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Fred Farell’s Distant Song Reviewed by O’s Place Jazz Magazine

Fred Farrell  – Distant Song  3/3
O’s Notes: Vocalist Fred Farell took several years away from the jazz scene to enhance his spiritual and emotional health. He continued writing during the hiatus and emerges with an experienced trio that includes pianist Richie Beirach and highly lauded saxophonist Dave Liebman. The mood of the program is dark blue, solemn and well matched to Fred’s baritone and the accompanying Instrumentation. The music was composed by. Liebman and Beirach with Farell writing all lyrics. The integration works well culminating with “Distant Song”.
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“Miles illustrates his depth as a musician, collaborator and composer” O’s Place reviews Miles Donahue’s The Bug

By: D. Oscar Gomez
O’s Notes: The Bug is mostly a modern jazz session featuring the compositions of producer Miles Donahue who plays alto sax, flugelhorn and trumpet on this outing. The title track is a little bit more contemporary with a really cool swag to it courtesy of drummer Larry Finn and guitarist Mike Stern. They bring that same jazz-fusion groove to “Hawthorne Highway” and “Swamp House”. Ralph Peterson handles drumming duty of all other selections along with pianist Tim Ray and bassist Tamil Shmerling. Guest Jerry Bergonzi adds tenor and soprano sax on four selections notably on “Clifford” paralleling Donahue’s strong work on flugelhorn. Miles illustrates his depth as a musician, collaborator and composer on this set. There’s a lot here!
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Downbeat’s “Blindfold Test” Ft. Jason Miles & Ingrid Jensen!

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“The “Blindfold test” is a listening test that challenges the featured artist to discuss and identify the music and musicians who performed on selected recordings. The artist is then asked to rate each tune using a 5-star system. No information is given to the artist prior to the test. 

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Also featured…

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For better reading quality, click on the photo and enjoy this article on Downbeat’s digital edition of the October issue! 





Blindfold Test: Pg 194

Jensen Sisters Soar in Vancouver: Pg 18


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