2/19: Rossoni: A Road Well Traveled Brings Her Home: Stone Soup

upcoming show: February 19
Mary Ann Rossoni and the Rossonians
with special guests Caroline Doctorow & the Steamrollers
Jesse Liam
Stone Soup (celebrates 30 years!)
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 50 Park Place
Pawtucket, RI, 02860
8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Stone Soup Coffeehouse
Stone Soup on FaceBook
(401) 921-5115

Rossoni: A Road Well Traveled Brings Her Home

If you ask Mary Ann Rossoni about her 25 year music career, she’ll say she’s finally arrived! It has taken her years to get to where she is today–happily painting and writing songs in her Pawtucket office.

Though she tried to make it on the folk circuit, she’ll say she never “made it” in a traditional sense. Or as she put it, “they just never let me in.” Yet, for many of those years, Mary Ann Rossoni performed her music touring in the best venues this country has to offer.

Having been lauded in many newspapers and magazines, including among others Performing Songwriter to People magazine, for her self-released CDs she has also been invited to be the supporting act for countless national performers. Mary Ann is a seasoned,  well-traveled performing songwriter and has been on roads well worth traveling.

As much as she loves performing, and is fortunate to have a band that feels the same way about her work and their own musical contribution, things are shifting–other musicians are now taking note and recording her tunes.

In the past NBC 10 included a song co-written by Mary Ann and fellow songwriters Deb Dovale and Betsy MacLean in an Emmy nominated documentary on homelessness. But more recently, and locally, Jesse Liam has recorded one of her tunes and has co-written another another with Mary Ann for his upcoming release. And, on a soon to be released CD, national touring performer Caroline Doctorow has recorded one of Mary Ann’s tunes as well.

Mary Ann and her band the Rossonians are featured at Stone Soup Coffeehouse on February 19 and she has invited special guests Caroline Doctorow and the Steamrollers as well as Jesse Liam to be part of the show. Mary Ann is excited to hear what they have done with her tunes and she hopes you will join her to give a listen.


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RON GILL/JOHN STEIN Boston Phoenix best of 2010

Congrats to John Stein/Ron Gill (Whaling City Sound, New Bedford, MA) Turn Up the Quiet just appeared in The Boston Phoenix, in the best of 2010 column by Jon Garelick!
Singer Gill and guitarist Stein have been long-time teammates, and on Turn Up the Quiet (Whaling City Sound), they show each other at their best. The only other musician on the CD is pianist Gilad Barkan (playing beautifully), and the scaled-back setting gives Gill’s warm, conversational directness a chance to shine. An April show at Scullers was meant to showcase both Turn Up the Quiet and Stein’s equally fine Raising the Roof (also on Whaling City) but Gill — a one-time fixture on the Boston scene as a musician and WGBH jazz announcer, now living in North Carolina — was felled by illness, and Stein’s band went on alone. With any luck, Gill and Stein will perform together again in Boston in 2011.

Read more: http://thephoenix.com/boston/music/113096-top-10-jazz-stories-of-2010/#ixzz18nu9621m

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Jesse Jack’son Holiday Extravaganza/Toy-For-Tots Drive

WARWICK MALL (400 Bald Hill Road)
DECEMBER 12, 2010 @ 1:00PM

Jesse and his Dad will be collecting and promoting toy donations during the show to give to the Toys-For-Tots Organization, for those kids that are less fortunate this Holiday Season!

Come to the Warwick Mall this Sunday afternoon, the 12th of December and catch Jesse Jack’son performing at the center of the mall. The Warwick Mall can be found at the following address: 400 Bald Hill Road, Warwick RI. Any questions call: (401) 739-7500. Jesse and Jack are excited to say that this is their first ever, headlining holiday concert, plus a charity drive. This dynamic duo will be putting their father-son spin on holiday classics while collecting toys for needy children. The festivities start at 1pm. All toy donations will be given to the Toys-For-Tots Organization, so be generous this holiday season. Kids need presents on Christmas morning, that’s a GIVEN! Tune into NBC10 News Sunrise Show with Mario Hilario tomorrow morning on the 12th. The Sunrise show airs at three different times this Sunday morning, so set your TV dvr’s for: the 6:30am-7:00am show, the 7:00am-8:00am show, and the 9:00am-10:00am show times.
Stay safe this holiday season!

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