8/15: ‘The Voice’ 2015 Winner Sawyer Fredericks Performs at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

At the age of 16, Sawyer Fredericks wins ‘The Voice’ in 2015 and received a record deal. He is the youngest vocalist to ever win on ‘The Voice.”

Today, he is 18 years old and finding his voice after his experience winning ‘The Voice.’ He performed at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival earlier this August and sang some of his songs from his third upcoming album, Hide Your Ghost.

His story is so inspiring! To read his story, click the image below!

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8/17: Terry Gibbs’s “Jammin’ at the Gibbs House” Reaches #1 on Jazz Radio Charts!!!

Congratulations to Terry Gibbs for reaching #1 on the jazz radio charts with his newest album, “Jammin’ at the Gibbs House!” Anything is possible, even at 92 years old!

Here is what Terry’s son, Gerry, had to say about the exciting news:
“WELL THIS A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT FOR MY 93 YEAR OLD POPS AND MYSELF ………………………………………………………Today my Pops CD TERRY GIBBS 92 YEARS YOUNG (which I am on) WENT TO #1 on the jazz radio charts across the country ..It is the last thing he will ever record and I am so proud and happy for him. He had been in retirement and I talked him into recording for the label I have been with for 10 years and he did and now he has hit #1 at 93 years of age…YIPEEE……An on my end – today I left the charts after 24 weeks with my newest CD “Thrasher People” which made it my 4th cd to go to #1 in a row on the jazz radio charts . Today I found out that even though I left the charts for this year so far my Thrasher People CD Weather Or Not – IS THE #1 MOST PLAYED CD IN THE COUNTRY ON RADIO so far this year…..POPS & SON TEAM…..We were failures last week but for this week were not……Chances are good though that we will both go back to complete failures next week !”
Way to go Terry!
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