The Jazz Lobbyist Moves Along

From the Family of Dick LaPalm:

That ripple you felt in the jazz universe the other night, that twinge in your hearing, the slight off beat you heard… (yeah I felt it too), That was DLP, aka “Zoot Sims”, that kid from Chicago, The Jazz Lobbyist, and my Dad, the one of a kind Dick LaPalm passing from this world on to the next.

Dad passed peacefully in his sleep on the morning of October 7th, 2013. Dick was a great father, an awesome friend, a well respected individual and a music industry legend.

Dad was an extremely positive and very humorous person. When it came to his death, he definitely wanted the mourning to be minimal and then the jokes to be plentiful and the celebration to be loud. 

Keep that in mind when remembering dad and spin a cut or two in his honor. Maybe a little something from NKC

Memorial information to follow.
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a message from Neal Weiss, Whaling City Sound

Frank D'Rone 1932-2013


All of us at Whaling City Sound were saddened to learn about the passing of both Frank D’Rone and Dick LaPalm within a few days of each other. The connection for us is that Dick introduced us to Frank D’Rone, in every way, and encouraged the partnership that led to the WCS release of Frank’s “Double Exposure.”
No other CD on the label met with so many requests for on-air or prerecorded interviews by the artist, and based on the interviews I heard, Frank was both a pleasure to listen to and a warm individual with great stories to tell. Vibist Terry Gibbs, a contemporary of Frank, said about him, “we always said he was the hippist guy in the room.” By that, he meant that the musicians in the audience felt that Frank was a better singer than most of the otherwise appreciative members of the audience knew.

Dick LaPalm was a true friend who also did his job very well. He gave Whaling City Sound a new visibility, guiding John Stein’s “Raising the Roof” to the top of the Jazz Week charts, including number 8 for the entire of 2010. He was an industry titan.

It was an honor and a blessing to have shared some time with these quality individuals. They showed me that commitment and integrity is alive and well.

Here is a link to the long and amazing obituary of Frank D’Rone by his friend, Chicago Tribune reporter Howard Reich.


Dick LaPalm sent along the above photo. That's Dick on the left and Nat King Cole on the right in Chicago. Dick was Cole's record promoter and close friend throughout his career at Capitol, up until Cole's death in 1965. For those unaware, a record promoter was needed to get new records aired by as many radio stations as possible and for making sure that local stores were stocked with copies so listeners could buy what they heard. Dick and Cole's clearly was a fine partnership and friendship. - See more at: From:


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Thanks, Chris Spector!

GERRY GIBBS THRASHER DREAM TRIO: It’s really something to be a youngish drummer playing along side Kenny Barron and Ron Carter and sound like an equal instead of a weak link. With a colorful, diverse set list that let’s everyone play to their strengths throughout, this is high octane killer jazz trio work. Impeccably in the pocket throughout, this drummer who has been lurking in the background for too long is really making his move here. It’s the kind of killer stuff real jazzbo listeners crave from real jazzbo players and know how to get right out of the box. Hot!

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