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WCSound “We’re Back” No. 1 for No. 2 + Grammy ballot listings!


The Thrasher Dream Trio

—Gerry Gibbs, Ron Carter, and Kenny Barron—

Completes massive year, with its second chart-topping recording!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.47.03 PM

There was not one, but two tremendous—and tremendously successful—albums in a single year by the same band. The Thrasher Dream Trio, featuring bandleader/drummer Gerry Gibbs and his very special guests Kenny Barron and Ron Carter, had one heckuva 12-month period. Consider the facts –

First, Thrasher Dream Trio spent four months on JazzWeek chart to kick off 2014 and topped the chart in the big #1 spot for a full six weeks.


 The band’s second recording, We’re Back, an innovative survey of jazz-suffused R&B covers, has quickly gone from “most added” to #1 in just a few weeks and remains there as we speak, exploding on jazz radio and turning DJs into converts daily.

wcs069_GibbsDreamTrio_We're Back_cover

Some high profile projects fail to live up to expectations. Not so here. Both discs, spun from the magic fingers of Gibbs, Barron, and Carter, are exhilarating excursions of rich jazz adventure. The first disc is, by turns, comfortable and exploratory, turning up lots of terrific moments. For example, Herbie Hancock’s “The Eye of the Hurricane,” accelerates out of the gate with virtuosic intensity and never lets up; and Monk’s “Epistrophy,” which kicks off the album, is tasteful, simply perfect, up-tempo playing.

On We’re Back, the inventive jazz performances of Gibbs, Carter, and Barron, filter beautifully through a prism of material by Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack and Marvin Gaye. The recording, which also features red-hot, world-class guests Warren Wolf (vibraphone), Larry Goldings (B-3), and Steve Wilson (woodwinds)—takes familiar tunes and morphs them into sizzling jazz standards.

Both recordings are remarkable modern-day classics starring three musicians at their peak. Joe Lovano affirms, “Gerry Gibbs has put together another fun and swinging session with a new spin on some of the best loved R&B classics of the day … This recording will capture you from start to finish! Enjoy!”

We hope you will agree, both recordings are Grammy worthy. Please consider Gibbs, Barron and Carter’s Thrasher Dream Trio’s work.





This has been a very special year for




distributed by NAXOS


with 7 acclaimed releases.


Follow the links below, where you can hear these compelling recordings for consideration as the GRAMMY Awards approach.


4pan_1tray_with_notchWCS 058
Get Me Joe Beck
Joe Beck Trio




TDTcoverWCS 065 (2013)
Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio
Kenny Barron / Gerry Gibbs / Ron Carter
The Eye of Hurricane
The Woman on the TV Screen
Tell Me a Bedtime Story




wcs066WCS 066
John Stein & The Mingotan Project




Balval_Ten Hand BandWCS 067
Ten Hand Band




WD_6panel_digipakWCS 068
Expansions: The Dave Liebman Group




wcs069_GibbsDreamTrio_We're Back_coverWCS 069
We’re Back
Kenny Barron / Gerry Gibbs / Ron Carter


Too High
What’s Going On




WD_6panel_digipakWCS 070
Greg Abate Quartet








​Final-round voting determines the winners of the 57th GRAMMY Awards










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“We’re Back” 2nd Most Added, 3rd Biggest Gainer (JazzWeek)

wcs069_GibbsDreamTrio_We're Back_cover

2nd Most Added, 3rd Biggest Gainer

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Thanks to New World ‘n Jazz and  radio supporters

The Boys Are Back!

Gerry Gibbs reunites Thrasher Dream Trio

With Ron Carter, Kenny Barron, and a few very special guests

Sometimes good ideas just materialize. Sometimes they come simply out of urgency. Gerry Gibbs had just recorded and released Thrasher Dream Trio—with Kenny Barron and Ron Carter—for Whaling City Sound. That record was so successful so quickly that all parties involved wanted to hop back in the studio faster than a teenager driving his first car. But with what material? What kind of record?

Gibbs had been working with Neal Weiss, label head of WCS, for four of his eight solo recordings. They worked together well. Gibbs’ mind is a massive scratchpad of possible ideas: recordings, songs, harmonies, hooks, collaborators … “Neal never tells me what to do,” explains Gibbs, “but he threw out an idea for a concept record.”

Gibbs has a lot of concepts up his sleeve, but chose a handful of classic R&B and soul tunes from the 60s and 70s to see how the band would handle them. “I thought I will not try and re-harmonize any of the original chord changes because these songs are already so beautiful,” says Gibbs. “We’lI only change the rhythms to make them swing.”

They all agreed: a cool idea indeed. Gibbs cleared it with his bandmates, and while that sounds manageable, it took months to find a recording date in which all parties were available. “Kenny and Ron loved the idea,” says Gibbs. “With these guys, I can go in 50 different directions, so it’s frustrating to choose just one.” Not to mention that they are so in demand, it’s tough to find the time.

And so they set out to record. The songs are ambitious; the choices are predictable, but also great canvasses for the band. Choices include material by the greats: Stevie Wonder (“Too High,” “My Cherie Amour”), Marvin Gaye (“What’s Going On?”), Earth, Wind and Fire (“Reasons,” “Fantasy,” “Runnin’”), Nascimento (“Brazilian Rhyme”), and many others.

The performances are spontaneous, fiery and inventive. They take warmly familiar tunes and turn them into sizzling, classic jazz standards that stretch the skills of these consummate musicians and draw the listener into an epic jazz adventure. “I thought,” says Gibbs, “these are all recognizable melodies that people love, so I will treat them like old jazz standards  to sing to and only make up the forms for the solos.”

The recording also features playing from red hot, world-class guests Warren Wolf (vibraphone), Larry Goldings (B-3), and Steve Wilson (woodwinds). Says Gibbs: “Ron and Kenny use Steve a lot, too, so the camaraderie was a blast with the four of us.” Goldings, besides being one of everybody’s favorite piano players, is also one of the music world’s most accomplished organists. “I can brag a lot about Larry,” says Gibbs, “but when Kenny expressed his love for Larry’s playing and told me after listening to the tracks how great he thought Larry sounded, well, that’s about as great of a compliment as one can get coming from one of the masters of the piano!”

Recorded by Alex Venguer at MSR Studios in New York, mixed and mastered by Mike Marciano at Systems 2 Studios, produced by Gibbs, and overseen by Weiss at WCS, the stage was set for a handful of truly grand performances. Combine that collective effort with a great concept for a recording, and you’ve got “We’re Back,” the Thrasher Dream Trio’s inspired new project.

released 9/9/14

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