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YouTube: Illuminations

YouTube: Over The Rainbow

Mixed Media Client since: 2016

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Steven Kirby Quintet
Tuesday, Jan 10th
7:30pm to 10:30pm
Sahara Jazz Club
Address: 34 Bates St, Methuen, MA 01844
Phone: (978) 683-9200

Steven Kirby (guitar) Aubrey Johnson (voice) Bass (TBA)
Saturday, Dec 10th, 2016
10am to 2:30pm
541 Tremont st
Boston, MA

Steven Kirby is Associate Professor, Harmony Dept, Berklee College of Music

Live At Wamsutta Club 


Tickets: $20 Advance, $25 Day of Show

Tickets Available From: YWCA, 20 So. Sixth St., NB/(508)999-3255

Whaling City Sound (508)992-6613

Wamsutta Club (508)997-7431


Friday October 28th 8-10pm

at the Wamsutta Club, 427 County Street New Bedford

Steven Kirby – Guitar


Aubrey Johnson – Vocals

Rick DiMusio – Sax

John Funkhouser – Keyboards

Ed Lucie – Bass

Mike Connors – Drums



“deep beauty and spare, folkloric elegance but  also an album that doesn’t lose sight of Kirby’s jazz roots and a penchant for more incendiary playing”

“Kirby expands his palette with a larger group  who collectively lift these deep yet eminently accessible compositions off the page to leap out of the speakers.”

“Illuminations represents Kirby’s biggest leap forward yet -…. as a writer but, equally, as a guitarist who leans towards inimitable lyricism yet also possesses the chops to burn brightly as the music demands it”

John Kelman (All About Jazz)

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Steven Kirby’s “Illuminations” Project has been described as “richly textured, multi-layered, ebullient and lyrical jazz featuring evocative and exciting compositions and stellar musicianship”. It features a mix of original compositions, and some creative arrangements of standard tunes, using varied ensembles but primarily a quintet of instrumentalists and a singer performing both wordless and lyrical vocals.
“Illuminations represents Kirby’s biggest leap forward yet – most specifically as a writer but, equally, as a guitarist who leans towards inimitable lyricism yet also possesses the chops to burn brightly as the music demands it.”


by Steven Kirby

About North Light.  “His prodigious chops and unerring sense of swing are on full display throughout this offering. But it’s his radiant melodies, inherent lyricism and big heart that ultimately elevates Kirby above the hoards of chopmeisters and ax slingers out there today”

Bill Milkowski (Jazz Times)


“It Takes Two” provides perfect music for any occasion. Guitarist Steven Kirby and bassist Mark Poniatowski (both Berklee College of Music professors and seasoned performers) have a wide and varied repertoire which allows them to provide just the right music for any  event while customizing  their selections to each client’s taste and requirements. Styles include Pop, Rock, Jazz, American songbook, Broadway, Celtic, Brazilian, Classical.

    The beautiful and varied sound texture of acoustic nylon string  guitar and acoustic upright bass is perfect for a wide range of events: enchanting background music; atmospheric sound underpinnings, lively upbeat music  at  social events,  holiday parties, cocktail hours; stately and joyous music for weddings,  etc. (please listen to the sound samples)

Show Dates:

10.27 Riverwalk Cafe, Nashua, NH
10.28 Wamsutta Club, New Bedford, MA