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Greg Abate with the Tim Ray Trio – Road to Forever

Style: Jazz


Wonderful American saxophonist Greg Abate first time staying in our CD- review. Reviews of his previous releases easy to find on the site, placing in the search engine the name of the musician. In this regard, I did not really want to dwell on biographical details, but Greg so built the program of his new album, Road to Forever, that almost every play, coupled with handwritten comments on it from the maestro as liner notes, a lot said about himself, and his line in the works.

Here, for example, the song Farewell Phil Woods, it is devoted to memory of the recently deceased outstanding alto saxophonist. Greg also plays the viola, his favorite instrument. And just remember the fantastic live album Kindred Spirits, where the two masters playing together – as it turned out, the last time. Abate wrote that this sad and very poignant music he had composed on the day when he learned of the death of the Woods. But Mr. The Parker – Memory play another alto saxophonist, and the great forerunner of the Woods, and Abate – Charlie Parker. Greg picked here as a basis for the famous theme Byrd Confirmation and based on it created a real musical monument to the classic bop. This initiation of a different kind: Whaling City Sound – this song title, and the name of the label that issued the album. Greg Abate for years been cooperating with the independent label and constantly feel support and understanding from the chief of the company Neil Weiss. Juicy solo tenor – thanks to his musician publishers. A warm note dizzying improvisations in fervent rhythm The Dancing Panda – it’s a sound bouquet beloved companion the musician’s life. 2017 year – the jubilee Greg Abate: he turns 70. The time to make sense of the past and take a sober look to the future. Because so strong philosophical implications and a few minor mood Seasons composition. Abate here reflects that “… as a relentlessly changing fast time and how fragile life is.”

But while Greg Abate true to himself in one thing: it was and remains true knight bebop, while continuing to develop the idea of Parker and Gillespie language of modern jazz. He is bright, the effect is creative and playing the viola, and, on tenor and soprano sax, as in the title song, and the flute – a real multi-instrumentalist. Faithful is he and his regular partners – the trio of pianist Tim Ray, which is recorded and concerts for many years. And Tim and bassist John Lockwood and drummer Mark Walker – experienced musicians who not only assisted by their leader, but also make a very large contribution to the ensemble sound. Not in vain the name of the trio placed on the cover of the album next to the name of Greg Abate. Those who are already familiar with these names, can hardly miss this novelty by Whaling City Sound, the same one who had not heard the music Abate and still loves straight ahead jazz – should listen to very high quality example of this kind of music.

Leonid Auskern

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