Free Independence Day concert

Independence Day concert: The Mac Odom Band featuring The East Side Horns will present a free public performance of the best in rhythm & blues and funk at 6:30 p.m. July 4 on the plaza of the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket for seating and enjoy a “cool” Fourth of July evening of music in historic downtown. Children’s activities will also be offered before the program. The concert will conclude at 8:45 p.m. with plenty of time to view the city’s fireworks display over New Bedford harbor scheduled for 9 p.m. The concert is sponsored by Fiber Optic Center Inc. and Whaling City Sound.

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Frank D’Rone: Swinging Hard at 80

Frank D’Rone: Swinging hard at 80

Howard Reich Arts critic

10:13 a.m. CDT, June 29, 2012
The veteran Chicago singer Frank D’Rone has been ill for awhile, so he was understandably concerned about how he would fare during his return to the stage this week at the Jazz Showcase.

D’Rone needn’t have worried. It’s no exaggeration to observe that – for reasons perhaps only he understands – he’s sounding as well as or better than he has in years, which is saying quite a lot. For even before D’Rone was forced to take a hiatus, he ranked among this city’s most accomplished jazz musicians, an uncommonly versatile singer-guitarist who decades ago established a national following for himself.

Playing before a packed house Thursday night at the Jazz Showcase to mark his recent 80th birthday, D’Rone produced a warmer vocal tone and a more relaxed approach to phrasing than one remembers from past work. His sense of pitch, too, was improved, the sometimes wobbly intonation he produced in recent years far rarer this time around.

Combine the improved status of D’Rone’s instrument and technique with the man’s enduring ability to interpret standard repertoire in unusual ways, and you had one of the most illuminating shows he has given Chicago in a long time.

The strength of D’Rone’s work was apparent from the opening lines of “Day In – Day Out,” a Frank Sinatra specialty (what wasn’t?) that D’Rone dispatched quite differently than the master. Where Sinatra brought ferocious rhythmic aggression to the piece, D’Rone took it nice and easy, eliding phrases and stretching lines in ways unique to him. The warmth of D’Rone’s baritone and depth of his sound made it instantly apparent that D’Rone was back in full force.
The singer turned Irving Berlin’s “How Deep is the Ocean” into a jazz aria, drawing upon his signature technique of pushing a long-held note up a pitch or two before settling back down to where it belongs. The poetry D’Rone found in “All the Things You Are” – in both his ballad-like opening and swing-time refrain – made the venerable Jerome Kern tune sound reborn.

Singing, however, is only part of what D’Rone does. When he picks up his guitar, he reminds listeners of the musicianship behind the vocals. His easy-breezy scat singing in “Day by Day” was rendered all the more effective by the unison passages he played on guitar. And only D’Rone could have accompanied himself so evocatively in his slow-and-dreamy account of “Make Someone Happy.”

It helped, of course, that he was joined by Chicago musicians keenly attuned to his swing-era aesthetic. Pianist Bobby Schiff deftly understated matters to keep the spotlight on the singer, while tenor saxophonist Greg Fishman added layers of melodic and harmonic complexity to the equation. Another Chicago saxophone virtuoso, Eric Schneider, happened to be in the house, and it wasn’t long before he was drafted onto the stage. The combination of Schneider’s dynamic alto work and Fishman’s elaborate commentary on tenor deepened the meaning of this music.

Perhaps the most remarkable passage of the evening came when the rhythm section fell silent and D’Rone and Fishman played alone together, the men riffing freely on “All the Things You Are.” All at once, listeners heard two formidable improvisers flying high without a net, the essence of the jazz musician’s art.

Toward the end of the first set, D’Rone took stock of what had happened and told the crowd, “I will be up to par soon.”

In fact, D’Rone is par, and others try to reach it.

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July 1, 2012 – After an overwhelming response to its first season, host Laura Theodore announces the premiere of JAZZY VEGETARIAN Season Two, thirteen ……/Jazzy_Vegetarian_Season_Two/




FAMILY CIRCLE Magazine Features Laura Theodore
-Readership 18 million-



July 1, 2012 – After an overwhelming response to its first season, host Laura Theodore announces the premiere of JAZZY VEGETARIAN Season Two, thirteen half-hour episodes filled with all-new satisfying recipes. Selected public television stations across the country will begin airing the second season on July 1st.


JAZZY VEGETARIAN strikes a resonant chord with vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike as the show gains popularity. Family Circle Magazine, with a readership of 18 million, features Laura Theodore’s refreshing and nutritious breakfast smoothie and healthy cooking tips in its July issue on newsstands and online now.


JAZZY VEGETARIAN Season One debuts June 26, 2012 on the Create® Channel, the 24/7 TV channel featuring the best of public television’s how-to, travel and lifestyle shows.  Ninety percent of television households across the nation will now be able to view broadcasts of JAZZY VEGETARIAN. The show will air on Create® every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am and 2pm EST. Check local listings for broadcast times near you.


JAZZY VEGETARIAN Season Two features healthful tips from Dr. Pam Popper, noted for her contribution to the popular documentary and book Forks Over Knives. JAZZY VEGETARIAN offers mouth-watering and healthful dishes accessible even to those who are not experienced cooks.  I’m thrilled to work with Laura Theodore in making healthy eating appealing and fun,” says Dr. Popper.


Laura Theodore, also an award-winning jazz vocalist, carries her plant-based cooking message on all platforms.  Book Publishing Company has published a companion cookbook for the series. She hosts a weekly Blog Talk Radio show by the same name and is a sustainability blogger. Fans can order the cookbook, listen to podcasts and download recipes at her website.


Laura says, “It’s my goal to put healthy, vegetarian recipes within the reach of every cook in America, making the world a better place one recipe at a time!”


Season Two of JAZZY VEGETARIAN introduces a cornucopia of irresistible favorites with a healthy twist. Please your company with “Tortilla ‘Fried’ Mushrooms” and an “Easy Paella Dinner.” Wow your family with the “Rockin’ Moroccan Stew” and top it off with a “Chocolate Mousse Ginger Pie.”


Laura says her studio crew converted from tough skeptics to avid believers once they tasted the food from her television kitchen. “I think I proved to them that healthy food can be tasty and satisfying.”


Season One of JAZZY VEGETARIAN generated a flood of emails from vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The National Humane Education Society (NHES), 400,000 members strong, wrote a letter in support of the program. Press outlets that featured Laura Theodore, the JAZZY VEGETARIAN include CBS Radio, News 4-NBC Washington, D.C. and the Oregonian. The New York City Herald Square Macy’s showcased Laura Theodore in a high-profile live cooking event.


JAZZY VEGETARIAN is produced by Virtual Media Productions/PCA Creative LLC in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) and is distributed to public television stations through the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).


Look for JAZZY VEGETARIAN on your local public television station beginning in July of 2012.



Andy Ebberbach
Supervising Producer, Virtual Media Productions
(973) 800-4010


Pat Kruis
Oregon Public Broadcasting

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