#7 in the JazzWeek Radio Charts today and reviewed in Germany’s Melodiva CD Charts

“Another “supergroup”: pianist and composer Monika Herzig has drummed up an international group of virtuoso jazz talents (her “Sheroes”) for her latest album. These include Ingrid Jensen (tp / Canada), Reut Regev (tb / Israel), Mayra Casales (perc / Cuba), Rosa Avila (dr / Germany) and Leni Stern (g), Jennifer Vincent (b), Ada Rovatti (sax ) and Jamie Baum (fl) from the USA. Herzig has long been known as a jazz visionary, who prepares a stage especially for female offspring. However, the eight musicians not only contribute to their playing but also to their compositions in part. Thus, the various backgrounds and preferences make the album a varied pleasure: Leni Stern brings “African Bubbles” with Bubbles, Herzig’s “Cantos” spreads Caribbean flair, Reut Regev contributes with “I Am A Superstar” Middle Eastern sounds. In the interpretation of “Is not No Mountain High Enough”, the playful troupe casually surpasses fictitious obstacles with a veritable rejuvenation of the atmosphere. Even “The House Of The Rising Sun” gets a new dress with characterful solos of flute, piano and drums.”

*Translated from German to English by Google Translate




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