DATE CHANGE! 7/24 Greg Abate Trio (rain date of Monday July 27th)

DATE CHANGE! 7/24 Greg Abate Trio (rain date of Monday July 27th)

Update Music Seen Concert #3: GREG ABATE TRIO has been POSTPONED

Greetings LIVE MUSIC Lovers!
I regret to inform you that our GREG ABATE TRIO show for tomorrow has been POSTPONED, due to rain. We hope to present these fine musicians on our rain date, Monday July 13th. Unfortunately, Mother Nature may be our undoing on that day, as well.
We will move this show to FRIDAY JULY 24th, with a rain date of Monday July 27th.
If you find that you cannot attend when the date is rescheduled, please get in touch with me. I will happily refund your donation OR, if you’d like, apply this donation to a future show of your choice.
We hope this turn of events doesn’t create too much of an inconvenience for you. We hope you can join us, in the driveway, when the sunshine & the show date come together.
Thanks again for supporting LIVE MUSIC!
In Harmony,
Tish Adams, Executive Producer
Music Seen Concerts

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Local poet Janet Barron to be published in “Love Warms The Homeless Heart II” which addresses the housing crisis through the Arts

Local poet Janet Barron to be published in “Love Warms The Homeless Heart II” which addresses the housing crisis through the Arts

Janet’s poems “Reflection 2020, “Whirly Birds,” “The Magic Gift Of You,” “The Wish” and “If I could Color the World” were selected for inclusion in Notable Works’ upcoming publication Love Warms The Homeless Heart II.  Read some of the selections below, and be sure to look for the publication this Fall!



I sit and think about our world.
And how so much has changed.
How lives are now so different.
Torn apart and rearranged.
What is this unseen enemy.
That threatens life we know?
That slithered surreptitiously,
And handed us this blow?
It creeps through each community.
Concealed and bathed in stealth.
Instilling fear and panic as.
It plans attacks on health.
How can we fight this enemy?
How can we do our part,
To strengthen hope and faith to help,
Us rally and take heart?
Believe in spirit of the soul,
And work to get along.
Communities of people who,
All pull together strong!
Reach out to help a neighbor, or
Talk to a friend you know.
Spend time and share with family.
The seeds that you will sow.
Trust that we'll soon recover and,
Unite to persevere.
To overcome adversity.
And chase away our fear.
So close your eyes and take a breath,
And say a silent prayer.
For those who work to save our world.
And fill our hearts with cheer.
By Janet Barron

2. If I Color The World
If I could color the world with my crayons, I’d
color it so I could see
The colors of beauty and sunshine and
shine gloriously.
I’d color away all the evil. All pain and all fear I’d
I’d color in courage and caring, with friendship all
over the place.
If I could color the world with my crayons, I’d
color a world filled with hope.
I’d color out jealousy, anger, and hate, and I’d fill
it with strength to help cope.
I’d color a world without sickness, where tears
were a curious thing.
I’d fill it with laughter and positive thoughts and
encourage all people to sing.
If I could color the world with my crayons, I’d
color and fill it with dreams
And faith to succeed and believe in ourselves, with
a confidence reining supreme.
I’d color a world filled with happiness, a future all
shiny and new,
envisioning promise tomorrow may bring to
inspire all things that we do.
If I could the world with my crayons, I’d
color and world that would care.
I’d color in giving and helping mankind in a place
Where all people would share.
I’d color a world with a rainbow to see and admire above
And smile understanding that life I a gift we are
Given because we are loved.
By Janet Barron

29. THE MAGIC Gift Of You
If you're feeling stressed and lonely
And you don't know where to turn.
If your head is pounding madly
And your chest aches with heartburn.
Try to stop and take a deep breath
Watch the bird light in a tree.
Try to listen to the melody.
He sings so beautifully.
Peel the breeze as it is blowing.
Let it hiss and lift your hair.
With the power it has carried.
Prom a distant land so fair.
Raise your face up to the sunlight;
Warming rays that shine so Bright.
Try to think about life's magic.
That it soon will help ignite.
Just remember what's important.
In the larger scheme of life.
When you're stressed and feeling harried
As frustration adds to strife.
por happiness stems from within,
Accepting as you go.
The challenges you face in life
With all you come to know.
As you learn to compromise and grow.
Through all you come to do.
When your heart can sing believing in.
The magic gift of you!
By Janet Barron

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Support Providence’s own Cafe Nuovo!

