Help Out our assistant Raynier with his charity event.

Help Out our assistant Raynier with his charity event.

Hi, my name is Raynier Cruz. In March i am looking to run a charity event for Clothes RI For Kids. The reason I am reaching out is in hope of getting your support. I am looking for sponsors, performers and vendors and most importantly donations. Below is a link to a presentation about my cause.

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5.16.19- Cranston East Convocation

5.16.19- Cranston East Convocation

This past week, Cranston High School East had hosted their annual Academic Convocation where senior students, who have exemplified honorary qualities and grades, are recognized in the form of rewards or even scholarships! It is a chance to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work these students have put forth during their high school career. One of Mixed Media Promotions assistants herself, earned two awards- one in the category of academics and the other from being an active member in the National Honors Society. Not only that but she also earned a scholarships that she will put towards her post-secondary education! Congratulations to all the honorary students and good-luck in your future endeavors! It’s not always easy but it sure as heck is worth it!

4.24.19 Elizabeth Fradin Featured on The Rhode Show!

4.24.19 Elizabeth Fradin Featured on The Rhode Show!

Elizabeth Fradin springs into the season as she demonstrates her cooking process when creating an Herb Frittata, using spring greens! This morning on The Rhode Show she was featured as a guest to share her scrumptious recipe.

Fradin’ company, known as, “Beth Bakes” creates  artisanal crackers that are not only gluten, nut and soy-free, but also vegan, made with whole grains and non-GMO! Along with her Frittata (egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelette/quiche) recipe, Beth announced that her company has just introduced a new flavor cracker, an everything bagel spice!

During her feature, she walks her viewers through the specified ingredients and provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly create the perfect Herb Frittata dish! Check out The Rhode Show for a full list of ingredients and steps & don’t forget to try it out…maybe even try it with some crackers!

Frittata Beth Bakes 3_1556122947432.jpg.jpg

Frittata Beth Bakes 2_1556122674391.jpg.jpg

Click here or on images to view the show


Cocktails for a Cause

Cocktails for a Cause

Cocktails for a Cause!

Guest bartenders and guests attended a local restaurant and bar “The River Social” this wednesday April 10th 2019 to enjoy cocktails for a cause. 100% of tips received were donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! The night featured Lindsay LaDelucaMario Hilario, Alana Cerrone, Amy Pontes, Julianne Lima, Maddie Cat-Country, Mike D On Air, Jessica On Air, Zack Green, Brent & Ryan from the PD and many more! The event was a entertaining success!

Click here to view some fun!!

Video Credited to Niki Swaby


4/8 + 4/22 6:30-8:30p: A Peace Filled Soul hosts Chakra Class “Love Your Body”

4/8 + 4/22 6:30-8:30p: A Peace Filled Soul hosts Chakra Class “Love Your Body”

A Peace Filled Soul hosts

A Peace Filled Soul's photo.


????Learn about the 7 major energy centers in your body ~
????Learn how to eat to balance your chakras ~
????Learn how to dress to balance your chakras~
????Balanced chakras = balanced mind, body, soul ~

Monday, April 8th (Chakra 1,2,3) & April 22nd (Chakra 4,5,6,7) 6:30-8:30p
$40 per class

At Thomas Michaels Salon, 1803 Cranston St, Cranston, RI 02920

Phone: (401) 443-2646


Kerri DiBiase, founder of local business, A Peace Filled Soul, centers her beliefs in the power of energy, spirit and the human body. She utilizes reflexology and Reiki (energy healing).

Some services include Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), which provides powerful support to release suppressed feelings and energy blockages.

Reflexology Foot Session releases tensions that may effect your entire body.

Reiki healing sessions, Angel Guidance and Card Readings are just a few of the other services A Peace Filled Soul has to offer.

Discover your inner peace and work to unite the mind, body and soul.

Check out her Facebook page to learn more!

Client page for more information

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