This Thursday 5/2 at Rhodes on the Pawtucket, Lite Rock 105, Heather Gersten and NBC 10, Mario Hilario will be hosting the annual Dancing with the Stars of Mentoring fundraiser. Each year the organization hosts this event that features local celebrity dancers and provides, dinner, open dancing, a silent auction, and a surprise wine grab-bag!

Mentor Rhode Island is a non-profit organization that works to develop mentoring programs directed at helping our youth succeed. The company’s vision and mission is to develop a place “where all youth are connected to relationships with adults who inspire and support them.  All youth will have role models who provide a road map for lifelong success and achievement. Our mission is to ensure youth have access to the motivational and supportive relationships they need to grow into confident, successful adults”. Mentor Rhode Island words to establish and instill trust, excellence, leadership, education and innovation within their community.

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