Support Providence’s own Cafe Nuovo!

Live, Love, Eat…at Cafe Nuovo

As some of you may know, Cafe Nuovo was one of the businesses vandalized in Providence this week just as they were re-opening from the pandemic.

As all of you definitely know, Paula and Dimitri are two of the most caring, loving people who give so much of themselves to so many.

Now is the time to show our love and gratitude by supporting not only them and their amazing employees, but also a phenomenal Providence establishment that’s been around more than a quarter of a century.

Even if you’re not ready to go out to eat yet, hopefully you will be soon. Or maybe you need a great gift for someone.

Please consider buying a gift card from Cafe Nuovo.

Looking for something to do this summer and fall?  Apply to intern at Mixed Media!

Looking for something to do this summer and fall? Apply to intern at Mixed Media!

Internship Program Information

Public Relations Assistant

Mixed Media is a national publicity company committed to promoting New Bedford’s Whaling City Sound, Innovative Music of Impeccable Quality, among other clients including Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in the Berkshires among others.

We are looking to an intern to help assist in developing engaging content across client brands on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Mixed Media’s well-established internship program provides top-caliber students an exceptional opportunity to explore and learn all aspects of publicity in a business. Interns gain valuable knowledge and insight into the music industry, and importantly, make contacts in the media in this competitive field.

Responsibilities include:

  • Asset creative team in conceptualizing to executing creative for all brands
  • Have a desire to be part of a fast-paced team working on multiple projects
  • Deep understanding of social platforms
  • Video editing skills, premiere or after effects is a plus
  • Photography skills a plus

Interns can be assigned to various clients, working closely with the owner Ginny Shea to assist in daily PR work including:

Media Relations
Compiling/packaging CD promo packages, creating electronic press kits and digital downloads via Dropbox for client feature story/review/airplay
Proofreading news releases and composing email pitches
Coordinating promotional bulk mailings to targeted mailing lists for traditional press, TV, and radio
Setting up digital downloads on SoundCloud

Video uploads to YouTube
Mixing social and traditional media (press, radio, TV, internet) promotion campaigns
Follow up calls, social media messages, faxes, emails, postcard mailings for all packages mailed, campaigns average 6 weeks
Arrange interviews for artists with newspaper journalists, radio show hosts
Compile guest lists, arrange on-air CD/ticket giveaways, radio station ID’s/”drops”
Manage company’s online database, website, posting/blogging, client newsletters via MailChimp

Distributor Relations

Monthly upload of new release details (album, track, audio data and assets-art, booklet, sales sheet) to online distribution portal for online DSPs (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora submissions)

Requirements For Applicants


Work schedule is 12 hours per week minimum commitment. Interns are assigned a fixed regular schedule based on their available hours. A set schedule allows interns to become familiar with projects/their responsibilities each week.


We look for star interns, students with a bright, positive attitude, intelligence, and potential. Other key qualities appreciated in our best interns are commitment, motivation, organization, responsibility, and professionalism. In addition, they are hardworking, personable, outgoing, fun, energetic and friendly, and therefore make a good fit and contribute to the great work atmosphere of our office. Candidates should be entering their junior or senior year of college.

We offer the opportunity to observe, learn, ask questions, and be integrally involved in the business. Many former interns who demonstrated talent, interest, desire, and ability to contribute to the success of Mixed Media have been hired for part-time staff positions. If you excel, and we have no current openings at the time of your graduation, we will be pleased to do whatever we can to help you find your first job in the industry.

The goal of the program is to expose students to small business and all aspects of promotion so they can determine their own abilities and interests, and pursue their first career position having acquired knowledge, understanding, and confidence here.

College Credit or Volunteer for Experience

Credit is at college discretion (for example we’ve had students work 12 hours per week and earn 3 credits.)

Must be enrolled in a degree program, graduates are not eligible

An ideal candidate would have either public relations, communications, marketing, art direction/graphic design, copywriting, photography or video editing/production background.


  • Free Music
  • Admission to client concerts

Application Procedure

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

For consideration, please email a cover letter along with your resume to:

Thank you very much for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with accommodations for out of town students.

Regarding COVID-19 and Social Distancing
Mixed Media is a safe learning environment in a small office with a one-on-one learning experience.

Click here for more information!

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