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A.G.N.Z. #31 On Jazzweek Charts

A.G.N.Z. #31 On Jazzweek 


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#31 Biggest Gainer>Azzolina Govoni Nussbaum Zinno/Chance Meeting/082 Four powerful jazz artists in mid-career, all with New England roots and impressive experience, come together in one explosion of brilliant light, to produce ten originals, full of purposeful playing and sublime solos. Chance meeting indeed! Perhaps though it’s not a coincidence that drummer Adam Nussbaum, bassist Dave Zinno, guitarist Jay Azzolina, and saxophonist Dino Govoni met at all. Together, the first-call quartet fuses beautifully on their debut play date together. Presiding over the session seems to be the musical spirit of Michael Brecker, Govoni and the band’s collective inspiration and the launching pad for much of the work on Chance Meeting. With Brecker in mind, the four musicians—educators, bandleaders, conductors and original artists—form a single dynamic enterprise, playing with the confidence of visionaries that have the same elevated goal: to reach a new level not as individuals, but as a team, as an exhilarating ensemble with multiple talents but a single mind.



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Midwest Book Review: A.G.N.Z. “Chance Meeting” and Rale Micic “Night Music”

Midwest Book Review: A.G.N.Z. “Chance Meeting” and Rale Micic “Night Music”





Library Bookwatch: November 2016
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575


The Library CD Shelf


Whaling City Sound
1310 Tucker Road, No. Dartmouth, MA 02747

Whaling City Sound presents two original music CDs sure to appeal to jazz connoisseurs and collectors. “Chance Meeting” ($14.99) is the brainchild of quartet drummer Adam Nussbau, bassist Dave Zinno, guitarist Jay Azzolina, and saxophonist Dino Govoni, whose happenstance first encounter led to creative collaboration. The tracks are “Problem Child” (6:06), “N.T.I.” (4:35), “Lament for Michael Brecker” (5:10), “1 of 3” (4:36), “My Maia” (7:19), “Asha” (7:38), “Jimmy’s Blues” (6:59), “14” (7:00), “Meatsauce” (3:58), and “Insight, Enlight” (2:55). “Night Music” ($14.99) features songs by Serbian-born guitarist-composer Rale Micic, along with Danny Grissett on piano, Corcoran Holt on bass, and Johnathan Blake on drums. “Night Music” was inspired by Hungarian classical composer Bela Bartok, and has an innate intensity that reflects the challenge of adapting to life’s unexpected changes. The tracks are “Hotel Insomnia” (7:35), “Jano” (5:55), “Melody in a Mist” (1:24), “Late Call” (4:58), “Blue” (4:41), “Nocturne” (1:38), “Night Music” (7:18), “Night Music” (7:18), “Nocturne (reprise)” (1:35), “Afterparty” (4:19), “Sunrise” (9:19), and “Color of the Sun” (5:39).


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Jazz Weekly reviews Rale Micic: Night Music, A.G.N.Z.: Chance Meeting

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-4-31-35-pmby George W. Harris • November 10, 2016

Two recent releases by Whaling City Sound records brings the jazz guitar to the front line in a modern setting.


Rale Micic brings his dark-toned guitar in a quartet setting with post bop artists Danny Grissett/p, Corcoran Holt/b and Johnathan Blake/dr, guys who have built up their chops with the likes of Jeremy Pelt and Tom Harrell.

Here, the rhythm section cuts deep as Blake creates a restless undercurrent on pieces like “Hotel Insomnia” and struts forward on “Sunrise.” Grissett’s piano touch sends ripples with Micic’s soft touch on”Jano” and does some rich work on”Color of the Sun.” There are a series of short intimate episodes interspersed that are so delightfully delicate that you wish they were more fully developed. “Nocturne” has subdued conversations between piano and guitar, while “Melody In A Mist” creates shadowy spaces.  Micic isn’t above creating some effects with his guitar, joining in with Holt for some creative harmonies on “Afterparty,” and caresses the strings on “Late Call.” Mature musings.


Jay Azzolina brings together a pianoless quartet with Dino Govoni/ts, Adam Nussbaum/dr and Dave Zinno/b for a mix and match with electric and acoustic strings. Of the latter, a gentle ‘14” teams soft brushes with tender sepia pickings and “Lament for Michael Brecker” creates a misty mood with Govoni’s subdued tenor tribute. On electric guitar, Azzolina is liquid and rich on the peppy “Problem Child” and gets Sneaky Pete on “Jimmy’s Blues.” There’s some excellent rapport between Zinno and Azzolina on the funky line of “1 of 3” and everyone gets assertive while Govoni gets thick as sorghum on “ N.T.I.” Muscles are flexed and stretched here.

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Rale Micic: Night Music

A.G.N.Z.: Chance Meeting

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Improvijazzation Nation Reviews A.G.N.Z. “Chance Meeting”

Improvijazzation Nation Reviews A.G.N.Z. “Chance Meeting”


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Azzolina, Govoni, Nussbaum, Zinno – CHANCE MEETING:  Though these four players are brand-new to my ears, they are in that “timeless” jazz mode, where every note they play will stick in your head… You’ll get to hear the refreshing chops of drummer Adam Nussbaum, bassist Dave Zinno, guitarist Jay Azzolina, and saxophonist Dino Govoni in all their splendor… tunes like the fantastic opener, “Problem Child“, will show you what true jazz talent is all about – Dino’s reed work on this tune is just killer!  If it’s back-alley gut-funk & DOW-un blues you’re yearning for, you’ll just dig right down deep into “Jimmy’s Blues” – definitely one of my favorite blues-oriented jazz tunes for this year, & this tune surely spotlights Jay’s excellence on jazz guitar.  Of the ten tunes offered up for your long-term listening pleasure, it was the down & funky “My Maia” that got my vote for personal favorite… these players are really together, whether they met by chance or not.    I give them a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this most enjoyable release.  Get more information (& purchase the album) at the Whaling City Sound page for Chance Meeting.      Rotcod Zzaj

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