Just two years after ‘Whole World In Her Hands’ comes the German pianist Monika Herzig for a second times with a CD with only female musicians. Her group consists of four horns on ‘Sheroes’ and five women for the rhythm. Generally relaxed jazz is played. Guitarist Leni Stern takes a firm look at ‘Is not no mountain high enough ‘. ‘Nancy Wilson portrait’, a ballad, is played lovingly by Ingrid Jensen on flügelhorn. Jennifer Vincent wrote the beautiful ‘Song for C.C.’ and shows a gifted bass player in it. Tension and drive features the implementation of ‘Just another day at the office ‘by leader Herzig. From ‘House of the rising sun’ then makes them one beautiful ballad with a fragile Jamie Baum on flute. It becomes spicy as drummer Rosa Avila and percussionist Myra Casalis to hear. ‘Sheroes’ proves once again that a prejudice with respect to ‘all-female bands’ completely is misplaced. (Google Translation)
Hessel Fluitman 

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