Beyond The Diagnosis Art Exhibit

Beyond The Diagnosis Art Exhibit

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imgresHow can you mobilize 30 million people with 7,000 different diseases?That’s the ultimate question that began to form the Rhode Island Rare Disease Foundation. Patty Wetlin started the foundation in 2011 after her daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease and she thought about what other family’s journeys might be like. With 30 million people who suffer from rare diseases, not many actually understand what it’s really like. Beyond the diagnosis art exhibit focuses on the rare diseases of patients. Artists from all around have donated their time and talent into portraying their rare disease patient. The exhibit travels from medical schools to hospitals and institutes to help educate and inform to look “beyond the diagnosis” to the patient. Parents share photos of their children to the artist to portray them as beautiful human beings. It certainly creates awareness to those who are unfamiliar about rare diseases.

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