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Monday, January 20 – Wednesday, January 22, 2012
5th annual Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Conference
Star Store Campus
New Bedford, MA
UMass Dartmouth Music Dept.
Berklee College of Music    CCM Conference Coordinator
Marcelle Gauvin (508) 496-4443 or
Michelle Cieto at the UMD Music Department 508-999-8568

Berklee faculty joins annual northeast
Contemporary Commercial Music Voice Conference

On January 20-22, 2012 the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Music Department will host the 5th annual Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Conference at its Star Store campus in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The weekend features the work of New York voice specialist Jeannette LoVetri and her method Somatic Voicework™, a singing technique utilized by many famous performers of commercial music styles.

In addition to LoVetri, the workshop includes guest faculty presentations by Dr. James Burns, staff surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation, Dr. Kathryn Green, director of Shenandoah University’s Contemporary Commercial Music Institute in Winchester, Virginia and conference coordinator Marcelle Gauvin, UMass Dartmouth and Berklee College of Music faculty member. New to the teaching staff are Professors Kris Adams and Lisa Thorson, both jazz specialists from the Berklee College of Music Voice Department.

Jeannette LoVetri, an internationally recognized master class clinician in vocal pedagogy, is noted for training many Tony™ and Grammy® award winning vocalists.  January’s seminar at UMass Dartmouth offers participants the opportunity to become Level I certified in the Somatic Voicework™ technique, the first of three training levels in LoVetri’s program. The method which rests heavily upon voice science research attracts singers, teachers, choral and musical directors of all styles giving them tools to deal with the heavy vocal demands of today’s popular music.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in developing a better understanding of the singing process and focuses on contemporary commercial music styles of today.  For more information contact Marcelle Gauvin at, Michelle Cieto at the UMD Music Department 508-999-8568 or for course & registration details go to:



Our client Marcelle Gauvin uses and teaches a vocal method called Somatic Voicework (sm) developed by Jeannette LoVetri out of New York City.  The method is cutting edge, throwing out all myths about classical technique being the cornerstone of vocal health & production.  It’s being used by Grammy & Emmy winners and is based solidly on voice science.  There are only 3 locations worldwide where one can get certified in this technique, Shenandoah University in VA which is the seat of the Institute and two satellites, University of Michigan & our own UMass Dartmouth.

Marcelle has held a conference for a level I certification in this method now for 4 years each January which has attracted participants globally.

Ms Gauvin is also working with Roger Williams University to create a workshop this March 25, 26 27, called “Crossover Voice Training”, with Jeannette LoVetri demonstrating how to safely and effectively cross train the voice to sing many styles (including classical) with proficiency.

Three of the locally popular Varsity Girls group have been trained extensively in this method. After being coached by Marcelle and applying their training with their natural talent, the positive results are undeniable. Over 10 faculty members from Berklee have been taught by Gauvin and have received certification to help spread her influence.  Her methods have attracted attention from choral directors, artists, speeach language pathologists, and educators, as well as a wide variety of professions that require the use of their voice, whether it be to sing or to project loudly to a crowd.

Ms Gauvin has been trying to spread the word about this option in voice training, and acquaint educators/teachers with the benefits of this voice method compared to the vocal pedagogy for contemporary styles.  She has also been trying to reach artists that are afraid of voice training because they feel it will alter their sound, a list of all types of people that may include jazzers, rock & rollers, gospel, R&B, and folk singers.

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