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Improvijazzation Nation Reviews A.G.N.Z. “Chance Meeting”

Improvijazzation Nation Reviews A.G.N.Z. “Chance Meeting”


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Azzolina, Govoni, Nussbaum, Zinno – CHANCE MEETING:  Though these four players are brand-new to my ears, they are in that “timeless” jazz mode, where every note they play will stick in your head… You’ll get to hear the refreshing chops of drummer Adam Nussbaum, bassist Dave Zinno, guitarist Jay Azzolina, and saxophonist Dino Govoni in all their splendor… tunes like the fantastic opener, “Problem Child“, will show you what true jazz talent is all about – Dino’s reed work on this tune is just killer!  If it’s back-alley gut-funk & DOW-un blues you’re yearning for, you’ll just dig right down deep into “Jimmy’s Blues” – definitely one of my favorite blues-oriented jazz tunes for this year, & this tune surely spotlights Jay’s excellence on jazz guitar.  Of the ten tunes offered up for your long-term listening pleasure, it was the down & funky “My Maia” that got my vote for personal favorite… these players are really together, whether they met by chance or not.    I give them a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this most enjoyable release.  Get more information (& purchase the album) at the Whaling City Sound page for Chance Meeting.      Rotcod Zzaj

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Ken Franckling reviews:A. G. N. Z. “Chance Meeting”


Ken Franckling Reviews: Jay Azzolina, Dino Govoni, Adam Nussbaum, Dave Zinno, “Chance Meeting.”


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A.G.N.Z., ChanceMeeting, (Whaling City Sound)

This band of savvy jazz veterans came together for the first time on a club stage in Providence RI in July 2014 and discovered a great musical chemistry. So the four – guitarist Jay Azzolina, tenor saxophonist Dino Govoni, drummer Adam Nussbaum and bassist Dave Zinno – decided to schedule a studio date a few months later. This excellent modern take on jazz is the result. All four players brought in original compositions with a variety of moods – and these chance band mates find spirited common ground throughout.

The band has a wonderful energetic groove, drawn from the same kind of experimental chemistry of the finest fusion groups. There is a strong emotional imprint of the late saxophonist Michael Brecker here. Govoni, a Boston-based reed player heavily influenced by the Brecker sound, first heard him live about 25 years ago at a gig on which Nussbaum was the drummer. Azzolina, for many years a neighbor of Brecker’s, used to jam with him informally in his basement on many an afternoon. Favorite tracks: Govoni’s poignant “Lament for Michael Brecker,” Azzolina’s high-flying “1 of 3” and Nussbaum’s teasing “My Maia.” Also dig the band’s playful back-and-forth on Govoni’s frisky “N.T.I.”

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Midwest Record Reviews Azzolina, Govoni, Nussbaum, Zinno: “Chance Meeting”


Midwest Record Reviews Azzolina, Govoni, Nussbaum, Zinno: “Chance Meeting”


AGNZ/Chance Meeting: An interesting confluence. The four cats that make up this foursome are all New England first call jazzbos, and most of them have some connection to Michael Brecker, who they feel is smiling down on this session. Not full of skunk funk, these guys stick to the jazz line and deliver progressive playing that let’s these leaders shine in their solo spots as well as play cohesively even though this is the first time all have sat down together. A smoking dose of real playing for starved ears, this contemporary jazz outing hits it out of the park and has energy in reserve in case—for next time. Solid stuff, the kind you get when real pros sit down together.

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FOUR Whaling City Sound releases on 9/19/16 JAZZWEEK chart!


Congrats to four (4) Whaling City Sound artists on JazzWeek Chart thanks to the hard work of New World ‘n’ Jazz!
Jazz Chart: September 19, 2016

#9 Eric Hargett with Joey D and Gerry Gibbs Steppin’ Up  Right out of the gate, Hargett, DeFrancesco and Gibbs really bring it. With his baritone sax, the upstart leader manages to avoid opening night jitters, thanks to a diverse and tasty ten-spot of tunes and the incredible support of Joey DeFrancesco on the B3 and piano, and drummer Gerry Gibbs.

#35 is Greg Murphy’s Summer Breeze. Greg’s 4th outing as a leader, and his Whaling City Sound debut finds the Chicago native turned New Yorker in a very expressive mood. The CD includes Greg Murphy on piano/keyboards, Eric Wheeler with acoustic and electric bass, Kush Abadey on drums, along with the assistance of Josh Evans, Raphael Cruz, Malou Beauvoir, Jay Rodriguez, Eric Wyatt, Scott Robert Avidon, and Corey Wilcox.

At #38 The Whole World in Her Hands is Monika Herzig. Monika Herzig is a fearless and complete jazz artist touring internationally as a pianist, bandleader, award winning author and advocate for jazz music, its genres and its players. Monika showcases her artistry and those of top women band leaders and composers working in jazz today. Bringing together an All Star international band including the likes of guitarist Leni Stern (Germany/NYC), percussionist Mayra Casales (Cuba), flutists/saxophonist Jane Bunnett (Canada), drummer Arianna Fanning (Indian-American), bassist Jennifer Vincent (USA), trombonist Reut Regev (Israel), flutist Jamie Baum (USA/NYC), alto saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin (USA/NYC) and bassist Linda Oh (Malaysia/Australia).

Tim Ray Trio’s Windows #47 JazzWeek John Lockwood, Mark Walker and Tim Ray first played together when they backed Greg Abate, an alto great that has used the trio on two of his Whaling City Sound albums, including Kindred Spirits: Live at Chan’s with the late Phil Woods. Windows continues that tactile performance. The song list is impressive, but the trio succeeds in meeting the enormous potential of classic material. Hancock’s “Toys,” Jarrett’s “So Tender,” Monk’s “Monk’s Dream,” Horace Silver’s “Peace,” and Ellington’s “I’m Beginning to See the Light,” begins the short list of authentic, reverent and customized readings of some of the greatest ever piano trio standards. Ray even recalls his road years with Lyle Lovett’s “I’ve Been to Memphis”.

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Azzolina, Govoni, Nussbaum, Zinno/WCS

Azzolina, Govoni, Nussbaum, Zinno


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