Eric Wyatt interview: BTRtoday

Eric Wyatt interview: BTRtoday

Premiere Date:ย Nov 26, 2017

Eric Wyatt’s interview with BTRtoday recounts his life, and his process to create his new album.

Look To The Sky is currently #27 on JazzWeek radio chart. Wyatt talks about his life, family and how it has impacted him as an artist, as well as the origin of the album title. Songs featured in the interview include the heartfelt “A Psalm for Phennie” (dedicated to his mother) and “Jolley Charlie,” a song he feels represents his father’s sound.

Listen to Eric Wyatt explain his process~click the mp3 below to listen to the full interview, or the link below to go to BTRtoday’s website.


To purchase Look to the Sky, click here.

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