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Hudson Valley raves about Falcon Ridge Festival

Falcon Ridge Festival has been making folk fans for 29 years

HILLSDALE — Joe Lavoie, who describes himself as one of those rare creatures, “a Conservative Folky,” looks forward to this time all year; he loves the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, which brings people from all over the East Coast to listen to all blends of music with the base of that unique folk style.

Dodds Farm, located at 44 County Rd. 7D, opened for festivalgoers to set up camp Wednesday, and the folk tunes from 59 established and emerging artists from four different stages started Thursday and continued through Sunday.

“I come for the sense of community,” said Lavoie, who is from Massachusetts and has attended the 29-year-old festival since 2002. “Everyone gets along like family. Everyone is very respectful.”

Lavoie said the first time he went to Falcon Ridge, he went alone.

“I made a friend at a bar, and we were a lot alike, and he told me I should go to this festival,” Lavoie said. “I look forward to this all year. It is great to come here to just get away.”

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Hudson Valley features Falcon Ridge Folk Fest

   Falcon Ridge brings in the folk

HILLSDALE — The 29th annual Falcon Ridge Festival held at Dodd’s Farm in Hillsdale closed out Sunday with performances by musicians such as David Massengill, Abbie Gardner and singer-songwriter legend Eric Andersen.

It was the first time Andersen had played an American folk music festival in 35 years, he said before his 5:15 p.m. set Sunday. “I’ve heard good things about it,” Andersen said of the festival. “I’m comfortably numb.”

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THIS week Dec 1-7

Falcon Ridge is proud, happy, overjoyed & honored to participate in The Nields: PledgeMusic Campaign


PledgeMusic is a direct-to-fan music platform, which brings artists and fans together to share in the experience of music as it happens. This project will raise money for several worthy causes. During FOUR weeks of this Campaign, The Nields have linked with four organizations (including Falcon Ridge Folk Festival). The idea is that for each week that 10% of their target goal is reached, the chosen organization will receive a BENEFIT PERFORMANCE by The Nields, all proceeds going to that organization.


Please go to www.pledgemusic.com/projects/thenields to become part of the PLEDGE community. There are many donation levels beginning at $15. Each has a unique thank you item from the Nields. We sure hope we will be seeing you in the New Year at a Nields Benefit Concert for Falcon Ridge.Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 5.04.13 PM


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