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Whaling City Sound Reviews in Cadence July Issue

A quick note about TERRY GIBBS’, 92 YEARS YOUNG: JAMMIN’AT THE GIBBS HOUSE [Whaling City Sound wsc 092]. Gibbs was brought out of retirement to make this recording [4/16] in his living room with a quartet [Gerry Gibbs-drm, John Campbell-p, Mike Gurrola-drm] playing 15 mostly originals [77:53]. Gibbs has slowed down from the frenetic pace with which he often played. The result is more gravitas and a lovely warm and laid back session on which all excel. Special mention of Campbell’s work and its many surprises. Very hip.

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Also from Whaling Sound comes WOOD AND STRINGS [WCS 093], a relaxed duet with JOHN STEIN [gtr] and  DAVE ZINNO [b]. As with the Gibbs album, comes a full program of music [14 tracks standards & originals-71:37], a relaxed ambience, nicely packaged with meaningful liners. Professional and  un-perfunctory.

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6/12: MBR Reviews John Stein and David Zinno’s “Wood and Strings”

 MBR reviews John Stein and David Zinno’s “Wood and Strings” on June 12, 2017 as part of their Music CD Shelf section. Click here to view their website and reviews.
Wood and Strings
John Stein and Dave Zinno
Whaling City Sound
1310 Tucker Road, No. Dartmouth, MA 02747
c/o Naxos (distribution)
$14.99 http://johnstein.com
Wood and Strings is a jazz album featuring an unusual duet for the genre – guitar paired with bass, played by John Stein and Dave Zinno. An adventurous leap forward in harmony, experimentation, and conversational interplay between instruments, Wood and Strings is unique, exciting, and highly recommended. The tracks are “I Remember You” (4:17), “Modinha” (4:44), “Up and at ‘Em” (3:21), “Out of Nowhere” (5:37), “Switch-a-roo” (5:45, “Sarlat” (4:40), “Labor of Love “(4:51), “Estate” (4:46), “Song for Now” (6:01), “But Beautiful” (5:51), “Beatrice” (4:53), “Birk’s Works” (5:42), “Til There Was You” (6:19), and “When Lights are Low” (4:48).
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