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Harry Skoler will be performing July 31st, 2014 at 7:30 PM at

Louisiana State University’s Union Theater Concert Hall

Harry Skoler will be performing with brilliant and internationally known Jazz Clarinet artists Evan Christopher, Felix Peikli, and Gregory Agid, as part of the International Clarinet Association’s ClarinetFest 2014 five-day event in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Sponsorship includes Vandoren and Buffet Crampon (Buffet Group USA).

Each Clarinetist will have their own set, followed by a VandoJam jam session with All Four Clarinetists and Friends!

Information on ClarinetFest 2014, including all details for the five-day event, artist roster for all concerts and presentations, and much more is at the following link:



Harry Skoler to Perform Monday, December 10th with the Group JEZVE at the Beehive in Boston.

Hi All,

Just writing to let you know I’m going to be a guest artist with the group JEZVE at the Beehive on Monday Dec. 10th.

I’m honored to play some pieces with this incredible group (Sagit Zilberman/Saxophone, Utar Artun/Piano, John Kemal/Drums, Galen Gregory Willett/Bass, Guest Artist Songyi Jeon/Voice) and if you have the opportunity to come and check it out, the info is below. I’ll be joining in the first set. Both sets are filled with profound music of the heart! Hope to see you there!

Musically Yours,


Bio: Jazz clarinetist Harry Skoler was born in Syracuse, NY in 1956. Harry is Professor of Woodwinds at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. He received his Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee in 1978, and a Master of Music degree from New England Conservatory in 1986, where he studied with legendary jazz great Jimmy Giuffre. His recordings include Conversations in the Language of Jazz, Reflections on the Art of Swing – A Tribute to Benny Goodman, A Work of Heart on Brownstone Recordings, and Two Ones on Soliloquy Records.

Haverhill, MA – Jazz clarinet player, releases Two Ones, original jazz compositions featuring intimate portraits expressed through quintet and duo settings. The Quintet features Harry/clarinet, Ed Saindon/vibes & piano, Matt Marvuglio/flute, Barry Smith/bass and Bob Tamagni/drums and the Duo features Harry/clarinet and Ed Saindon/piano. Harry was invited to perform in Oslo, Norway on June 5, 2009 with Norwegian jazz clarinetist Felix Peikli for a Benny Goodman 100th Anniversary Tribute and appeared on a TV show called Good Morning Norway, seen by about 700,000 viewers. On June 7, 2009 Harry and Felix appeared in Oslo at Tveten Gaard in concert. Two Ones has already been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition show, which draws radio’s largest listening audience at 13 million. Two pieces were featured (“Hope” and “Piazzolla”) as Music Interludes May 20, 2009. #27/50 on Roots Jazz Chart! Available through CD Baby and iTunes.


“It’s nice when a little charmer like this sneaks up and pulls on your coat. The unusual front line, the casual nature of the tunes, the inspired notion of balancing the full-group tracks with the duo setting … it all adds up to a minor jewel. If it gets noticed, Skoler should get busy with a follow-up.”

- Jim Macnie, DownBeat

“The music is sweet, original, superbly performed and fluidly executed. With its flawless technical production values, this “Two Ones” is enthusiastically recommended to the attention of all jazz enthusiasts…”

- James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief; Library Bookwatch

“Fifteen years ago, Ginny Shea listened to my dreams, and believed they were moments that should, could, and would be realized. Listening with heart and mind, she was my “voice” and representative in the truest sense! Whether it involved endorsements, reviews, promotion, or a detail that was precise and individualized, I always felt the steps taken to actualize my vision were above and beyond… Mixed Media possesses the essential elements of success: tenacity, confident skill and communication that is heartfelt! THANK YOU, Mixed Media!!”

Harry Skoler
Jazz Clarinetist
Associate Professor – Berklee College of Music

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7/31: Harry Skoler performs at Int’l Clarinet Association’s ClarinetFest 2014
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