Despite some inclement weather to deal with all went exceedingly well for our 35th Falcon Ridge now in it’s 3rd year at the Goshen CT location.
Not only the in-person event went very well and was very much enjoyed by hundreds of people but so was the mainstage livestream. Many people are still staying away from large events and we were surprised at just how many people viewed our livestream this year as it happened and are still watching it on our YouTube channels.
Ticket sales were a little more than doubled from last year and the return of DANCING, even tho still limited was greatly enjoyed. We plan to expand that more in 2024.
Every single performer we presented this year was mentioned in audience surveys that have been returned so far. Everyone had their share of fans but most notable was probably the long overdue return of Richard Thompson and Livingston Taylor along with perennial fest faves the Slambovian Circus of Dreams.

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