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5.16.19- Cranston East Convocation

This past week, Cranston High School East had hosted their annual Academic Convocation where senior students, who have exemplified honorary qualities and grades, are recognized in the form of rewards or even scholarships! It is a chance to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work these students have put forth during their high school career. One of Mixed Media Promotions assistants herself, earned two awards- one in the category of academics and the other from being an active member in the National Honors Society. Not only that but she also earned a scholarships that she will put towards her post-secondary education! Congratulations to all the honorary students and good-luck in your future endeavors! It’s not always easy but it sure as heck is worth it!

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5.19.19: Greg Lato is coming to Garden City!

Cranston Rotary’s Touch-A-Truck event this year will take place at the Cranston Garden City Center Gazebo! Greg Lato, author and songwriter, will be reading and performing his newest children’s book release “Try”. This story, in conjunction with the song, emphasizes the concept of having the courage and will to tackle obstacles that come your way. When faced with a new challenge take that first initial step and simply TRY! An effective and motivating lesson to give our community’s young children. Join in on the fun as there will be face painting, crafts, balloons as well as complimentary Newport Creamery Ice-cream and Legal Sea Bar Chowder!! A $10 donation is appreciated and is well worth the experience you will encounter!! Don’t miss out. Start off the beautiful day with family and your children. Click the image below for more information.

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5.19.19: Beth Beth’s is coming to town!

This Sunday, May 19th, 2019, Elizabeth Fradin will be coming to Warren, Rhode Island to co-host at Hope & Main! Fradin is the owner of Beth Bakes, which creates artisanal crackers that are gluten, soy and nut-free, vegan AND non-GMO. For those of you who are already loyal customers, this is your chance to Meet Your Maker! Otherwise a chance to try something new and witness a cooking recipe demo! Hope & Main is a non-profit organization that provides up and coming food entrepreneurs a chance to grow. “This is a place where food producers, farmers, fishermen and other industry members can connect directly with consumers, engage the community and collaborate with peers” –Hope & Main. This weekend, individuals will get a chance to meet Fradin and try some of her scrumptious creations! Don’t miss out! Stop by for a taste!

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5.16.19: Beth Bakes for Celiac Awareness Month

Celiac disease is an immune disease where the consumption of gluten causes damage to the small intestines.  Because gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye- core ingredients for a majority of foods, it if often difficult for those with Celiac disease to find convenient and acceptable foods. Elizabeth Fradin ran into this issue when her six-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease. It was this event that caused Fradin to begin gluten-free cooking. Today, she owns and operates her own company Beth Bakes. Within her business she creates artisanal crackers that are hand crafted, gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, soy-free, non-GMO and made with nutritious whole grains! There a variety of flavors as well including, Crispy Classic, Pumpkin Seed Cumin and Currant Fennel.

Celiac Awareness Month is celebrated each May. It is supported by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness and raises awareness while taking a moment to acknowledge those affected. Support the cause while enjoying a naturally healthy and scrumptious snack!

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Julian Arsenault stars in the first ever “Wrestling Opera” in Hamburg

Ring & Wrestling

Music from “Der Ring des Nibelungen” by Richard Wagner

Nietzsche, simultaneously the greatest Wagner fan and Wagner hater, proclaimed God to be dead. Including the gods of the Ring? Their story is always told to the point of the Götterdämmerung, the “twilight of the gods”, and then the audience goes off to swill a glass of champagne and never thinks about them again. We have asked ourselves what became of them? What do gods do when they become obsolete, when society, opera and its audience say to them: nice story, well told, we learned quite a bit from you, thanks and so long? We went looking for them, found them and convinced them to re-appear on stage! They still know their Wagner by heart, and they will have a little help from stars of Hamburg’s wrestling scene. Behold this family, behold its life after Wagner!

Music conceptioning and direction: Leo Schmidthals
Director: Dominik Günther
Set- and Costume Designer: Sandra Fox
Wrestling costumes: Individual creations
Dramaturgy: Johannes Blum


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