I have listened to your album many time and struggle to explain or quantify it in terms of elements because it is so rich. I am kind of overwhelmed. Like an emotions from a familiar sight or aroma that you don’t quite realize why you feel a certain way after noticing it. It has the feel or a huge elaborate effort which it is, but, simply listening to it hits you right away. Hitting the essential elements of Sonny was something that I did not think could be done or even sound authentic and nature. You achieved it in a very impressionable fashion. Your knowledge and skill across the full breath of jazz is on display at the highest level. You know a good work of art because it typically is beyond contemporary ability to identify or describe. One has to continuously go back to it, to derive some deeper understanding.

I think this album is not just an homage to Sonny but to his era. You set both the background and foreground which Sonny is on the stage. Sonny’s music through the year changed which reflected self growth and the world he lived in at the time. This is the richness of the album I feel and hear. Now to detail ad why I feel it will take me some time.

Although this album captures jazz’s greatest era, it sounds new, which is another item I am having difficulty with.

Typically I can listen to your to your albums and tell you exactly what I hear and who it reminds me of. This one is harder to distinguish.

Anyway, the album sounds great. Your album is among the top 4 fastest moving up the chart. You will be on the chart next week, which I believe you could debut in the top 40. That will be very impressive and not many Jazz artists have been able to do that. The Grammy’s non-televised section is having a specific segment for Jaxx next year. and I hope you get an invite. The album is deserving.

Hope you’re doing well and let us know when you’re back in town!


K Jazz Fan”


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