behold this family, behold its life after Wagner!

Music conceptioning and direction: Leo Schmidthals
Director: Dominik Günther
Set- and Costume Designer: Sandra Fox
Wrestling costumes: Individual creations
Dramaturgy: Johannes Blum


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