šŸŽ¼Music Sight Reader: Changes the Game for Musicians ā€¢ Interactive sheet music comes to the Apple Books platform


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Distribution: Apple Books
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Changes the Game for Musicians
Interactive sheet music comes to theĀ Apple BooksĀ platform

Music Sight ReaderĀ is the first of its kind. In a marketplace saturated with music education apps, hardcover sheet music, and sheet music for download,Ā Music Sight ReaderĀ rises to the top as a new way for students, educators, and musicians to practice, teach, and enjoy sight reading. The platform is neither an app nor an e-book, but rather an app/e-book combo.Ā Music Sight ReaderĀ is interactive sheet music for your virtual bookshelf.

Essentially launching both a library and a hybrid app all in one, the first release, ā€œClassical Collection Vol 1ā€, is part of theĀ Interactive Sight Reading Series.Ā This runs on the platform,Ā Music Sight Reader, available onĀ Apple BooksĀ (formerlyĀ iBooksĀ from 2010 to 2018) anĀ e-bookĀ reading and store application byĀ Apple Inc.Ā for itsĀ iOSĀ andĀ macOSĀ operating systems.Ā Music Sight ReaderĀ runs natively withinĀ Apple BooksĀ on AppleĀ devicesĀ such as iPads, iPhones and Mac computers.

The flagship ā€œClassical Collection Vol.1ā€, includes classical duets, trios, and quartets (featuring Bach,Ā Brahms, Mozart,Ā and more), arranged for a given clef and instrument. The bass volume has been arranged for bass clef, while the guitar volume has been arranged for treble clef. This means that guitar players, for example, can now read both voices of a Mozart Sonata originally composed for piano, or a bass student can now read all parts of a Bach Chorale, originally composed for voice. Choose which part to play andĀ Music Sight ReaderĀ will play the other parts, while the notes automatically scroll across the screen.

This cutting-edge format gives musicians around the globe fresh new access to some of the greatest music ever written, all without the trappings of standard sight reading apps (subscription plans and in-the-style-of arrangements). The pieces in ā€˜Classical Collection Vol 1ā€ can also be purchased ƀ la carte as individual works. ƀ la carte pieces and collections arranged for piano are currently under development and will be released soon.

Bruce GertzĀ andĀ Raleigh GreenĀ are onto something special withĀ Music Sight Reader. Gertz, aĀ BerkleeĀ alum/educator, and acclaimed jazz bass player and Green, a professional designer, developer, musician, and educator, built this music sight-reading program with the aim of carving out a completely unique and impactful educational space. Says Gertz, ā€œWe are really excited about the vast potential of what this product can provide to students and professionals all over the world.ā€

ā€œThis is a really wonderful idea for an interactive Apple Books/app. Of course, not only do you practice your reading but you play through classic melodies. And you can use Music Sight Reader for analyzing some of those great compositions. Congratulations!ā€Ā Ā ā€” Mike SternĀ 

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