Peter Hand‘s Blue Topaz

  • From blues to R&B to jazz, Peter Hand’s guitar magic knows no bounds.
  • Original compositions, jazz classics reborn, and Latin/Brazilian jams await.
  • Teaming up with jazz legends like Eddie Allen and Don Braden, it’s a star-studded affair.
  • With bassist Harvie S and drummer Steve Johns laying down the groove, it’s a party.
  • And let’s not forget the soulful touch of tenor saxophonist Houston Person.

 Greg Murphy’s You Remind Me

  • A heartfelt ode to love and the moments that make life beautiful.
  • Featuring an ensemble led by Obasi Akoto on bass and Steve Johns on drums.
  • With Zach Brock’s enchanting violin and the velvet vocals of Malou Beauvoir & Frank Lacy.
  • Recorded at the legendary Van Gelder Studios, it’s pure magic.
  • Dedicated to Murphy’s late wife Nancy, it weaves a tapestry of memories.

Coming soon: 5/24/24 release:  Fernando Huergo Big Band: Relentless

  • Musical exploration inspired by Luke Mogelson’s insights in The New Yorker.
  • Huergo’s compositions reflect societal struggles: oppression, discrimination, and environmental challenges.
  • Stellar lineup led by Fernando Huergo, featuring exceptional musicians like Jeff Claassen, Billy Buss, and more.
  • Album features tracks like “Ornette” and “La Vida Sigue,” reflecting on jazz legends and life after the pandemic.
  • Arrangements showcase the talents of musicians like Billy Buss, Yulia Musayelyan, and Allan Chase, contributing to the depth of the album.

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