Patrick Van De Wiele reviews Evening Sky’s The Desert at Night by saying “The American band Evening Sky consists of Chris Brooks (pedal steel guitar), Eric Hastings (drums), Joe Potenza (bass), and Gino Rosati (electric guitar). Their sound is situated between jazz and roots, with soul, country, and folk influences since 2017. This quartet mixes different styles on The Desert at Night for music that leans towards easy listening. Their sound has been compared to Bill Frisell, Bill Withers, Bill Monroe, and Bill Laswell. This is their fourth album, which was released on March 4. It contains 8 original compositions by Gino Rosati, except ‘Where the Buses Don’t Run’, all performed instrumentally. The tracks were recorded at The Grapevine in Providence, mixed at Uptown Sound, also in Providence, and mastered at Old Colony Mastering. The sensual opener ‘Van Cleef’ leads you in, after which ‘Bowlagumbo’ ushers in a soft boogie. The title track evokes the desert atmosphere of the night with flutist Wendy Klein, and ‘Dry Spell’ leans towards country. The funky “Where the Buses Don’t Run” follows, and “Bill’s Porch” captures an evening porch with a glass of cool lemonade. The uptempo song ‘Goodbye Columbus’ is reminiscent of Jerry Reed, after which the closing track ‘A Blustery Day’ has an atmospheric King Crimson vibe in it, again with flutist Wendy Klein as guest. A fusion of jazz, blues, country, and roots music, all under the name Americana.”

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