Jewel Brown

Jewel Brown

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Publicity: Jazz Blues News, Downbeat Magazine, Grateful Web, BluesBlues, Kentuckiana Blues Society, Blues Bytes Review, Urban Music Scene, Jazz Quad Magazine


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Blues Cafe Radio; A Night of the Blues/UK Radio, Interview with Richard L’Hommedieu/Live From The Midnight Circus;

AnimaJazz, Blues Fires, Italy
Aycliffe Radio, The Bear Blues Show, UK
Bandana Blues #981
Bluespower< Radio Weser.TV Bremerhaven/Germany
Box of Frogs 3WAY FM Australia
Bucks County Blues Society Top Ten Releases
DRIGTB, RMU Radio Moon, Township  PA
Iowa Public Radio, Blue Avenue
Jefferson Public Radio, Northern CA & Southern OR
KCOR, Main Street Blues Front Range Radio/TapDetroit
KCSB, Santa Barbara CA
KFAI Twin Cities MN
KFMG, Des Moines IA
KFOK, Georgetown CA
KGLP, Gallup NM
KKFI, Kansas City MO
KNON, Dallas TX
KOWZ, Hammered By The Blues #873, Owatonna MN
KPFT Howlin’ the Blues, Houston TX
KRVS, Blues Box, Lafayette LA
KSPQ, Blues Playlist, West Plains MO
KVSC, St Cloud MN
KXCI, Blues Review, Tucson AZ
KYAC, Mill City OR
NACC Top 30 Blues Chart
Radio Blues Intense France
Radio BluesFlac
Radio Krizevci, Croatia
RadioJazz, Feelin’ The Blues, Poland
RBA FM France
RMU Radio
Roots Music Report ~ Blues Album #31~ January 28, 2023
Roots Music Report ~ TX Album #3 ~ January 28, 2023
Roots Music Report ~ US Album #46 ~ January 28, 2023
State Line Blues Syndicated Show, WDXR Paducah, KY, KYMO, East Prairie, MO, WKMS, Murray, KY, WJPR, Jasper, IN and  Southern Roots Radio, Columbia TN
Stew Time Radio GO Netherlands
Studio Alphen
Sunbury Radio, Blues On The Hill, Australia radio
WBFO, Buffalo NY
WCNI 90.9 fm, Out of The Blues, New London CT
WCOM-LP, Carrboro NC
WDVX, Johnny Mack’s Friday Night Blues Attack, Knoxville TN
WEFT, Champagne IL
WERU, East Orland ME
WGDR, Plainville VT
WICN, Worcester MA
WJMU, Very Big Blues, Decatur IL
WLRH, Talkin the Blues, Huntsville AL
WMEB, Bangor ME
WMNF, Mo’ Blues Monday, Tampa FL
WMPG, Portland ME
WMSE, Milwaukee WI
WNRN, Fresh Roots New Blues, Charlottesville VA
WNTI-fm 91.9 Spider Glenn Radio, Hackettstown NJ
WORT, Madison WI
WRFG, Good Morning Blues, Atlanta GA
WRKF, Hootenanny Power, Baton Rouge LA
WRUW, Cleveland OH
WSUM, Madison WI
WTJU, Charlottesville VA
WVBR, Crossroads, Ithaca NY
WVKC, Galesburg IL
WVPE 88.1 Blues Revue Ole Harv, Elkhart IN
WWOZ, New Orleans LA
WXPN The Blues Show, Philly PA
WXPR, Blues Friday, Rhinelander WI

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Terry Gibbs/WCS

Terry Gibbs/WCS

“92 Years Young: Jammin’ at the Gibbs House”

Whaling City Sound Website

Terry Gibbs Website

YouTube: Jazz Video Guy/Bret Primack, Devil & The Deep Blue Sea, Good Vibes: A Quick Portrait 

Photo: Terry Gibbs Recording Hi Res, Front cover, Back cover, HiRes Photos

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Publicity: Mountain Mail Newspaper, Jazz Wax ,LifestyleThe Straits Times-Lifestyle,Notes on Jazz,  Jewish Journal, All About Jazz, Jack Bowers, All About Jazz-Dan Bilowsky, Jazz Pensacola, JazzWax, Midwest RecordDownbeatBroadway World PR NewswireLA Daily NewsJazzNewsLos Angeles Daily News


“Terry Gibbs Returns with Homemade Recording” interview by Kirk Silsbee in July 2017 DOWNBEAT:

“IN 2015, VETERAN VIBRAPHONIST TERRY Gibbs decided to put his mallets away for good, leaving the family musical legacy to his son, drummer Gerry Gibbs. But a funny thing happened on the way to retirement: Terry got the itch and asked Gerry to bring some players to his house for an informal jam. Gerry’s wife posted a YouTube video of the get-together, which went viral a few days later. The group then decided to have a session with the tape rolling, and the result is an album Terry never thought he’d make—92 Years Young: Jammin’ At The Gibbs House (Whaling City Sound). The loquacious Terry Gibbs was happy to talk to DownBeat about the unique circumstances behind this project and reflect on his storied career.”



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Terry Gibbs makes Amazon’s “Best Jazz Songs of 2017 So Far” comes in at #16! 

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