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O’s Place Jazz Newsletter reviews Dave Liebman’s ‘Expansions:LIVE’

O’s Notes: “Expansions are a series of open, free form interpretations of classics and originals. Dave Liebman (soprano sax, fl) leads a quintet with Bobby Avey (keyboards), Matt Vashlishan (alto sax, cl, fl), Tony Marino (b) and Alex Ritz (d). There are 14 well-developed songs on two discs, the first is all acoustic and the second, electric. We liked “All Blues”, “Selim” and “Good Bait” on D-1. And we were energized by D-2 especially on “Footprints”, “Ugly Beauty” and “Danse La Le Fueeur”. This album works in part because the Dave sticks close enough to the original themes to help listeners connect while also infusing a generous dose of improvisation. The recording quality is also excellent capturing all of the nuances and air around the instruments.”
D. Oscar  Groomes
O’s Place Jazz Newsletter
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Papatamus reviews Dave Liebman’s EXPANSIONS Live CD


JANUARY 2017 Cadence Magazine review of Dave Liebman’s EXPANSIONS Live!

EXPANSIONS LIVE [Whaling City Sound Records WCS 088] presents the DAVE LIEBMAN [ss/flt] group Expansions [Matt Vashlishan-as/clt/flt, Bobby Avey-keys, Tony Marino-b, Alex Ritz-dms]. This is a 2 CD set. CD #1 is acoustic [recorded 10/30/14 and 10/24/15] while CD #2 is electric [recorded 4/21/16]. The two varying treatments in one issue make it more encompassing for listeners who prefer some of Liebman’s bags over others. After many recordings over the years, it is clear that this multi-talented musician is not firmly in any one camp when it comes to genre, treatments or even instrument selection.  The acoustic CD has some brilliant playing mixed in with average material, made to seem even more average when contrasted with the brilliance of some of the outings. The electric side will at times bring to mind Liebman’s work with Miles Davis while at other stages it is moody ethereal designs or more straight electric jazz. The sets [123:09] are a mixture of originals and covers [All Blues, Good Bait, India, Footprints, Ugly Beauty, Love Me Tender, Danse De La Fureur]. Both sides offer music well worth indulging in with the exception of “Love Me Tender” which is short [3:26] and dreary. Nice digi-pack with insert that offers Liebman’s liners and Aaron Winter’s photos. Yes, yet another Liebman release but one offering a nice cross view of the man’s talents, expansive indeed.

~Robert D. Rusch

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The Arts Fuse Reviews: The Dave Liebman Group Expansions Live

CD Review: The Dave Liebman Group Stretches Out — Expansions Live

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Dave Liebman, whom many of us first heard in the early seventies with Elvin Jones’s two tenor saxophone group and with Miles Davis, made his first recording in 1967 in Stockholm with a now obscure group of Swedes. His recording career re-booted in 1970, and in the next year he recorded (among other things) My Goal’s Beyond with John McLaughlin and Genesis with Elvin Jones. Though he’d hate to hear it, with Jones and Miles he was a sort of Coltrane substitute, yet he had his own budding voice. And individual will. I remember hearing him around 1972 in Michigan with Miles Davis in a band that also featured tabla player Badal Roy. Miles took a long solo; Liebman stood beside him respectfully, listening intently. Then Miles stopped and waved Liebman on. Still listening intently, Liebman shook his head, no. He told the ‘boss,’ as he referred him to me later, that he’d prefer not to.

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