Midwest Record reviews John Stein’s Color Tones as “on point beautiful playing”

On January 27th, Midwest Record reviewed John Stein’s newest album Color Tones as follows:

JOHN STEIN/Color Tones: It’s not daddio jazz but it’s right in the pocket of the classic jazzbo sessions that caught your attention back in the day before you were even sure just what it was that was hitting you. With a crew right in step with the guitarist leading the way, this is on point beautiful playing that you just want to sink back into. Snazzy stuff that grabs you ear and doesn’t let go. Well done throughout.”

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Midwest Record Reviews Azzolina, Govoni, Nussbaum, Zinno: “Chance Meeting”


Midwest Record Reviews Azzolina, Govoni, Nussbaum, Zinno: “Chance Meeting”


AGNZ/Chance Meeting: An interesting confluence. The four cats that make up this foursome are all New England first call jazzbos, and most of them have some connection to Michael Brecker, who they feel is smiling down on this session. Not full of skunk funk, these guys stick to the jazz line and deliver progressive playing that let’s these leaders shine in their solo spots as well as play cohesively even though this is the first time all have sat down together. A smoking dose of real playing for starved ears, this contemporary jazz outing hits it out of the park and has energy in reserve in case—for next time. Solid stuff, the kind you get when real pros sit down together.

Midwest Record Reviews Rale Micic: “Night Music”


Midwest Record Reviews Rale Micic: “Night Music”


RALE MICIC/Night Music: The jazzbo guitarist expands his trio by one and tackles a few tunes by noted jazzbo, Bela Bartok (kidding about the noted jazzbo part) but finds the groove to wrap his angular guitar work around it tall making it blend nicely with his originals. Solid stuff for serious listeners, Micic plays but doesn’t play around getting right to the meat of his music and commanding your full attention. Smart stuff from all on board, this is the real deal, the kind that makes listeners sit up and take notice. Well done.

Midwest Record reviews DANNY BACHER/Swing that Music!

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DANNY BACHER/Swing that Music:  If you never heard Chris Daniels tribute to the three Louie’s, check it out.  Bacher gives that tribute another go with a different bunch of songs and a crew that would have been at home making this set for Concord or Arbors a few years ago but Bacher’s youth probably circumvented that from happening.  Bacher admires these gents and their work more through a Sinatra/Vegas prism than in a jazz tradition baggage kind of way.  A sprightly swinger that could single handedly ignite a whole new lounge craze, this is fun stuff for people that want a party record that more than just a collection of beats.  A delightfully smoking set delivered by a boatload of pros that understand what a good time is all about.

Thank you, Chris Spector/Midwest Record