JR Uretsky sat down with Don Wilkinson, who is a writer for “South Coast Today”  to speak about the work she has done and how she came to love what she does.  “Jamie Uretsky (also known as JR Uretsky), a performance and video artist, best known locally as the new innovative Curator at the New Bedford Art Museum / Artworks!, at the Whaler’s Tavern after she had spent much of the day working alongside UMD’s Gallery Director Viera Levitt, selecting work for UMD’s MFA exhibition, which will show at both the Star Store Building and at NBAM/AW!”…

DW: “Tell me about the origins of the Fiber Optic Center New Media Gallery.”

JRU: “When I first came (to the museum), there was no way to show video. It’s 2018, there are video artists, digital media artists, sound artists. We do the weird stuff in there. It was a nice fit. … Neal Weiss and the Fiber Optic Center gave start-up money. Whaling City Sound donated funds for programming. We can give a modest stipend to musicians, speakers and poets. I value performers. They should be paid.”



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