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UMass Dartmouth Performance Jam Session Series

From Jim Robitaille:

“Hello everyone.
I want to let you know about the Fall semester UMass Dartmouth Performance Jam Session Series. All concerts are held on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 pm, at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Col…

lege of Visual and Performing Arts, Group VI building, in room 104, parking lot 8.
The first concert in the series begins on Wednesday, September 26, at 8:00 pm featuring:
The Matt Richard Jim Robitaille DuoThis season we will be dedicating the series to our very special friend and colleague Rick Britto, who passed away in August of this year.
Rick was, as many of you know, an amazing tenor and soprano saxophonist, musician, composer, and educator. Rick always played from the heart, and also communicated with an incredible energy, reaching the people who have had the good fortune of listening to him over the years..
We will be featuring some of Rick’s compositions in several of the concerts, and we hope you will spread the word about this great series, that is free admission, and open to the public.
We hope to see you again at the series.

Thank you as always for your support”

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Turning It Up! Davitt Design Build Turns the Tide During the Economic Downturn

Turning It Up!
Davitt Design Build Turns the Tide During the Economic Downturn

By all accounts, running a successful business in this economy isn’t easy. It takes toughness, ingenuity, and a certain resourcefulness to turn a bad situation into a good one.

This is exactly what Davitt Design Build, the acclaimed architectural and building firm in Rhode Island, has done since the beginning of the recession, when the building boom went bust. “As a business owner, I take it upon myself to find ways of staying ahead of the curve,” says Davitt. “In a lot of cases that requires doing things a little differently.”

Davitt Design Build has done business across four decades, beginning in the 1980s, and has the awards to show for it. The firm has established a stellar reputation throughout New England, based on its consistently elegant renovations, its innovative design solutions, and its eye-catching work in upscale coastal areas. Through this experience, Davitt has figured out a few keys to success in this slow economic time.

“Our biggest key to success,” says Davitt, “is our ability to stay ahead of the curve, to see changes in the market before they happen. If you keep your ear to the ground, you can anticipate these changes, and then you can adjust your business to account for those changes. I have made big changes at least half a dozen times based on an ability to stay ahead of the curve, and it’s been critical to the firm’s success.”
Another way to stay on top is to diversify. Davitt branched out and established an arm of the company they call Property Reconstruction Services (PROS). “We began an insurance reconstruction company called ‘PROS’ as a way of staying economically viable,” says Davitt. “We’ve expanded our services with the insurance industry to provide damage appraisal estimates, and we’re covering all of New England. Business has taken off. We’re looking to bring on additional headcount based on our success.”

A third key to Davitt’s success during the downturn is to not cut corners. “You can’t let down for a second,” he says. “Don’t cut back on your hours, or close your doors even temporarily. You have to be there when your customers expect you to be there. You have to weather the recession. If you’re not there that one time, they’ll go somewhere else.”

Last, Davitt’s ability to attract and retain clients is unparalleled. “We believe in the ‘Client for Life’ philosophy. If you treat them with the respect they deserve, they will return to you time and time again with their business, regardless of how the economy is faring. And the great thing about that is these clients become our best sales people. We should give them commissions!”

More about Davitt Design Build:

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) named Davitt Design Build its 2011 Regional Contractor of the Year (CotY). The coveted CotY Award is the industry’s highest praise. NARI represents more than 8,200 member companies nationwide, comprised of 63,000 remodeling contractors.
Davitt Design Build believes in a unique approach to building, fully integrating architects, builders, and homeowners from the onset of every project to create a team approach to designing and building. Davitt finds ways to ensure that designs and goals work within the framework of building regulations, complex variance applications and any other obstacles homeowners encounter during the renovation, restoration, or building process. “More often than not,” says Davitt, “we serve as a mediator between the homeowner and regulators, to find ways to make a project all come together.”

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