Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2017-11-24 
Reviewed: 2017-11-24
Genre: Jazz
FCCs: none
Review: straight ahead cooking contemporary bop. A few nods to the past. There isn’t a dull track in the set. Lessons learned & extrapolated on.
If You Like: Pharoah Sanders, John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock
Track Review (favorites denoted by*):
*1/ E-Brother (4:13) – piano starts> uptempo jam> rocking sax solo> trupet solo> jam> quick stop
2/ Look To The Sky-Sister Carol (8:31) – piano starts> uptempo jam> sax solo> piano solo> trumpet solo> soaring uptempo jam slows to fade
*3/ My Favorite Things (2:38) – piano starts> uptempo jam & song> sonic sax solo> swinging piano solo> song> long slow fade
*4/ Jolley Charlie (7:06) – drums start> fast tempo jam> sizzling sax solo> sax/drum duet> piano solo>
5/ A Psalm For Phennie (8:22) – piano starts> slow tempo jam swings to midtempo> sax solo> trumpet solo> piano solo> slow fade
*6/ One Finger Snap (4:32) – sax starts. fast tempo jam> spirited trumpet solo> lightning fast piano solo> sax solo> drum solo> fast jam> quick stop
7/ Afro Blue (8:01) – piano starts> midtempo swings into uptempo jam> sax solo> piano solo> uptempo jam> fade
*8/ Starting Point (6:51) – piano starts> uptempo jam> sax solo> swinging piano solo> bass solo> jam> crescendo end
9/ Tenderly(5:41) – piano starts> slow tempo jam> sax solo> fad


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