Jim Robitaille Group: “A View From Within” Review on Amazon

Jim Robitaille Group: “A View From Within” Review on Amazon

“While there is much to enjoy here, particularly the tracks Slow Tuesday and Nightfall with their sketchy, atmospheric ECM feeling and the two standards, the compositions and interplay of others did not touch me personally —on first quick listening. Lead jazz guitar, with very few exceptions, is not among my favorites; however, Jim Robitaille makes a statement with his dark electric sound and unpredictable phrasing. Classical trained, he does not use a pick and can bring forth chords besides flowing notes. His partner in this album is veteran saxophonist Dave Liebman, a National Endowment of the Arts Jazz Master, who provides the punch and soaring lyricism with tenor and soprano instruments. The rhythm section of Tony Marino, bass, and Alex Ritz, drums, never get in the way but ground the quartet whether upbeat or quiet. Thus, with further listening, the group becomes cohesive and enticing. The post bop energetic and hot Point of Origin leaves me cold, but the driving drums and ambling bass solos coupled with saxophone sonics are admirable. The mentioned Nightfall begins with a duet of bass and guitar and follows with guitar and saxophone melodic doubling. Next, in stark contrast, is another blazing abstract bop piece, Touch and Go. Opaque is a ballad, mellowed by nylon strings on the guitar, that is rendered slow with expansive solos. One of the two standards, What is This Thing Called Love, demonstrates how the group can handle engrained tunes; upbeat and bouncy, Liebman’s improvisations grab and mesmerize but then Robitaille breaks the spell along with Marino’s bass solo. Spatial commences with chordal dabs, the saxophone bounding among the clouds soon accompanied by guitar; it is an oddly satisfying composition. Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise is not soft; Ritz provides a New Orleans groove and Marino is funky. Moreover, the sunrise is desert hot with the horizon distorted by heat waves. This is, in short, a highly sophisticated album of varied tempo and approaches to mainly original compositions. The saxophone–guitar combination, as with Paul Desmond and Jim Hall and more recently Ted Nash and Steve Cardenas, works well. 71 generous minutes.”

Dr. Debra Jan Bibel
4/5 Stars – “Sophisticated & Diverse”
Amazon recommends “92 Years Young: Jammin at the Gibbs House” by Terry Gibbs

5.14.19: Gerry Gibbs Thrasher People: Pre-Order “Our People”

“Our People” are anxiously awaiting the album release!

Time is flying by and we are getting closer to Gerry Gibbs Thrasher People‘s release of their newest album. On June 7th, 2019, the title will be released on Amazon for $17. Lucky for you, you can preorder now! “Our People” will be the 12th album from Gibbs. It is described as an “epic, genre-defying masterwork unlike anything the multi-instrumentalist has ever produced before”. It is composed of the work of five multi- instrumentalist who are responsible for the playing the forty different instruments that are used to create this masterpiece. Don’t miss out. Save the date and pre-order your album now.

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Reggie Young Rest in Peace

Reggie Young Rest in Peace

Reggie Young


It is one of life’s great blessings to have known, albeit briefly, the wonderful person Reggie Young. You can read about his accomplishments – they were many and significant, particularly to those he helped become stars and chart-toppers – wherever you get your music news. What stood out to me is how humble, considerate and thoughtful he was in person. At a small CD release party for his first CD under his own name, Forever Young, in his home town of Leipers Fork, TN, many of his longtime cohorts and friends paid tribute to a person they respected not just for his unusual musical abilities, but also for the friend they had come to know well and love.

Reggie will be missed by many as one who lived his life as it should be lived, without ego and bluster, with a focused commitment to the musical task at hand and also to respecting and helping those he came to know.

Our condolences go out to Reggie’s family. His warmth and spirit continue to guide us.

Neal Weiss, president

Whaling City Sound

left to right: Tom Evered, Neal Weiss, Jenny Young, Reggie Young
photo credit Ginny Shea, July 18, 2016, Nashville 
Sad to report the passing of legendary session guitarist and Whaling City artist Reggie Young. He was one of the most recorded guitarists in the sixties, seventies and eighties playing on numerous legendary hits by Elvis Presley, Dusty Springfield and more.

Young was a member of the country supergroup The Highwaymen w/ Kris KristoffersonWillieNelsonJohnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. He was also a founding member of the Bill Black Combo. In 1964, The Beatles requested the Combo open for them during their first U.S. tour and invited the group over to England for another month-long tour.

“The story of Reggie Young’s career is, in many ways, a miniature version of the story of Southern soul music.” – AllMusic

A compilation of his famous recordings “Session Guitar Star” is due out next week on Ace Records.

Reggie Young “Session Guitar Star” Ace CDHD1537 will be available in the UK and via importers here on January 25, 2019. Last year the UK based reissue label Ace released a 22 track collection of his finest session work here on Amazon.

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